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Time is a funny thing down here. You have to be intentional, or else you can fritter it away. The only thing set in stone is my Wednesday morning BSF leaders meeting, everything else is wide open. We try to walk most days, spend a little time at the pool, sunning, swimming and socializing, and there are always little projects to accomplish.

Honey purchased a tv for the guest room when we were down here last fall, it sat on the dresser for a while, but Honey didn’t like that. I liked the idea of a wall mount so Honey found one when we were at the Costco with Uncle Bob. His first wall mount tv installation! In this post I am just showing the works in progress, the finished results will be in another post 😊

We originally used this room as a den, as the previous owners had. It had two chairs in it, an end table and a desk in an alcove. We planned to get a pull out sofa, Murphy bed, or twin bed feature to add to our guest sleeping options. When we made the decision to swap out a king for the queen in the bigger guest room, we either needed to get rid of the queen, or use it. We chose the latter because it was a nice looking white bed. But a white bed was not going to look very special with these walls. My friend Sarah helped me choose a color for our Michigan house that minimized our honey oak wood tones and worked with our kitchen granite and gold-ish /tannish carpet hues. It was called Antler Velvet. I thought the space was too small for the darker color so we went with its younger brother, Malabar, to try and minimize the gold-ish carpet in here. We would like to keep the chair if possible, because I think it’s cute 😊 The table will have to be rehomed, either in or out of our home.
The desk will remain since it is the perfect spot and not in the way. And we do use that. When moving it out of its little spot we found a postcard, a picture, a card from a hole in one from the previous owners and this poor fellow, perfectly mummified! You don’t see that when painting in The Mitten! 🦎
We are having some company next weekend, CMB and her daughter will be down on vacation, and we are happy to spend a few days with them! Always good to have incentive to get things going! Everyone will have a bed and sheets and covers, but I plan to wait until Mousey arrives in March to choose a color scheme and look for new pretty bedding, that whole can’t make an independent decision thing again 😉

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