Thanksgiving Night Thankfulness


We had a busy couple of weeks there! Thanksgiving fondue was a hit! Just our kids and their families and The Grandpa were in attendance, but it was a full table and there were full bellies 🙂

After dinner our Dear Friends the Hostler’s joined us for dessert, and we were finally able to meet their precious granddaughter, who was born in 2021 at 23 weeks!!!

The “kids table” ❤ There was a lot of licking going on over there! Chocolate fondue for the win!!

Let’s call Nurse Lauren and her husband William’s baby Ju-Beanie, because Rae-Babe said she was the size of a Beanie Baby at birth! The kids were very excited to finally meet the little girl they had been seeing in pictures and praying for all year!

Meeting The Ab-Cat ❤ She’s a little angel baby! Thank you Lord for sparing her precious life!

The two new mamas with their beebees 🙂 Grandmas doing their thang!

Dehostwaeler’s. together again! ❤ ❤ ❤


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