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Catching Up


Spring is shaping up nicely in The Mitten. Honey and I actually got out there one day last week and did some yard work, weeding, cutting back grasses and such. Mousey helped me empty our shed of chairs, wind chimes and the pretty shelves and other things that help us enjoy our patio. I was sitting on the front porch yesterday afternoon with the elder felines and young catten and decided that this week needs to be the first grass cutting.

But, I got ahead of myself, we need to go back to Easter weekend. We took a trip over the Ambassador Bridge to see The Canadians! They have been here, but it had been far too long since we had visited the land of Honey’s people!

Queeny B and Paisley!

FullSizeRender (89)

Paisley with her big brother Burke!

FullSizeRender (90)

Then Turtle, Kim and sons! Parker and Spencer are adorable!

FullSizeRender (91)

Finally Krazy Kenny, Honey’s sister Nanny Rachel, and Burke again. We need to do it again soon, those kids are SPROUTING too quick!!!!!

FullSizeRender (92)

Our Easter Girlies. I am not sure what animals they are, but I love it!


We spent Easter Sunday at church and then joined The Grandpa, Beeve, Stacey and Goomba for lunch at a mediterranean restaurant, in a nod to our Savior’s place of origin.

I am hosting the Sharing Day fellowship for BSF admin and children’s leaders again this year. I have set a goal to have my flowers planted and arranged attractively in their places. It will either turn out great or cause me great angst. To help me get a jump on my plan, Jip the Farm Dog and I are heading out to the Favorite Flower Place on Thursday after BSF. She is, of course, buying flowers for her own yard. For some reason we have a great fondness for buying way too many flats and pots and then have to perform something like garden Jenga to get them all in the vehicle. We evidently like a challenge and take great pride in recalling our past successes!

Have a pleasant Monday.

An April List


April all ready?? Four months into the new year we celebrated about ten minutes ago???WOW.

Feeling listy here.

A week ago Saturday we celebrated some birthdays with pot roast, carrots, mashed potatoes and gravy and garlic mushrooms! We combined The Ab-Cat and The Grandpa, since they are only a month apart, it is our way. We were supposed to birthday them earlier but Dad came down with a truly heinous cold/flu that really laid him up, like for weeks! We are thankful he is feeling back to normal!

Mousey captured his fairly elaborate candle blowing extravaganza!



He claims this as his favorite cake.


Then Abby was up! Cherry chip seems to be the favorite of our womenfolk!



Blew the fire right off that cupcake! Mrs. H. had a prime seat, between both birthday celebrants!


Tomorrow is the final day of The Whole 30 diet I have been struggling through. I am not sure which contraband substance I will reintroduce first. Cream in my tea? The frozen birthday cupcake in my fridge? I have a feeling it is going to be Chip and Dip! The BSF lunch gals have been very gracious to go with me to a Mediterranean place for the last month, but we are all hankering for some chips and salsa!!!!!

While eating dinner on Thursday, I found a strange ingredient, my crown.



Thankfully the dentist squeezed me in on Friday afternoon to glue that bad boy back into place! Thank the Lord it wasn’t damaged and I didn’t crunch it! I am a little concerned because now that tooth seems way too sensitive to hot and cold, and it never sported those features before. I am observing.

Honey came down with a nasty bug and has been miserable for days. I do believe he has turned a corner and is on the uptick. Because he was suffering and I was unhappy because some antibiotics I was taking had caused some mouth ulcers, we were not the most ambitious folk. I called a Bones week, and managed to plow part way through seasons 7 and 8, one after another. What did we ever do without Netflix during sickness? It reminded me of my enjoyable time spent with my friends from CSI Miami after surgery!

Only 6 more weeks of BSF!!!!!!! Goodness, this has been the fastest year ever!

Looking forward to the walking season beginning with Keelody! Will have to see if Jip the Farm Dog is onboard for another go, that one is a busy farm dog!

I know I mentioned that Honey was retiring in January of next year, That has been tweaked to March of next year for several reasons. But we are now OFFICIALLY counting down , 11 months until retirement, WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, have yourselves a pleasant Monday!

A List!


Now that the vacation memories have been posted I feel like I have odds and ends to share. Smells like a list to me.

It was evidently beautiful and warm in The Mitten while we were in Florida. It has only been cold, snowy and rainy since our return. There has been sunshine, but it has been nippy. I have observed a lot of chirpy, happy, spring is coming type posts on Facebook, but I have lived in Michigan long enough to know that the spring date is merely a suggestion.

