On Arrival


Honey and I had planned to head down to Florida last Saturday, but when my friend Becki posted on Facebook that they were expecting an ice storm in her state of Georgia, I mentioned that we might need to go early or wait. The storm was coming Saturday night and we would be driving smack dab into it! Honey concurred and we decided to leave on Friday and drive through Atlanta that night so there would be NO chance of a meeting. I was mostly ready, I kind of gather things in a corner of our bedroom all year, and had already packed those things and our clothes. Honey had to do a little more rushing, but I went to my previously scheduled haircut at 9:30, we went to breakfast with Mousey, and were on the road by noon. It was an uneventful day and we stopped in Perry, Ga., well on the other side of Atlanta, for the night. We arrived in our town around dinnertime on Saturday, happy to be in the sunshine and warmth!

We started in flannel and puffy coats. Ended with this!

It didn’t last long though. There were heavy winds and rains the next morning, and we found out when we went to lunch that there had been tornados in Ft Myers! Our area seemed unscathed, thank you Lord!

Our neighbor Tom looks after the house while we are gone. He told Honey that the crew that trims the trees in our community dropped a branch and broke a corner of the roof.

We would like to get this taken care of immediately, Honey has read more than a few stories about the potential of highly destructive palm rats. I don’t need to hear anything more in that sentence than palm rats to light a fire underneath me. Because you know what can give you nightmares? Thinking about palm rats.

Our community has some rules about changing things on the outside of the homes. When we were down last year they announced that if anyone planned on painting the outside of their homes, there was a new color scheme that had to be followed. They had these charts down outside the clubhouse, (inside was closed, Covid) and you had to find the chart that went with your roof color and make your decision from there. These are our choices.

From my thumb up are the ones we are considering. The ones below are more gray, and we are firmly in the more greige camp. The woman at the clubhouse told us our current colors are Rice walls and Bison Beige trim. We would like to do darker walls and lighter trim. We need to make a decision soon so it can be approved and we can get cracking on painting.

We discovered that some things had quit us since our last visit. A toilet needed some parts, the disposal was rusted shut, our indoor/outdoor thermometer wouldn’t work and neither tv would turn on. After talking to our next door neighbor, who also lost a tv in a storm last August, we figured that is what happened over here. Honey fixed everything and is going to have a go at one of the tvs this week. If he cant get it running, we have already scoped out some new ones at Sam’s. It’s a good thing it’s been so chilly, it has given him plenty of time for repairing things!

All in all, we are glad to be at our much loved little place! 🥰

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