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Thanksgiving 2019


We are in the thick of all things Christmas over here, but wanted to get the Thanksgiving memories committed to the blob!

Our Thanksgiving did not go quite as planned. We were expecting 13 in the morning and by noon 7 were out. Sick kids and other plans were the causes, but we made do and had plenty of food!

Honey and I bought this dining room set when we moved into our house, some 21 years ago. It was highly recommended that we purchase the protective pads, which we were happy to do because we are usually the sort to try and protect investments. I do remember the salesgirl using the scare tactic that if we didn’t, a drop of water could ruin the finish. I must have been skeptical at the time because who would buy such a poorly finished table that people actually eat and drink on? As I recall, we had some other problems with this salesgirl and when we voiced concern, we found out that she was someone’s girlfriend and they would not do anything about our concerns, so now I call bull on her sales skillz. I basically think she lied to sell us the pads that we would have bought anyway. But Honey never forgot the one drop of water scenario and therefore the table has never been naked in its entire life. Protective pads forever was his motto.

It was my goal to have everyone at the same table for the holiday. Partly because we are always so close to needing two that it is more fun to squish together than it is to have 3 or 4 in the kitchen. Plus, I am feeling a little attached to our dining room. Since we could possibly move in a couple of years, or at any freaking time, it has occurred to me that each time we use it could be our last. A hard thing for a sentimental gal. This brought up the need to add in an extra leaf that we have never used before for some reason. And for another some reason, that leaf has NO protective pad! Good grief, how did that happen? Honey wanted to go and mosey around Home Depot until something inspired him. If you know Honey, he enjoys a challenge because he is a Fixer and a DOER. He found this, some kind of smooth particle board that was the exact thickness. We put some felt pads on the bottom, slid it in, and it worked like a charm 🙂  Too bad we didn’t need it for our 6 guests.

IMG-0461 (1)

IMG-0337 (1)

The bird was good.

IMG-0334 (1)

As was the pig, and all the other sides.

IMG-0336 (1)

It was a quiet, well fed kind of day.