We thought we were going to be spending a couple months in Florida this winter, but that guy I married? Yeah, still not retired. He thought last year was going to be his last. He now says he will be done on or before January 1, 2020. It will happen some time, so I am just continuing on with our life, knowing that it will be a nice surprise when it finally arrives 😉

We did get down to our home in Estero for a couple of weeks though. I was a little bossy about the weeks, I knew the other Capri’s were planning on being at Capri P’s place on North Captiva Island the last week of February, so our trip needed to begin or end with that week.

We had a little trouble getting out of The Mitten due to an untimely bomb cyclone and Frontier Airlines cancelling our flight after we were already at the airport. By the way Frontier, still waiting for that notification!!! We were fortunate that Spirit Airlines had a flight to Ft Myers just a little later and were able to accommodate a lot of us disgruntled Frontier fliers. The two airlines had a difference of opinion on checked baggage weight, so we had a hurried rearranging of 10 pounds from my to be checked bag to our carry ons. Good thing we had room there! And off we went!

IMG-8881 (1)

We had planned to pick up our rental car and then stop for dinner, but our Spirit flight arrived a some later so we just went to our friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart, did some shopping and had our first vacation meal at our place 🙂

Hello Cheeto’s, my vacation friend! Sourdough ham, cheese and egg sandwiches, YUM.

IMG-8716 (1)

We heavily used that Wal-Mart. Good grief, sometimes twice a day! Until we get our place situated, we seem to have many needs.

The weather was B-eautiful!!! One of the reasons we loved this community so much was it had a lovely pool and clubhouse. The last time we drove through with our realtor, we discovered there was a satellite pool at the other end of our street! I am here to tell you we have still never been to that big, beautiful main pool, we love this one, and it’s plenty big.

This was our “spot” for two weeks. There were never more than a handful of folks there at any given time. The constants were Elvis and Priscilla, 12-2, like clockwork 🙂

IMG-8717 (1)

On Wednesday we drove to Capri P’s marina and were picked up by Capri’s L and D and their honeys, Mr C and BFG!!! They shuttled us over to her island in style! Honey made us fresh fish and shrimp tacos and then the guys went fitchin’ and we gals talked and Schmenky and I cut hairs, because we wuz shaggy! The island was beautimous, as usual and old friends are even more so.

FullSizeRender (1)

IMG-8706 (1)

We left a little early due to a possible weather event, but they dropped us off and got home safely.

IMG-8711 (1)

So glad we were able to visit!

IMG-8714 (1) 

The Ab-Cat had been sending us the news from home. She had a needy cattan who couldn’t seem to get close enough to satisfy his need for attention.

IMG-8723 (1)

Snap chats with MoonPie!

IMG-8689 (1)

There’s our girls ❤

IMG-8731 (1)

On Saturday we drove back out to Capri P’s marina to pick up Mrs Schmenkman and Mr C, who had a super early flight the next morning and needed a lift to the airport. They became our first official overnight guests!

After being down a week, we finally got together with Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Bob. They had been over on the other side of the state grandparenting their littles 🙂

IMG-8724 (1)

And later that night we picked up Miss Mousey-Ann from the airport!! She is our vacation buddy 🙂

IMG-8729 (1)

Her idea of a great vaca is logging many hours soaking up the sun at the pool. She fit right in with Elvis and Priscilla! She swam and read her World War 2 book. She is eclectic. One day it was a little chilly, early 60s. We packed up to go to the pool as usual, knowing that the pool area is fairly protected from the wind and the sunshine was warm, and I kid you not, we passed residents walking their dogs in FULL ON coats!!! They were probably thinking we were crazy tourists.

IMG-8734 (1)

Honey slid right into that retirement mode. Puttering around the house, lounging at the pool,

IMG-8738 (1)

fitchin’ in the ditch behind the pool. He did not catch any but some big birds caught a few!

IMG-8737 (1)

We then proceeded to eat and shop and visit with Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis.

IMG-8747 (1) 

Selfies are always a trial for us.

IMG-8739 (1)

Don’t remember what caused this fracas!

FullSizeRender (3)

Thanks for taking me on vacation Honey!

FullSizeRender (5)

We tried it again outside. It’s debatable which group shot is best, although Honey commented on this one his eye was doing that strange Marty Feldman thing that it did one time when we had a family picture taken for our church directory!!! It’s never happened before or since!

IMG-8754 (1)

Now both eyes are looking straight on!

IMG-8755 (1)

Way too soon it was time to go. We love our place.

IMG-8757 (1)

We gave it one last try at the airport, It’ll do pig, it’ll do.

IMG-8761 (1)

Florida 2019 is in the books and on the blog!


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  1. Was so fun to meet up in Florida, maybe we can repeat that next year! Also, your Cheetos looked like carrots on my phone, until I read otherwise..lol.


  2. It was a blast. I didn’t realize we were the very first over nighters! Your hospitality and the fan-cee treat baskets surpassed the finest hotels!


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