I have been doing a little shredding for Honey. He has rigged up a contraption to make the job easier.


We have already filled up one whole bag with stuff from the late 80s and 90s! I have been shredding a lot of returned checks, remember when they returned them? Because I can only do 2 or 3 at a time I find myself looking at who they were made out to, and that has been rather interesting! And sad. I have come across a lot made out to my Mom and to our friend Michelle, who passed away last fall. She was a Creative Memories consultant and I made good use of her services. There are also lots of checks to the kids school and Scholastic for book orders, and about a gajillion to Meijer and Target. A little snapshot of our life. I also shredded a lot of financial papers and was reminded that Honey started putting away money for savings and the kids education from the start! I am so thankful for Honey and his skills!


In our study of John at BSF we have been learning more about The Holy Spirit. I love learning about this. The Holy Spirit and His conviction is one of the things I am most thankful for in life. I asked Jesus to be my Savior when I was a young girl and spent the next 20 or so years having doubts I did it “right”. As I intentionally started walking with the Lord, I realized that the still, small voice that I heard and felt was guiding me in life and causing me to recognize when I was not doing the right thing. It gave me such assurance! I know the enemy is not convicting me of my failings to bring me to repentance and restoration, he only wants me to suffer from guilt and condemnation. I know the enemy does not give me true direction and joy, he only lives to create disaster, dissention and division.


I am God’s child!!! This is how I can be sure! The enemy is NOT testifying with my spirit that I belong to God, I’ll tell you that!

We are in the dog days of winter and I find I have no gumption to do much of anything. I am ‘in a relationship’ with Netflix. I seem to be slightly obsessed with watching Bones and The Great British Bakeoff. I know, what a combination.

Bones reminds me somewhat of my previous obsession with CSI Miami. Mindlessly watching others figure out crimes and cleverly solving murders. It has its place.

The Great British Bakeoff is an education of a different sort! Probably not the best thing to be watching in my current state of dietary incarceration (more about that tomorrow!)

These are the hosts, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. I love listening to them talk about food, it’s almost hypnotic! They use words I don’t know, the contestants cook things I have never heard of, and yet I am oddly fascinated.


The contestants are usually darling and so sweet and generally helpful to each other. One of my favorite things at the moment.

Ok, I need to scoot, be back tomorrow with the diet post.

Some Thoughts For a New Year


It’s a new year and, if you are a human, that invites reflection. Here are some of my ponderings.

I have already been to the dentist and called for a new chiropractic referral, at my age Temple Maintenance is very important.

The natural path doctor has suggested I try the Whole30 diet for a month to see if that shows me anything about the inflammation and aches and pains my body seems to create in spades. It is a program surely conceived by joyless persons. Hardcore paleo low carbing, without preservatives, dairy or ANY sweetener of ANY kind, natural or unnatural. I keep telling myself I should be able to do this for a month. If I discover that any of the above are culprits, would I continue to live like this? I will never know if I don’t try.

My primary physician has recommended yoga. I have always wanted to try this and I bring it up every winter when our walking season is over. I have even gotten as far as finding a place to try, that is a first!

I want to limit time on the ipad this year. I have become a poor blogger and even worse reader of books. I love Words With Friends, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, but they can be a real time sucker. I guess I want to be more intentional. If I want to visit these places, that’s fine. But spending an hour or so surfing all over kingdom come because one thing led to another? Not so much. Have I learned anything worthwhile? Could I have used my time better? I guess I will find out.

We need to to work on our basement! We are holding things for our kids that could be stored better. There is a lot of stuff to go through, condense, purge, discover. I asked Honey to bring home some boxes from work so I can get started. There are some bookshelves in my craft/hair room that have a lot of Honey’s books from previous Bible studies. I’m sure there are many keepers in there but I am just as sure not everything is important to him. I want to bring in some other shelves we have (as soon as I pack up The Boy’s books from college!) so I can get a better handle on our photographs. The blog keeps me going through those boxes and they would serve me better if I wasn’t constantly moving boxes to get to the year I need.

