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Proud Moonpie and Little Dipper’s First Haircut!


These cutey-cute pictures were taken WAY back in February while we were in Florida! I had already made the post and stored it in the drafts folder since APRIL, because I am a total blog LOSER. I have been feeling sad about my lack of blogging, it had become a wonderful memory bank and I’m pretty sure I am going to regret my lapse in the future. So much has been going on and it’s easier in the short run to just not go into the den and record the times. Long run, I will be kicking myself in the behind! So let’s go back to February for a moment, shall we? because these are moments I want to remember ❤

! Moonpie modeled someones big old boots and was SOOOOOO proud!!

IMG-0461 (1)

Just busting at the seams at her accomplishment! Maybe she even walked in them!

 FullSizeRender (1)

And this little guy had a major milestone, a haircut! He has spent the first two years trying to grow his hairs and finally had enough to trim 🙂 This has always been strange to me since his Mama and his Pops both have enough hair for two or possibly THREE people on their own heads!!! But he has it now and he had a trim! He is shy.


I have done several of these types of haircuts on the Mom’s lap 🙂


Look at that darling little fella!


Sweetie Pie.


The first of a lifetime.