52 List Project


List the ways you love to have fun.

Having fun is one of my favorites! Laughter and amusement make life SO much better.

One of the things that drew me to Honey was his sense of humor, and it has been one of the most important ingredients in our marriage ever since. Sometimes laughing and having fun can help you navigate the tough times. I actually feel sorry for some who seem to be fun challenged, what a sad life that must be.

When I think about having fun, it almost always involves just spending time with family and friends. Visiting. Being. You can’t schedule hilarity, it usually saunters into the room when no one is looking and BOOM, fun happens!

I have decided that fun is portable. We have had a lot of fun in places and situations where that was not the intention, and that makes the joy even more delicious!

Here are some ways I love to have fun, in no particular order, because that would be too hard.

Lunch or dinner with friends. I find catching up, sharing what we are learning about the Lord, walking through life together, fun! I like thoughtful, clever, creative, interesting, funny people, and when you invest in each other over the years, there is a lot of fun occurring!

Games. I like to play cards, board games and even Heads Up on the iPhone! There has been a lot of laughing and visiting going on over the years at the table!

Bible study does not sound like it would be fun but, I have to say, it really is! Learning about God’s plans for this life and the next can be hard, but it is also stimulating and exciting. I have learned more in the last 18 years than in all the previous years of my life. And I have met some fun people to share life with!!! That God, He has a sense of humor!

I think blogging is fun! I love having this journal of our life. Occasionally I go back and read what I have written in years past and I am always so glad that I started writing in this space. It’s fun to read the little things I may have already forgotten, see the blog-tography that would never get developed, remember the way things were in that slice of time.

As I think about this, I am realizing that having fun is not so much tied to activities, it is tied to people. I don’t so much care about what we are doing. Some of the funnest times in my life have been in cars, around tables, on couches, and gathered around all the many beloved groups of people the Lord had given us to share this journey of life with.

Fun is my favorite.


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