Back to the Sunshine State For a Bit


The last post from Florida had us doing a little home improvement. Here is the newly painted den, sporting its new color, Malabar. The whole time I was painting the white walls I was thinking, oh, it’s going to be toooooo dark. I have no idea what my problem was! I like it very much. Still no cutey-cute bedding, but it does have sheets and covers for now. Oh well, even Rome wasn’t built in a day. The room was ready to host CMB’s daughter Courtney, and that was a good thing ❤


We also switched the previous queen bed out for a king. After a flurry of texting with Capri P, Mousey and The Dane, who evidently have a form of foam mattress, we decided on this one from Sam’s Club.


There was a lot of packaging and it had all the air sucked right out of it!


Starting to floof.


Fully floofed! I have to be honest, it was a little lower than I expected, but I did sleep on it and it seemed quite comfortable. CMB said it was firm, and I can get on board with that assessment. She also liked the pillows we also purchased at the Sam’s Club, they were called Bellagio, which sounds faincy!


I found this set at Homegoods and I very much liked the color. I’m so glad we didn’t wait to purchase it until Mousey arrived because we never saw another like it!


Still need some art work and maybe a few more pillows, but it was also up and running to host CMB!


The last few times we rented, before purchasing our place in Estero, were spent renting in Cape Coral from VRBO. We rented from a very nice woman named Becky Burroughs and her equally nice husband, whose name I cannot recall. Honey mostly dealt with Becky through texting and I mailed her the checks, so her name was in my brain. Becky and her husband had been buying homes and redoing them to use as rentals, and she told us that we were usually the first renters in a new listing, it just worked out that way! There were many things I appreciated about renting from Becky, and a few were full soap dispensers in the bathrooms and kitchen, also dish washer pods, cleaning spray and toilet paper! You would think that would be a given, but you would be mistaken. I find it extremely annoying when you have to go to the store on your first day in a rental to buy toilet paper. VERY chintzy! She actually had a closet that held all sorts of things that people actually stock in their own homes, which was helpful. Because when we make a mess, I would like to have the wherewithal to clean up said mess.

One of the things our family really liked about Becky’s houses were the SNACK BASKETS! In all of their houses, they had a basket full of yummy snacks and there was never much left when we left to go home! So when we were expecting our first guests at our new place, who happened to be Mrs Schmenkman and Mr C, Honey said we HAD to make a snack basket!! I present our Becky Burrough’s Snack Basket! I think they liked it 🙂


I also wanted to have a little somethn’ somethin’ to snack on, but our oven was having an emotional breakdown of sorts. Honey bought several parts to right it, but it resisted being helped. The cook top worked, but no oven. One day I saw our sweet neighbor Jean, who has a delightful British accent, and was telling her of our oven dilemma and she suggested I could use hers. I totally took her up on that! She said she never uses it anymore and she seemed thrilled to help me out, we are now bonded for life 🙂 I paid her with a couple slices of Mrs Davis’ pound cake, our family cake, and she now tells me that she feels like we have been friends forever ❤


In the new acrylic cake holder that The Ab-Cat and Mousey gave me for Christmas! I love it!

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