Wednesday Hodgepodge


Hi Guys, it’s been a looong time since I have been able to meet up with you all!!! It feels good to be back! If you would like to link up, click on the button below . Here we go.

From this Side of the Pond

1. What’s a word that describes your life? A word you wish described your life?

Comfortable and Grammy with her grandbaby nearby.
2. Back in my day we___________________________________?

did not eat Tide pods!
3. When it comes to takeout are you more likely to opt for Italian, Mexican, or Chinese food? Does a typical week at your house include takeout?

None of the above, we typically get Mediterranean for carry out. Sometimes pizza, so I guess that would be Italian. We usually go out but sometimes you just can’t get everyone on board. Or dressed. So we get takeout at least once every couple weeks, and sometimes more. We had takeout Five Guys last weekend and it was Da-Licious!

My People tend to get Chinese when I am not around, as I am not a big fan, and we would rather have Mexican at the restaurant, HOT chips and salsa are the best!!!!

4. Think about the people you most respect. What is it about them that earned your respect?

There are so many things!

I respect people who have a steadfast relationship with the Lord. They live their lives with purpose, serving others, caring for their families, practicing humility, generosity and helpfulness. Loving and gracious and kind.

I also respect common sense, people who don’t whine, hard work, and folks who see a need and meet it.
5. What’s something your friends might see and say is ‘so you’?

Chai tea, something with the word Capri on it, cute longer tops that cover the bottom, jegging jeans that don’t have a zipper (pure heaven!) pretty pots of coleus, anything pertaining to the kitty-wittys, dessert. 🙂  Thanks for the help Jip! ❤
6.  Insert your own random thought here.

I posted last week about how practically everyone I know has been taking these Enneagram tests and discussing their personality types! Some are spot on, others have wings that help them make sense of their number, and others, like myself, have rejected the number they initially received (because it was HALF wrong!) for another that they came up a couple times in different tests. The friend who originally told me about the whole thing recommended this book. It has a Christian focus and I have enjoyed reading it. I am getting educated on all of the numbers of my friends and family members! I have also had some insights into my own self and why I tend to be the way that I am.

Take the test and see if you see yourself in the description!


Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. I haven’t tried any of the Ennegram ‘stuff’ so thanks for the book recommendation. #2-ha! And nearby! I should have said that. I’m going back to WA in a couple of weeks as my son-in-law is traveling and I’m excited for girl time with my daughter and her son of course : ) Happy Easter to you and your family!


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