First Get Together


On this first day of October I am travelling back to June! I wanted to get these pictures on the blog before the grandkids graduated from elementary school, sheesh!!!

We had been locked down pretty tight during quarantine, I was the only one going out, to protect Honey and his compromised immune system. We missed our grandbabies, but discovered that FaceTime is a really good fix when you are missing sweet little faces ❤ We decided in June that we would throw caution to the wind and get together with The Boy, The Dane, MoonPie and Little Dipper, and it was a WONDERFUL day!!!!

I’m pretty sure MoonPie’s first word upon arriving was “BOOKS!” And so we read 🙂


The big pool wasn’t open yet so Honey got our old kids pool out and filled it the day before so it would be warm.


They had a grand time!


It was wonderful to be outside with sunshine and Beebees!


FullSizeRender - 2020-09-13T143734.352

We missed our people!


I think they missed us too ❤


She missed her Papa SO much ❤ Lots of hearts in this post <3<3<3


We read,


and read,


and loved on little people! Thank you Lord that the stay at home order was lifted!!!! ❤


Happy Grammy 🙂 ❤

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