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South Haven


This was our TENTH year of loading up someone’s vehicle and heading across the state to Lake Michigan!!! The roster has changed throughout the years, due to work schedules, life situations and the passing of our friend Jan, we have gone different months, but each summer we gather the available troops and hit the road. This year we went in June, we loaded up our Johnny Cash (The Man in Black 🙂 and lit out. I think we get better at packing lighter each year. Plus we buy our food at Wal-Mart when we get there now, that helps a LOT!

This years group was The Peanuts Champ, Three Good Kids, The Oreo Mom and myself, Capri Kel, aka Shaq and her short friends.

FullSizeRender (3)

We could not get into our house until later so we decided to try something new and go to St. Josephs for a little shopping and lunch. We met our great friend Ally who lives over that way, it’s always fun to see her!!!

IMG-7533 (1)

There was the usual farmers market in South Haven, shopping in Holland, day at the beach and games!!!

D31F033C-8B28-4B33-ABE1-4DDD6F79E974 (1)

Such purty flowers over there!

IMG-7854 (1)

I think this may have been our worst weather ever!

IMG-7544 (1)

This was beach day!!! It never did rain when we were there, but it must have been hazy because I got some sun!

IMG-7547 (1)

It rained and drizzled a lot, but we did mostly what we wanted and had a lot of fun.

IMG-7563 (1)

We reminisced about our decade of having this Gals trip, I went back on the old blob and screenshot pictures of us all through the years to put on Facebook! Good times, wonderful memories!

IMG-7860 (1)

The Peanuts Champ wanted to do something special to celebrate her 50th birthday and now here we are still going strong for a decade!

IMG-7855 (1)

And now I just told you how old The Peanuts Champ is!!

IMG-7856 (1)

Some years big groups, some smaller, all have their unique charm. We have even laughed that some years pictures feature the same clothes!

IMG-7857 (1)

There are always sunsets, lots of laughs and shopping 🙂

IMG-7858 (1)

So many hair-dos!!!

IMG-7859 (1)

Always signs and words that ring true.

IMG-7853 (3)

I am thankful for these gals in my life!

IMG-7557 (1)

Until next year Ladies!! ❤ ❤ ❤