Happiest Moments 52 Lists Project


List the happiest moments of your life so far.

Oh, just let me peruse 50 some odd years of life here now!!! I told you I have problems with these sorts of questions. I have been pondering this question all week, you would think I would have some ready answers. What I am concluding is I am not a collector of happiest moments, as marked in rank of importance.

Of course I have happy moments, but they are not generally the BIG MOMENTS. I have very few personal recollections of typical BIG MOMENT occasions like school events, graduation, first car/first job stuff. Those memories seem dusty and unrecalled for decades. What I do recall are the comfort of friendships and laughing.

A good example would be our wedding day. One would think that would be the happiest of moments. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy that whole process. The showers, attention, schedules, all the choosing! I was not heavily invested with the planning, was very comfortable having my Mother arrange the day, we made the final decisions between a couple of choices, and my overall remembrance is of a stressful day that I was glad to have behind me. In hindsight, I’m glad my mom was able to do it. She planned the wedding she never had and saved me a lot of hassle and the possibility of my head exploding. We would have surely ended up eloping had I been in charge!!  I agree that the day IS important as the first day of our marriage, which I cherish and consider the second best decision of my life, but the day does not even rank in the top 100 of the happiest moments of life.

But my marriage has thousands and thousands of happy, fun, memorable moments! And we continue to add to them!

The days our children were born were hard, long days, but the joy their lives have brought have been my happiest moments ever. Reading books, talking, Saturday lunch, laughing, being together, in spite of what life dealt us, we persevered and created a good, happy family.

Some of my happiest moments have been spent laughing and doing life with friends! Throughout my years God has blessed me with exceptional friends! Friends I have LOVED and laughed with, cried with, learned from, served with, been knitted together with, and have loved me well and come along side when our hearts were broken and we did not know how we would ever be whole again. They have been some of the best moments of life.

It would appear that I am not a collector of happiest moments, but am more of a collector of meaningful moments, and I had one yesterday. My brother Beeve texted me at 7 in the morning with a chirpy “thankful for you!”. My reply was “whatever for??!!”. He went on to tell me that he was thankful that we could talk and that there was no drama, a friend of his was struggling with a loss and the family members were being less than supportive to each other. It made me happy that he stopped to tell me of his thoughts, affirm that we are connected by the bonds of family, love, and a genuine affection for each other. A happy moment in my life. That’s good enough for me.


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  1. Well thought out, CK. I pondered a bit about my happiest moments, and agree that the big moments aren’t necessarily the happiest. The ones I cherish are the day to day meaningful moments the pile on top of each other and make my heart full.


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