Belated Mothers Day


Last May The Boy told me he had a Mothers Day present for me. He was going to mail it. Then he forgot to do it. He then forgot to bring it from Chicago the next couple times I saw him. Forgetting, it is our way.

Then he and The Dane packed up their belongings, stashed some here, and moved to Washington state. My present went along for the ride.

But look what they remembered when they came home at Thanksgiving!!!!!!!! My well travelled present!


Really loved the book, really loved the card!


They thought I could use it as a prompt for blog posts too, and I sort of already started that here, even though you all didn’t know it! You got a serving of goals, because I am not much of a dreamer.


Another goal will be to stick with this for 52 weeks, always a challenge. One thing I already find problematic is the penchant for using words like all and favorite, TOO MUCH PRESSURE!!!!!!! So just know up front that I will offer you a selection of some and favoriteS, so I don’t cause myself too much angst on this 52 week excursion. The fear of leaving someone OR something out might hinder me greatly!

A big THANK YOU to The Boy and The Dane for their thoughtful gift, I love it!!!!!!!


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