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Thoughts on a Thursday


Every now and then during lockdown I have had some thoughts. Or read some. One profound, all the others are not. I share some of my wisdom with you now.

I told the Ab-Cat early on that I had made a goal of doing one thing a day. Usually productive, sometimes mundane. It could be more, but the goal was not to do less. She has probably asked me every day since what my “one thing” was. Some days I am proud of my answer, and lets leave it at that 🙂

I am pretty good at playing Fruit Blast on the iPad. I should not kid myself into thinking it is my “one thing”.

Honey and I ventured out to my favorite garden center and I have to say it was a disappointing selection compared to their usual bounteous offerings. I found a few things then we decided to hit up another favorite place a little further down the road. They had much more of what I needed, but much less than usual as well. I asked the woman at the checkout how business had been and she said they were almost SOLD OUT! I asked if they planted less because they were not sure if things would be open in time to sell and she said no, they had planted more! People were buying more! So there is an unexpected bonus to the pandemic, beautification of yards 🙂

Do you know what does not stop during a quarantine? Growing whiskers. Weeds. Getting hungry as a lumberjack when you have not done any lumberjacking.

I think I have figured out why I am enjoying Love It or List It so much, especially when it kind of annoyed me before. I don’t particularly enjoy the host’s banter, or the sometimes obnoxiously unrealistic and hard to please homeowners, but I have decided it’s because they are accomplishing the renovation. It makes me feel accomplished. I am celebrating their accomplishment. Well, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

Did you notice that the telemarketers must have been staying home from their jobs too? Eternally thankful they were not working from home.

Since the lockdown began I have tried to be mindful of thanking everyone who has served me. The grocery cashiers, my close personal friends at the Target CVS Pharmacy, who no longer ask me Honey’s name and birth date (yes, I’ve been there that frequently), nurses I speak with on the phone, anyone in the customer service industry that I might ask a question of. I just say “thank you for working!” Do you know who really appreciates being thanked? The garbage men and lawn waste guys! I’m going to keep that up!

How many boxes of Klondike bars have we gone through? Don’t answer that.

True Dat!

IMG-1173 (1)

Still funny!

IMG-1162 (1)

Most important thing in the entire post. ❤

IMG_2420 (1)

Have a good Thursday.