Vacation 2017 Part 1


It seems like we have been home from vacation longer than two weeks. but the calendar insists that is so. They had been having loverly warm temperatures in The Mitten pert near the whole time we were gone, but on the night we arrived home it was FREAKING SNOWING! Just a little, but I had on sandals, and I noticed.

I have to say that I was not very good about taking pictures. I seem to have a lot of certain things, where I was making an effort, and then none of other things where we were living in the moment. That is what has happened since I don’t carry the big camera around anymore. There are pros and cons to having a camera phone.

I’m going back to the beginning because something fun happened at Detroit Metro Airport, right after we cleared security! Honey and I had an early flight and since he requires we be at the airport extra early when travelling, we usually eat in the terminal to save time at home and fill time there. The last few years we have just gone and had a super classy McDonald’s breakfast, which does the job until we arrive in Ft Myers and go for lunch.

We were waiting in line to order when Honey turned around to say something to me and heard “I thought that was you!!” We were so surprised and happy to see an old friend from two churches we attended together! It was so surreal! She introduced us to her husband and we dined together, then chatted at the gate until boarding. What a pleasure to catch up on lives and kids and her many grandchildren! We have probably not seen each other in 17 years!

Hi Deb!!! Such a kiss on the cheek from God!

FullSizeRender (81)

After arriving in Ft Myers, Honey and I secured the rental car (MANY snafus there) ate lunch, went to Winn Dixie to get snacks and beverages, and then arrived at our rental house in Cape Coral.

At dark thirty on Sunday morning we went back to the airport to pick up The Boy and The Dane from Washington state! After breakfast we headed back to the house where all had a nap. They wanted to go to the flea market and that was the only day available, so off we went. At some point we dined at Reuben’s Smokehouse, yummy! Ribs, pot roast and the guys had smoked turkey and mashed potatoes. Honey said he would gladly eat there again!


We visited Thomas Edison and Henry Ford’s summer homes one day. This is a blog post I found on the internet that tells you a little bit about the property and has pictures. Everybody was impressed with this tree!




The Dane is growing nicely! And everyone is happy that she is feeling MUCH better. Her morning sickness was brutal for the first few months.



We took an unguided tour and had to listen through these devices as we were told a little about these two families. We had been before several years ago with Mousey. A couple things I recall from this trip;

Mina Edison was a prolific letter writer to many people. She wrote to some every day! This was particularly interesting to me and The Boy, as we are embarking on correspondence ourselves!

I also loved the story of the Edison cook. I took a picture of her name and looked her up online but I must have deleted the picture and now I can not find hide nor hair of her. It named a couple of the specialties she was known for, one being a cake, and mentioned how the Edison’s loved her and her cooking and convinced her to join them in their home in New Jersey until she became ill. They then helped her to get back to Ft Myers to be with her family until she passed away.

I also liked how Mina Edison asked people to bring friendship stepping stones to make a path in her garden. Such a nice remembrance of loved ones. Some of the words have worn off but they are still there.

Listening to the facts.


He kept saying “Hey! I’m on the phone!” Our first cell phone was bigger than that!


On Tuesday it was back to the airport to pick up Mousey!


We didn’t cook much down there, mostly breakfast and BLTs, that left us open for dinner out! We met up with Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Bob in Naples at Bricktops, we always enjoy it there! It was Mousey’s graduation from college dinner, per her request. Nothing says Happy Graduation like ribs, fries and mac and cheese!

This was one of my favorite pictures of the whole trip!

FullSizeRender (82)

I liked these two as well. I couldn’t decide which one was my favorite, so you got both! My blog!!!



Then on Thursday it was back to the airport to pick up The Ab-Cat! She crossed something off her bucket list by flying down ALONE!!!


I think I will stop here, to be continued.


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