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Last List of 2017


We are almost ready for Christmas here in The Mitten! December has been a busy month, hence the lack of activity in this space. Last night was Honey’s last evening at work for the year, still waiting for the last few presents to arrive by mail, there will be at least a couple stops at the grocery to get the rest of the ingredients for our “non-traditional” Christmas dinner. We are having Beeve’s steak, Honey’s mac and cheese, garlic mushrooms and feta fatoosh salad. The Ab-Cat is trying out a new recipe for Key Lime cookies and Mousey wants an old standard, banana pudding.

I took The Grandpa to the airport last Monday, where he boarded a plane for Florida to visit his kids. It is their first Christmas together in many, many years and I am praying they have a wonderful time!

This is Abby’s second year of working at the elementary school and she said the kids have been SQUIRRELLY this week!!!! So much excitement bottled up in one building! Every day she comes home laden with presents from co-workers and little students who love her ❤

Our BSF luncheon for 60 went off nicely last week, and our Admin celebration yesterday at Chip and Dip was most enjoyable! I serve with truly lovely gals and I am so thankful for them all!

Ab sent this from her Young Fives class, it surely does look like my best Girl, Mama Mia!


The Boy and The Dane will be traveling to Denmark on Christmas day to see her People. Praying that their trip will be uneventful and smooth with the addition of this Peanut. I’m sure they will enjoy her and her sweet noises immensely!!!


Nothing like a sleeping baby.


She reminds me of her Daddy here.


Rocking her new hat! Love that tongue ❤


We will miss all of our loved ones who will not be with us.

I saw this verse on a friend’s blog, it is our wish for ourselves and for you during this Christmas season.


Merry Christmas Friends.


A Thanksgiving Gem


I believe I mentioned that we celebrated Thanksgiving at my Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis’ house. They have recently moved into a condo, and I’m assuming this letter from 1962 was unearthed in said move. It was a note he wrote to my Grandparents, his parents, when he was in the last days of his service in the Marine Corp. In it, he thanks them for informing him of his unclehood, my birth.


He said he was surprised I was a girl, and he guessed that a little girl is not too bad. He wishes my Grandma a real nice trip, and hopes she enjoys her first grandchild, while telling her he wouldn’t mind going himself (how sweet!). He says he didn’t send me anything but planned to give me $1000 on my 21st birthday!!!!! HA! We all had quite a laugh reading it!!!!!


He also was dating my Aunt Phyllis at the time and said he had planned on having her do a lot of the cooking for him and his Dad while his Mom was gone, he said it would be her “acid test”, and if she failed she would “get the boot, right Dad?”!!!!

This is also hilarious for a couple of reasons, firstly, Phyllis is an awesome cook and secondly, we guessed she passed as they have been married for 55 YEARS!

What a treasure to read! I’m so glad he kept it 🙂

Now about that $1000 on my 21st birthday……..