The 52 Lists Project


List the soundtrack of your life right now.

This is a little tough because I don’t listen to music in the house and rarely in the car. BUT, I have been listening to this cd that Abby made me for Christmas. She compiled it from songs she had heard me singing along to, or ones she thought I might like. I quite like some of them and I love her thoughtfulness! Especially heart the Andy Williams song at the end, she knows I am fond of him!


I am aware that the question might be talking about particular songs that fit with my emotional or physical temperature at this time, but I have to say I don’t have any one thing that characterizes my life at the moment. Nothing glaring.

There you have it, the soundtrack of my life at the moment. Thanks Ab-Cat!


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  1. That is so sweet! My playlist are so bizarre that even I’m a little concerned about my mental health.😱
    Praise instrumentals, Nora Jones, Pink Floyd, Snow Patrol, Citizen Cope and Yo Yo Ma. This list looks scarier when I see it in print! Bless my heart…😦


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