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30 Days of Thankful-28


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Today I am once again thankful that I got my Mom to convert our much loved, unwritten, family recipe for cornbread dressing onto a recipe card ❤ We worked it out the Christmas before she passed away, and I am thankful for the memory, the dressing, and as always, for her.


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30 Days of Thankful-21,22,23


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We had a fun time last night! We babysat for Moonpie and the Little Dipper while their Mom and Pop went to Bible study ❤ The Ab-Cat and I went over one other time for this and Little Dipper had a very rough night missing his mama. Not last night!

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The only time he cried was when his sister accidently smooshed his little bitty finger! Otherwise he was busy crawling and walking (still holding on to things) and being his all around charming self!

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Moonpie and Papa pored over the Jesus books all night long, discussing everything in great detail 🙂

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She loves her Papa, yes she does ❤

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I spent some time asking Little Dipper how big he was and raising his arms saying “SO big!!”

We also demonstrated the Chicken Dance many times, because they are ones for loud, raucous behavior.

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Taking a breather from dancing.

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Spent some time with the Legos

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Singing the song about Uh Oh, Spaghettios, she participated in that as well!

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On to her favorite thing, Snapchat!!

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She asked specifically for the tongue one.

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I took the little Miss up to bed, read some books, sang some songs, rocked, and at her request, snuggled ❤ ❤ ❤

I came down to this Little Dipper all tuckered out on his Papa 🙂

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Oh my goodness, heart eyes emoji!

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Today I am most thankful for Moonpie, Little Dipper and the joy of being a Grammy.

30 Days of Thankful- 20


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The year Mousey went to first grade was the first time in many years that I had some time to myself. Honey used to tease me that I had a part time job; going to lunch with my friends!! I still like to go to lunch with friends when available, but most Wednesdays after BSF leaders meeting, you can find me at Chip and Dip.

Some days we have a crowd, sometimes a few, occasionally just two. While all would say our love of chips and salsa bonds us, there is far more bonding going on as we talk about our families, our Bible study lessons, our struggles in life, big and small, and The One who guides us as we walk through this often difficult life.  God knits hearts Y’All!

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I am thankful for Chip and Dip, a fine place to talk, laugh, occasionally cry, and always enjoy good chips and salsa ❤

30 Days of Thankful- 19


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I saw on Facebook last week that an old high school friend lost her mom after a long, hard decline. It reminded me once again that it’s hard to lose a Mother. My Mom has almost been gone a decade now, and that is very hard to believe. I still think of her all the time, refer to her in conversation, hear her laughter and words in my recollections. I always use at least one of her pretty dishes when we celebrate family get togethers, my way of including her, even if it’s just for me to know.

For some reason as I age I hear her in my voice, even see her sometimes in the mirror. I never thought we resembled each other much, but there is…something. My brother Beeve and I have both agreed that she taught us a certain way to interact with people. It’s nothing we can put our finger on, but we both have it, and we got it from our Mama ❤ Whenever I post pictures of her on social media, people always comment that we share our smiles. I take that as a great compliment. She had a great smile.

The holidays are coming, bringing with them a flood of memories. I am thankful for the 47 years I was able to share with her, and for the eternity in heaven we will be together ❤

Today and always I am thankful to the Lord for the Mom I had.

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30 Days of Thankful 15,16,17,18


15. After many years of being devoted to DaVinci chai tea, I was asked by our natural path dr several years ago to forgo it because it was a concentrate made with Splenda  I agreed to try because I was paying her the big bucks to help me solve some health problems, and it seemed reasonable to actually take her advice. Her preferred type of sweetener was Stevia and she allowed Truvia. Honey and I both made the change, because we are married and do everything together. I also switched over to what I considered ‘the lowly tea bag”, sweetened with the afore mentioned Truvia and half and half. I have to say that it will never be as scrumtrulescent as a hot cup of chai, but I have come to appreciate that the lowly tea bag has its own charms. And I am thankful for it.

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16. Even though it is technically still fall, we appeared to have tumbled headlong into winter. But this being The Mitten, we could be in the 50s next week. Pure Michigan. I scrounged up our couch throw blankets, which were inexplicably downstairs, the washing machine removed the basement smell, and we have been huddled under them ever since. Cold weather means our kettle gets a workout, extra cups of tea and hot chocolate! This is what we have been loving lately.

IMG-0277 (1)

Thankful for reduced calorie cocoa with a little extra sweetener and cream to make it even tastier!

17. You may have noticed the above Skinny Syrup and may know that it contains Splenda. While I primarily use Truvia, I am not a purist. I know that the aspartame in Diet Coke is not good for me, but I have it on occasion because I love it so. I have come to the same conclusion about Splenda. I also watched a documentary on Netflix about sugar, which we also know is not particularly good for us, and I am not convinced that the sugar lobby does not smear ALL sugar substitutes in protection of their own powerful industry. I remember the campaign to get saccharine off the shelves when I was young, and if it was as bad as they said, I doubt it would still be sold some 50 years later. All that to say that I am making an informed choice when I choose to have a little Splenda, and I still treat myself to the occasional DaVinci chai tea and Diet Coke. Thankful for options.

18. Oh.My.Goodness. Have you tried this from Sam’s? I was first introduced to it when The Boy made his homemade for Mousey and me in Washington! He made it again for us last summer and The Ab-Cat loved it too. But there is very little difference in flavor between the 2 and its a lot easier to throw this in the cart at Sam’s than making it from scratch. SO DELICIOUS!!! We have been going through two a week! Thankful for a yummy snack and it makes all Mexican themed meals even better!

