BFG For the WIN!


This is my Bible case. Pathetic I know. It’s probably 10-15 years old. I had never used one before, so when I bought it at Sam’s Club, I chose one of the two they had.


It has been well used. It most likely has been worn more than normal because of sliding it in and out of my BSF bag for so many years. Those handles are flat worn out. It was getting embarrassing.


I began looking for a new cover several years ago. I thought the biggest problem was going to be locating another case with handles. That seemed to be rare. Well not completely rare, but rare to find one without excessive…..decoration. The ones with handles were fain-cy! Loud colors, wild prints, bejeweled. I was looking for something a little more subdued, Some were too soft, some were too big, kind of like a purse, some too young looking. I was starting to feel like Goldilocks. Dissatisfied.

I looked in stores, I looked on Etsy, I looked on e-bay to see if there might be another like my Beloved.

A year ago last Christmas I found this one online and I ordered it. My hopes were high. Then they were dashed. In all of my looking I did not know that the inside of Bible cases were not created equal. Mine had several slots for things in the front and a large pen/pencil/marker holder in the back . The new case was woefully inadequate. It had one little loop for one stinkin’ pen!!!!! And all of those handy dandy slots and compartments are apparently what I need to carry my Bible successfully. I used the new one for approximately 1 month, then I went back to my first, true love. The rattiest Bible case in the Kingdom.


I used the Case of Abomination for another year, until I had what I thought could be a great idea. I wondered if perhaps Capri Deb might have an idea how to make my new case into an useful engine? She is a clever and insightful gal! She took pictures of the inside of my old one and took the new one home with her before Christmas.

I saw her last week and look what she brought me!!!!! Her husband, BFG made these nifty inserts!!!! To hold all my junk!!!!!


3×5 cards, prayer requests, book mark, and my personal fan for when I am sparking!


And yes, I DO need all those pens and markers and a pencil!IMG_4666

I love, LOVE, L.O.V.E. it!!!!!!! No more nasty case!


Thanks BFG and Capri D, I am a happy girl! Little baby geniuses is what they are!!!


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  1. I wad inspired by this hack and bought myself an inexpensive bible case from Ollie’s. I added pockets too and now have a carrying case for my watercolor journal and all its supplies.


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