Merry Christmas Eve and Day!!!


Honey performed some manner of magic and the computer is working again!!!! The problems seem to occur when the computer takes it upon itself to do a little maintenance. I actually heard Honey say, with my own ears, next time we get an Apple!

Here we are on Christmas Eve with our Dear Friends The Hostlers and The Good Eater at Ichiban Steak House, preparing to be entertained and also to feast! They had been there before and the rest of us, with the exception of Mousey, had not. It was very good and our chef was amusing.


He said he had been doing this for about 7 years and has mastered the art of timing. I admire that skill.


We rolled our stuffed selves home to have dessert and play games! The Boy and The Dane gave me this for Christmas (it was fun, kind of reminded us of Apples to Apples),


and then we played Heads Up with a cell phone. That game is SO fun!

IMG_4246 (1)

Rae Babe got all crafty and creative and gave us a Harry Potter inspired gift! Golden snitch candies, yummy chocolate covered pretzels,


chocolate frogs,


and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans! So stinking cute and DA’licious!!!


We love our DeHostwaeler Christmas Eve tradition!!!!


Our group opened presents later in the evening and I wish I could show you many lovely pictures but I have nary a one. Just this one that I took on Christmas Day to send to Mrs. Schmenkman, to show her that I got what she introduced me to!!!!! She calls it The Buzzer and it is FABULOUS for massaging away tension in hurty backs!!!!!!! She did remind me that I will have to regularly find volunteers to do it :/   I have been successful so far……


Honey also got me chai!!!! The contraband beverage that the natural path dr does not want me to have because it is sweetened with Splenda! I will have to be judicious in my usage. I also know Diet Coke is not good for me but that does not prevent me from indulging at Chip and Dip!

I offer you the only two pictures I took on Christmas Day. The Mouse and her Granddad, toasting by the fire.


DINNER!!!! Delicious steak, Honey’s mac and cheese and garlic mushrooms, fatoosh salad, garlic rolls and corn as a nod to tradition. WE.WERE.STUFFED!!!!!!!


I am always short on pictures when we host the day, but I think I may have outdone myself this year. But I assure there was much visiting, laughing, eating, desserting, playing of games and bracelet making as Goomba gave most of us a a lesson in hooking them!

This was read before our dinner prayer.


The real reason for the season. Merry Christmas Friends.


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