Miss Mousey had a big week before Christmas, she GRADUATED!!!!!!! It has been a particularly hectic and busy last semester for her so she was nothing but thrilled to finally finish her program in massage therapy. She is breathing a big sigh and reveling in free time! It’s possible she will be continuing on, as she is pondering going back to become a physical therapy assistant. She is more interested in the healthcare benefits of massage as opposed to the relaxation. She has a very good grasp of anatomy so it  seems like a good fit. First up will be to pass the state boards and then she can make some other decisions. We are so proud of our young Mouse!

They had a ceremony to celebrate and give their certificates. Honey annd I, The Ab-Cat and The Good Eater were in attendance, celebrating her success!






Her class, or cohorts as they are called! Mousey said they were a tight group. Best wishes to them all!


We are very thankful that she finished so strong and has a desire to help others on their road to better health and recovery, no small goal!

Congratulations Mousey!


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