I predict some painting in my future. It’s a little like that episode of The Brady Bunch when Mike and Carol decide to redo a room, which leads the next room to look shabby and then the next and so on ……I would like to take down the border in our kitchen, and since we did not paint under it, the kitchen will need to be repainted. There can be no touchups after 13-14 years! This leads me to believe that the connecting great room will need to be done and maybe it would be a good time to redo the foyer as well and there goes the winter!!!!!!!! I need help from my decorator, Capri Patt, in choosing a new color. I have loved the color we have had but feel ready for a change. We loved this house we saw in South Carolina last fall. Maybe something a little lighter, fresher.



I guess that is a good start. Any of you been pondering any changes?

Last 3 Thankful Things from November in December!


As usual, I am playing catch up! I am thankful to be done with this month of thankfulness, ithas shown me what a poor blogger I have turned into!!!

November 27

Girl Cousin Lindsay and Rob B had their sweet little girl baby!!!! Welcome Bailey Harper!!! Three weeks early, weighing 6 1/2 lbs, 18 1/2 inches long, just a little peanut who couldn’t wait to make her entrance!


Aunt Phyllis is finally a Grandma!!! And look, at the hospital all night long and her hair still looks great!


I love this picture, it is a perfect snapshot into Grandpa Uncle Bob’s personality. He is already planning ways to tease the little one!


Home with their fur child Ava, who is bigger than the human child! They are evidently getting along better than expected! This will be a great hardship in Ava’s life.


Welcome to Team Levine Baby Hailey!


November 28

I have now raked leaves TWICE this year which is a whole1 time more than I want to. One of my least favorite back breaking chores. BUT, I am thankful the heinous task is done for the year. Honey has made noises like he thinks we may get back out there and do some more, but I am fairly confident that this is just wishful thinking on his part. My aching back agrees.

November 30

December 1 is my brother Beeve’s 50th birthday!!!!! I am going to slide him in here because I am thankful for his life!

He was born almost a full month premature, a scrawny 6 pounder. My early memories were that he was a crier. I do know that I was not allowed to suck my thumb in front of him because our Mom didn’t want him to pick up any bad habits. This caused me to spend a goodish amount of time behind the chair in the corner of the family room. She eventually said I could come out, he was a finger sucker despite her efforts.

In honor of his five decades, I give you five reasons I love him.

1. He was a good playmate. There is no one else I would rather play Lost in Space with.

2. He was adventurous with his hair in his younger years! He was my Guinea pig in color and cuts!

3. He has been an awesome uncle to our kids, and they love him to pieces!

4.He has grown into a wonderful man, husband and father. I am proud of him.

5. We share a bond. We are the only direct descendents of our parents. We share DNA, personality and character traits, an agreeable nature and our Mother’s smile. We are knitted together with memories, the love and care of our family, strong genes and a love for Jesus and His Kingdom.

FullSizeRender (68)

Happy Birthday Brother of mine. Love you Beeve!

Bring on December!

15, 17, 18


I have gotten myself a little joofered up on the thankfulness posting due to participating in the Hodgepodge. I will go back and then leap abruptly forward. Just like how I operate in real life.

November 15

I am super thankful we have a brand spanking new T.J. Maxx in our town!!!!!!! It opened last Sunday and Abby and I drove by thinking we might drop in and take a gander, but NO, it was a freaking madhouse! So we went on Monday and enjoyed the excursion very much! I went back with my friend Marilyn on Wednesday, because she is one to appreciate a pretty new store as well. This could be dangerous, just saying. After both visits I wondered why I did not think to take a picture, I feel this post needs a picture.

November 17

I am thankful for the glorious fall we have had! I heard a rumor that things are going to change this weekend though. Honey was the bearer of this news, and on Wednesday he suggested we take advantage of of the fine weather to do a little leaf raking, lawn mowing and other things outside that one does not like to engage in when the temperatures drop into the 20s and 30s. Much was accomplished!

November 18

Which brings me up to date and leaves me thankful for back medication!!!! We are both feeling our age and complaining our backs are killing us!

Enjoy your weekend!



Got behind again!

November 3

I believe I have mentioned before that I like to stock up on things I don’t ever want to run out of. Things like butter, cream, toothpaste, ect. Add toilet paper to that list. This is what I like to see!!!!!!! I am thankful for essentials!


November 4

I am thankful for Honey’s sauce! We call it liquid gold and he made some yesterday in preparation for The Good Eater’s birthday dinner of lasagna. We are going to have to make another pot so we can freeze it for winter enjoyment, the supply is running low.


Be back tomorrow with more things I am thankful for!