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30 Days of Thankful-14


I started BSF in 1995 with a couple dear friends from a previous church. Less than a month later I had the car accident that altered our lives forever, and I quit. I had many friends over the years who had encouraged me to try BSF again, but I remembered that there was quite a bit of reading, and questions to answer, and it all seemed too much with what I already had on my plate. I decided to try it again when Mousey went to first grade, I had a little more time to myself, maybe I could do the lessons. I am so glad I did. 

This year marks my 20th year in Bible Study Fellowship and my 17th year serving on the administration team. As I reflect on this, my main thought is thankfulness in how the Lord used this organization for good in my life. I was a 37 year old Mom who had just come through about 7 years of struggle in our family. Seriously grueling, heartbreaking struggle. I was weary and needed a place to sit and be filled. The Lord did not disappoint.

I learned how to study God’s Word and apply it to my life in a way I had never known. We were blessed with wonderful teaching leaders, discussion leaders and later I was able to serve with some of the most dedicated servants of the Lord I have ever known. I came empty and tired and the Most High God met me there and filled my life with knowledge, joy and purpose, and also gave me dear, dear Friends to walk with in this often hard life. Thank you Lord for the gift of BSF ❤

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30 Days of Thankful-13


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Another thing we had to do on The Day it Snowed ALL Day was keep an appointment with the venue where Mousey and The Usher want to have their wedding reception. We had nailed down the church, the photographer, and had to sign on the dotted line and leave a deposit to commit to the venue. We did it Y’All, July 18, 2020, save the date! ❤ ❤ ❤

Whew, thankful to have that decided!

30 Days of Thankful-7,8,9,10,11,12


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This was not how I planned to do this, but I am rolling with the flow! Still trying to think blog-ally, but after lying dormant so long, it’s proving difficult! Mousey gave me a couple ideas for posts to come, so there is that! 🙂

7. Keelyody, my walking buddy and I decided that last Friday was our last walking day of the season. When we set out that morning the temps were in the 20s, but we did not count on the arctic breeze that was causing our faces to hurt. We cut it short after one side of her subdivision. Some years we have walked into December, and once even walked a few times after Christmas! I am thankful for a walking buddy who agrees that it is a good thing for us to do, and is ready to go at 7:30, 3 mornings a week! The world is now going to have to go solo, because we will not be there solving all the problems 🙂

I am also thankful to walk with my pal Jip the Farm Dog on Wednesday and Thursday mornings from the time BSF lets out in May until we go back in September!  Once again, what will the world do without us?!

8.  After many years of similarity, our holidays have undergone a change. First was my Mother’s passing, then my cousins married and moved from the area, sometime after, The Boy followed suit. Our latest change has been the early departure of Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis to their Florida home. They have had good reasons, like the births of grandchildren, and the desire to help their daughter, Girl Cousin Lindsay, with the preparation of our traditional holiday meal for her extended family. It’s all good, but we miss their presence ❤

They are heading down this week and we wanted to get together before they left, so we all looked at our calendars and the 8th was the date that accommodated the most. Everyone but Mousey and The Usher were in attendance, they had travelled down to Ohio for his family celebration of Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my Aunt and Uncle and the years of memories we share. The Lord has put us in each others lives for His good purposes, and I am grateful to Him for them.

9. I was hoping for a nice relaxing Saturday after the family gathering the night before, but Honey had other ideas. He thought it would be a perfect day to do a leaf raking and final mowing and edging of the lawn. In hind sight, it was a perfect day, because we got a ton done before the snow moved in. Here is our frozen tundra now. Leaves are still falling, but I’m thankful we got rid of a lot!

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10. I believe I may have mentioned that we are going to be celebrating a wedding in 2020! There are many i’s to dot and t’s to cross before that occurs, but we took a giant step closer in the planning on Sunday! We had looked at 3 venues for the wedding reception last month, each nice in their own way, but Mousey was fairly certain she was going in the direction that a friend had recommended to her. She had been in conversation with the representative of the venue and they had both of her dates available. She then was in discussion with a photographer, who also had both dates open. Honey had spoken to our pastor a while back in passing and told him of the upcoming event and asked a little about pre-marital counseling, he said no problem, just give him a call. I realized Sunday morning while driving to church that we had not actually asked if the church was available!

I prayed to see the two ladies I thought might be able to help me ascertain that information, because Mousey’s venue choosing appointment was the next day and the church office is closed that day. Sure enough the Lord had one of the sweet gals right in the lobby as we walked in. She said she would go check and have the answer for me after church.

All that to say; the church is available!!!

11. I am thankful for our veterans. They have sacrificed and put their lives on hold in service to our country and its citizens.

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I am grateful to these men in my immediate family who answered the call and were willing to go where their country needed them. My Dad/ The Grandpa- United States Air Force, Uncle Bob-United States Marine Corp, my Father-United States Army, and Beeve-United States Marine Corp. Thank you Gentlemen for your service ❤

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12. You may have heard that The Mitten had a little snow yesterday. Normally I do not go out when we have treacherous driving conditions, except when they happen to fall on Wednesday and Thursday BSF mornings. It started snowing in the wee hours yesterday morning, which made The Usher very happy, because at his job, snow means plowing, and that equals OVERTIME! Unfortunately, it snowed all doggone day and that did not bode well for Honey and I and our long awaited, 2:30 dental appointment. We braved the weather and s l o w l y went. Thankful for safety when we saw many cars in the ditch!

30 Days of Thankful-6


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It dawned on me yesterday that I was cold all the live long day. It was 30 something degrees when we walked in the morning, and later when I went to Bible study I was still wearing my shoes with no socks and jacket that has no zipper or buttons nor any other fastening apparatus. I reminded myself that it is November, and I guess I need to accept the inevitable; Michigan has turned the autumnal corner and we are staring winter in the face.

So today I am thankful for my suede booties, puffy Eddie Bauer coat with my Costco gloves and bun warmers in Johnny Cash, our car. Thankful indeed.