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Snow Day List


They predicted a weather event up here in The Mitten and last night the school closings began. The Ab-Cat was ecstatic. We have had a little, but certainly nothing to justify the mass cancellations. If we don’t get some MAJOR inches this afternoon there are going to be some cranky school superintendants. I have to say it’s nice when they make the call the night before. After the districts started to fall like dominoes, our BSF leaders meeting was cancelled, meaning all of us Admin leaders proceeded with calling our designated ladies from our phone tree fan out list. It was nice to have the decision made, phones called and alarms turned off, and the knowledge of the beauty of a snow day ahead!

IMG_2269 (1)

Currently reading. This is the third book in the series, following The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect. I have really enjoyed them all for many reasons, but I have particularly appreciated how he explains the thinking of the main character Don, who has Asperger’s, autism, or is autistic. The label itself is up for debate. Funny, sad and thought provoking.

IMG-0847 (1)

A text between Mousey and The Usher, contemplating their future cat.

IMG-0843 (1)

🙂 🙂 🙂

Maybe because I let them lay on me in this fashion and am patient when he gives me sassy tail every time I move.

IMG-0844 (1)

I don’t know about you, but I submit that finding the tiniest flake of eggshell in your pancake ( or whatever) to be one of the most off-putting things that can occur at breakfast. Just my opinion. And you can not eat confidently after finding it, because you never know how many more flakes might be there.

I don’t know about you, but I submit that donating 13 bags of unloved clothing to the BSF church, a bunch of boxes of unwanted household stuff to the Salvation Army, and returning around $80 worth of bottles and cans is very…..fulfilling.


It’s almost 1:30 and there is still no snow. I’m a little disappointed. Was hoping for a blizzard like one of the many my girl Laura Ingalls Wilder survived in The Long Winter. Of course they had little food and were running out of fuel to heat their house. We have heat and a gas fireplace, so it’s ok on that front. Plus I have a full fridge, many ingredients in the pantry, and well stocked in cream, butter and toilet paper. I say bring it ON!

Have a good Wednesday.


The Little Dipper


The Little Dipper sure has changed a lot in the past year!!

IMG-8652 (3)

A little Nugget less than a month old when they arrived.

IMG-8654 (1)

He just kept growing!

IMG-9287 (1)

And growing.

IMG_2127 (1)

And growing!

IMG-9964 (3)

Generally a genial fellow.

IMG_1970 (1)

He has gone with his folks when they have left his sister with us on weekends. He still needs to be with his Mama, and  to sleep a little more at night 🙂

IMG-0752 (1)

He is a charming young man who is walking now and showing us he is “SO BIG!” then clapping!

IMG-0753 (1)

His Mama sent these when they were in Denmark and he had jetlag,

IMG_0615_Original (1)

all taken in the space of a few minutes,

IMG_0614_Original (1)

best boo boo kitty face I’ve seen in a looooong time!!

IMG_0613_Original (1)

His family came a couple of weeks ago for a visit. Papa and his Dad went to find a part for Dad’s car, Mama went to Ikea and the Ab-Cat and I kept the young-uns. Moonpie went down for a nap and we got to play with this little mister. Abby took the pictures from across the room, so I apologize for the fuzz. He was a little Lovey Dovey ❤

IMG_2213 (1)

Very ticklish.

IMG_2214 (1)

Infinitely kissable.

IMG_2216 (1) 

Happy to sit with his Grammy.

IMG_2218 (1)

Not quite sure about the cat.

IMG_4271 (1)

But willing to share space.

IMG_4274 (1)

Getting tired.

IMG-0723 (1)

And slept on Grammy for about an hour, such a nice way to while away the afternoon ❤

IMG_4277 (1)

He’s a punkin!

Mama Mia


We lost our sweet Mama Mia last September. She had a tumor growing on her face that had closed her eye and was starting to impede her nose and down her throat.  We think she was about 16 years old, but it’s hard to say because we adopted her and her 2 daughters from Humane Society foster care system and that was their best guess. Her foster mom told me that she had been found behind a dumpster in Detroit, along with her 4 babies. We took Mama and 2 kitties, another was adopted my someone else, and 1 did not make it. I can’t imagine what her life was like on the street, but I do know she was a skinny little mama when we got her.027

She weighed in at 5 pounds and promptly ate her way up to a hefty 18! I think it’s safe to say she was pretty starved out there on the mean streets! I don’t know how long she was out on her own, but I do think she started out as a pet, and unfortunately the home was not as kind to her as one would hope. She had a lifelong fear of being picked up, having her tail touched and brooms.


I am a cat person by nature and my family would tell you that I am generally the preferred human, but I have never worked harder to gain a cats trust than I did with Mia. For a long time after we brought her home she would not stay on the bed, even if I put her there. She finally decided that she was welcome and settled in. She skittered out of the way, even if I was more than happy to go around her. She never would sit in my lap, but after many years she did occasionally sleep on me when I was napping, only if I was covered by a down throw.


We had many conversations where I assured her that she was safe, loved, and that she was my Best Girl.


She developed a weepy eye several years ago. The vet said it was unusual at her age, it usually presented much younger. I now wonder if that was the beginning of the tumor, and it curled her eyelid in on  itself causing the irritation. They said they could do surgery, but it didn’t always work. We decided against it because she was about 14 then and it would have been a lot for her to handle. She looked a little crusty sometimes, but all in all she was fine for two more years.

Then in the summer her cheek began to swell.The original vet thought she had an infected tooth. After an antibiotic shot did nothing to relief the situation, we took her to another vet.

She did not think it was an infected tooth. She had a bad feeling from the start. We knew we did not want to do extensive testing, we would not put her through treatment  for cancer. She said we would know when it was time when her quality of life declined.

IMG-9893 (1)

I don’t know if she was in pain, but she became uncomfortable. She shook her head and sneezed, trying to shake it loose. Her appetite dwindled. Her eye closed.

IMG-9891 (1)

I made the appointment to take her in when Honey would be able go with me. We have made this trip before and it is always grueling. Honey ended up having to work so Mousey came along.

IMG-9918 (1)

It was the first time she had been there when losing a beloved pet.

IMG-9920 (1)

Mia was so calm, such a good girl.

4AEF433B-D387-408F-97DD-41F2F29979AE (1)

We loved her up good.

IMG-0049 (1)

Kissed her sweet head.

IMG-0050 (1)

They gave her an injection that calmed her. We love cat paws, and will always remember her distinct markings.

IMG-9924 (1)

The vet was so kind and thoughtful, as far as things like this can go.

IMG-9922 (1)

We brought her home, and buried her in the backyard behind the playhouse. The Usher so thoughtfully helped out with this.

IMG-9774 (1)

We miss her. Her sweet presence, when her toenails sounded like high heels when she walked (click, click, click 🙂 ) the way she always crossed her paws so casually, her noble head.

IMG-9776 (1)

Oh that beautiful, noble head.

Goodbye Mia, our pretty blue eyed Mama. ❤