Thanksgiving 2017


We celebrated Thanksgiving at our Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis’ house this year, it was grand! The last several years they have been in Florida and were sorely missed! We also were excited to see their new condo. I had seen it last summer, but they are more fully moved in now. I love the kitchen, especially the island. I have island envy. Can the island ever be too big? I think not.


Phyllis says they love the new place, so that is high praise! Still getting used to the new and improved Uncle Bob since he had his cataracts removed and now only wears cheaters on top of his head. It’s taking a while, since he has worn glasses ever since I have known him!


We were very thankful to have Honey in attendance. His cold/flu/cough symptoms have made him very socially unacceptable this week. He kindly refused all handshakes and offered the fist bump instead. Still trying to perfect our selfie, still only marginal.


The Grandpa and I gave it a whirl too! I am thankful for this guy! He is going to be visiting his kids in Florida for Christmas and I am already feeling sad.


The featured presentation of the day was this little angel baby, BaileyBean! She is having her first birthday this week and has already gotten walking down pat!


Here she is with her Parental Units, Rob B. and Girl Cousin Lindsay, also known internationally as Team Levine!


We had a fine day of eating, visiting, and relaxing.


AND watching Miss BaileyBean have her very first birthday cupcake EVER!!!! She was very ladylike and tentative at first. My favorite part of this picture is her sibling dog Ava, patiently waiting for a drop!


Her Mama helped her out a little.


Oh yeah, she got the hang of it!!!!


Her after cupcake attire. Nothing cuter than a baby in a diaper 🙂


Her Grammy Toni was loads of fun! Gitting her!


She likey.


Our Girlies and their newest cousin.


All children like to ride on The Ab-Cab, this little peanut was no exception.


This was taken after she had an unfortunate run in with a chair leg. Birthday Bop. She recovered quickly and continued cruising around, her new found skill.


Matching jammies!!!!!


We chatted, played cards, ate again, desserted again, cleaned up again, and then everything was done except for more visiting.He is telling some kind of story, I can tell. He was intentionally not looking at me either.


Still not cooperating, but I don’t care, IT’S GOING ON THE BLOB!!!!!


The Girls did look at me but gave me their “I don’t want my picture taken” face. Ah, I know it well.


We headed on home in Johnny Cash, our new Explorer, where Honey commandeered the radio. Sly and the Family Stone on the way up. Cat Stevens on the way home. It was as good as you are imagining.

It was a fine day!


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