Doing Some Things-Vacation Part 2


The house we rented had several things to do, a pool table, warm swimming pool, dock for sunning and fitchin’, places to read and play games, close walking proximity to the beach and the Cape Coral Pier. We managed.

The Boy, The Dane and I played several games of Bananagrams. I totally cheated and worked this one!


With everyone coming and going, we only had one full day when everyone was there. We arranged to head across the state to visit with my Girl Cousin Lindsay and her husband Rob B.,also known as Team Levine! They added a new member to their team in November and everyone wanted to get their hands on the beebee!

Mousey with their new little one, another Girl Cousin! I think I am going to need to be around her again to be able to give her a blog name. She has her own name, but it’s probably not my business to put it out there for the whole wide internet! We will call her BeeBee for this post.


Ab-Cat and the little PINK princess! She already has several tutus.


Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis were there too, and they made a yummy lunch for us all!


Finally got my mitts on her!

FullSizeRender (83)

We passed her around like a football and she was an Angel Baby!


FullSizeRender (84)

Aunt Phyllis and her FIRST grandbaby!

IMG_4464 (1)

Girl Cousin Lindsay is so enjoying being a mama!


One can already sense that Rob B. is completely wrapped around her finger!


Welcome to the family Little One!


The new and expanded, Team Levine!



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