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The Library


I am still pursuing my quest to be a better blogger. Instead of trying to go back and catch up, I’m just starting where I am and moving forward, and if I get around to it, reaching back to tell something from the past year.

I have been wanting to take MoonPie to our local library. The library stands out as one of my fondest childhood memories. I loved going to my Webster Elementary School library, with our super calm librarian, Mrs. LaMont, who I heard later became an elementary school principal, how cool is that! I loved being able to choose the books I wanted to take home, to pore over them until I learned all the words, the story and analyzed all the pictures. The library is where Mrs. LaMont introduced me to Laura Ingalls, and many other childhood friends. As I grew older, my Mom took us to the Alfred Noble Public Library over summer vacation. Oh the joy of being able to check out an unlimited number of books!! It was then I realized that I loved the smell of books, both libraries even smelled the same! I also enjoyed the library at our church, where I was first introduced to Christian fiction; Joy Spartan, Penny and Glenny in Rhodesia.

Our town is known for having a great library, our children sure have made good use of it! They have excellent selections of books, music, movies, computer games to take home, along with the fun things to do when you are actually there. Computers with educational games, puppets, a fish tank and many other things to touch, try and see. Plus all the BOOKS to look at!

MoonPie spent the most time here, at the fish tank. It was raised with a seat all the way around it. She just kept walking around and around, shouting out the colors of the fish!

IMG-9145 (1)

IMG-9146 (1)

IMG-9147 (1)

IMG-9148 (1)

It’s the simple things in life ❤

She enjoyed the other things it had to offer, but Grammy decided that a half an hour was a good first visit! I forgot to bring the library bag (it’s been a while) so the librarian put a bunch of rubber bands around our selection of new Pete The Cat books with a few others thrown in for fun. We have read them all many times and she is having some extra lessons in being nice to books, books are our friends, we have to be gentle, they don’t belong to us, but she is getting the hang of it 🙂

Maybe we can go back next week when The Ab-Cat is on summer break from school, because she is one to enjoy a trip to one of her favorite places too. Also, two would be better than one when the grandgirl starts to run around! And Grammy will for sure remember to bring the library bag.

Here’s to the next generation of booklovers ❤


Still Here


WOW! I guess I took a little break there! I am having such a hard time getting back into the blogging groove. Some might say I should just quit. But Y’all, I LOVE my blog! I really do have the desire to do it, but I have lost the bloggal mentality. I only remember a long time after that HEY, I should have posted about that! And then it seems like ancient history, and I am so behind, and so forget it. I tried to do that November thingy to get back into the habit of blogging regularly, and we all know how that worked out.

I need to just do it, come in here to our big computer and write down some thoughts or post some pictures. I am going to try folks. It’s been busy around here with our full house, but BSF is on summer hiatus, and I don’t have 7000 trips planned this summer, so fingers crossed, jumping in!

We have had The Sickness around here for the last several months, all were hit hard, all were hacking, and some are having a second go round 😦

The Dane and The Boy took the kids back to the pediatrician today and found out MoonPie has a double ear infection, and Little Dipper has the RSV virus. Well, that explains a lot. Hopefully they will be on the road to recovery right quick!

IMG-9132 (1)

This is one of my favorite pictures of MoonPie recently, and it tells you a little about her mood lately.

IMG-9123 (1)

Girlfriend’s had a short fuse these days and this makes me laugh out loud!

There have been some dicey moments with this little peanut too, but he has been sick and was busy growing some teeth, so we will let that slide 🙂

IMG-9127 (1)

I have been trying to make progress eating keto, but things keep happening, like vacations, birthdays, weddings, lunch with friends, you know, LIFE. I am down 9 pounds from when I originally started, so I’m choosing to celebrate that. Here are two of my  favorite recipes of late. I took both with me down to Virginia to visit Mrs. Schmenkman for the 24th annual Memorial Day Extravaganza!! I think she was a fan. ❤ Here we are, celebrating 24 years of The Hootenanny, and over 30 years of friendship!!!

IMG-9053 (1)

I’m not sure if I mentioned that I never really lost much weight until I added fat bombs to my diet. They have been great to help me get in the extra fat, in addition to helping me satisfy my raging sweet tooth. So WIN/WIN in my book. Schmenky used a little scoop to make little balls, but I just eat spoonfuls out of the container. No one eats it besides me, so don’t be alarmed! I probably have 1 to 4 spoonfuls a day, because some days the heart wants what the heart wants.

IMG-9130 (1)

Now this is a great little recipe! I have made them many times and I just keep running out! MoonPie likes to share mine and even The Dane said she liked them, so that gives you an idea about their normal taste and texture. The first time I made them I did use the garlic powder, and they were good for a more savory, dinner type of biscuit, but I have not used it since.

IMG-9131 (1)

I make them in a muffin tin and I saw somewhere that they have about 1.8 gram of carb each. I usually have 3, sliced with butter and my homemade Truvia jam for breakfast and it keeps me full for a good long time. Like today, I ate at about 11 and it’s now after 5 and I am not sniffing for food. Amazing!

Well, I have given it a shot today, and hopefully I will remember to come in here tomorrow!