Some Thoughts For a New Year


It’s a new year and, if you are a human, that invites reflection. Here are some of my ponderings.

I have already been to the dentist and called for a new chiropractic referral, at my age Temple Maintenance is very important.

The natural path doctor has suggested I try the Whole30 diet for a month to see if that shows me anything about the inflammation and aches and pains my body seems to create in spades. It is a program surely conceived by joyless persons. Hardcore paleo low carbing, without preservatives, dairy or ANY sweetener of ANY kind, natural or unnatural. I keep telling myself I should be able to do this for a month. If I discover that any of the above are culprits, would I continue to live like this? I will never know if I don’t try.

My primary physician has recommended yoga. I have always wanted to try this and I bring it up every winter when our walking season is over. I have even gotten as far as finding a place to try, that is a first!

I want to limit time on the ipad this year. I have become a poor blogger and even worse reader of books. I love Words With Friends, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, but they can be a real time sucker. I guess I want to be more intentional. If I want to visit these places, that’s fine. But spending an hour or so surfing all over kingdom come because one thing led to another? Not so much. Have I learned anything worthwhile? Could I have used my time better? I guess I will find out.

We need to to work on our basement! We are holding things for our kids that could be stored better. There is a lot of stuff to go through, condense, purge, discover. I asked Honey to bring home some boxes from work so I can get started. There are some bookshelves in my craft/hair room that have a lot of Honey’s books from previous Bible studies. I’m sure there are many keepers in there but I am just as sure not everything is important to him. I want to bring in some other shelves we have (as soon as I pack up The Boy’s books from college!) so I can get a better handle on our photographs. The blog keeps me going through those boxes and they would serve me better if I wasn’t constantly moving boxes to get to the year I need.

I predict some painting in my future. It’s a little like that episode of The Brady Bunch when Mike and Carol decide to redo a room, which leads the next room to look shabby and then the next and so on ……I would like to take down the border in our kitchen, and since we did not paint under it, the kitchen will need to be repainted. There can be no touchups after 13-14 years! This leads me to believe that the connecting great room will need to be done and maybe it would be a good time to redo the foyer as well and there goes the winter!!!!!!!! I need help from my decorator, Capri Patt, in choosing a new color. I have loved the color we have had but feel ready for a change. We loved this house we saw in South Carolina last fall. Maybe something a little lighter, fresher.



I guess that is a good start. Any of you been pondering any changes?


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