A Bunch of Pictures From November and December Because I am Super With It!


I’m not sure why I did not post these pictures from when The Boy and The Dane were in town at Thanksgiving, but I want to install them here because this has become my memory bank.

The Boy, trying to pass down the skill of Bothering to Goomba, as taught to him by his Uncle Beeve. It’s the Circle of Life my friends.


That’s a good looking group of guys right there!


Now to add some womenfolk.


The Grandpa has taught some skills as well! Mostly love and kindness!


Mousey Snapchat-ted this sparkling beauty! I am thankful for her color application ALL YEAR LONG!


Here are 3 Weekly Sy’s for you, because he IS the world famous Internet/Instagram/Snapchat star of OUR universe!!!!!

IMG_4052 (1)

How can we resist chronicling his every nap and waking moment?

IMG_4076 (2)

We love his furry self!

IMG_4214 (1)

We had Goomba over to decorate cookies, some were Wookie cookies!!! There were also some pretzels dipped in chocolate and a couple games of Skip-Bo going on. Come again Friend!


Did I mention that Honey gave me some chai??!! I decided to have a little contraband Splenda in my life. Not daily, but occasionally. Ironically, the natural path doctor mentioned that I should go on the Whole 30 challenge later in January.


Have you heard of it? Some new fresh hell they have concocted. No dairy, grains, sweetener (natural or unnatural) of any kind, no preservatives. Just eggs, meat, nuts and seeds, vegetables and fruit. It is supposed to detoxify your toxic self, so when you slowly reintroduce things back into your diet you should know if one of the above was causing you trouble. She suggested it because I seem to produce inflammation and aches and pains. I am pondering it. I should be able to do it for a month. The no sweetener thing makes me want to cry though, which leads me to believe that I should probably give it a whirl. I have always just replaced sugar with Splenda or Truvia. Maybe it is ALL of the devil! Hoping this is not the case!

FullSizeRender (71)

I will never know if I do not try. We shall see, still pondering.

As we prepare to wrap up 2016 and usher in 2017, I have to say that I have missed blogging regularly and having this journal of our lives. Many things have not been recorded and it seems weird to realize that I will not be able to look back and figure out timelines and see recorded evidence of happenings.I think what happened was I felt short of time and resorted to quick posts or lists, I felt like I wasn’t making time to do better, and instead of doing better, I stayed away. What I have realized is I am more grateful to have a little nonsense as opposed to none. My New Years resolution is to return to my previous mindset, continue documenting our life for myself, our family and friends. And all you anonymous lurkers 😉  It will be a challenge, I have gotten lazy, my mind has fallen away from thinking blog-ally, but i am going to try. Thanks for reading along. Here’s to bringing back the nonsense! It sounds like the name of a tour!

Happy New Year. Welcome 2017!


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  1. I made it through Whole 30 last Spring…it was a challenge, but mainly the first week. I vowed never to get the “sugar flu” again, but sadly, went back to my old ways. I hope to try again and maybe maintain two rounds this year! Let me know when you decide to go for it! It helped with skin/joints/inflammation and I lost about 12 lbs.


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