The 52 Lists Project


List what you would like your life to look like in 10 years.

In 10 years I will be 64, just like The Beatle’s song, hopefully not losing my hair! I can hardly believe I am 54, let alone will be 64!!! I have enjoyed all the decades, some have definitely been more challenging, but all have had elements of sweetness and joy, and I hope the same for the 60s.

I am not sure where we will physically be, that seems to be a frequent topic of conversation these days. The discussion ranges from hither to yon and all points in between. We could be in another state, or have two homes; one in the north, one in the south. I think Honey needs to be retired for a bit before we make this decision.

There will be grandchildren!!!!!! We hope to be involved grandparents, building into the next generation of our family! I have benefitted from intentional grandparenting, our children have as well. I would like to have strong, loving relationships, where we can come alongside their parents in praying for, helping practically, loving generously and cherishing them. And lots and lots of reading and talking and laughing!!!!!

I would like our life to involve serving. God, our family, others, our church, the ministries that God places on our hearts. There is much help needed in our world. Honey and I have been discussing this a lot. He has so many abilities in demand. There are positions in church, BSF, mission trips, supporting ministries financially, teaching, helping with renovations locally. The list is endless where we can plug in. We will have to see where the Lord arranges for us to be.

I always want to be growing spiritually. I am reminded of a little saying hanging on my Grandma Hoover’s kitchen wall, “The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get.” I don’t want to get so involved with my life that I edge out studying God’s word, that would surely cause me to fall behind in the things that matter most to me. Constant, hectic activity is rarely a good thing. I want to be intentional in pursuing a relationship with the Lord.

In 10 years our children will be 38, 35 and 32. I CAN’T EVEN!!!!!!! It has always be our desire to have a close, tight knit family, welcoming new members as they come, sharing life together with laughter and fun, encouragement and grace as needed, practical help and guidance, joy and friendship, commitment and loyalty to each other, and a deep, strong love of God and what matters most to Him.

And it goes without saying that I would like us to have the good health to achieve it all 🙂  There is so much ill health and sadness in our world. Not all of it is self inflicted, but much is. At this stage in our life, Temple Maintenance becomes imperative. Our lovely next door neighbor Ray, who is a quadriplegic, is known for saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it!”. We need to move more to help keep ourselves in better condition. We also need to get a better handle on our diets. #worthygoals #justsaynotoovereating

There is a glimpse of how I would like our lives to look in 10 years.


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