It’s been a busy week and it’s only Tuesday! Because of the holiday, we had an abbreviated leaders meeting AND class day yesterday, starting at 7:50. After class I had the pleasure of having Lunch with Capri P before her haircut. Honey and I also did a marathon grocery shop at 5 stores and I’m sad to say, we still didn’t find everything we need! Did something happen with the cauliflower harvest that I don’t know about??!! We also have not been able to locate a bottle of creme de menthe, which we use for our chocolate fondue. We have used the same bottle for probably 15 years and it would appear that it fell out of favor and off the grocery store shelves.

This little peanut is coming over today so her Mama can do some work in her previous bedroom.

There is cleaning, meal prep, cooking, washing and cutting to do before we sit down to our Thanksgiving meal, but we are looking forward to being together and enjoying the time. Happy Thanksgiving Friends ❤


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