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The 411 after the 911


Wow, a lot has gone on since i last posted. And on many other days, not a lot. We have had an unusual lockdown. I started out thinking I would use this opportunity to get myself into the blogging habit again, but at the end of March Honey and his weakened immune system developed shingles, and then the worst bout of gout he had ever experienced. It was enormously painful for him. As he was finally making some improvement there was a horrific domestic violence incident next door that spilled over into our house and ended with an arrest after a chase and 2 victims being taken to the hospital. After the neighbor children, their uncle and grandma and about 6-8 police officers left with the written statements of our recollections, I asked the Lord to please clean our previously socially distanced home of any possible Covid-19 germs. We talked of the episode endlessly among ourselves over the next couple of weeks and there is still some lingering PTSD within our walls. Do you know what is not good for shingles? Stress. Honey’s shingles returned with a vengeance, none of the blisters, but all of the pain. He is still not 100%. As I have experienced in the past, it’s hard to blog about my usual nonsense when all is not right in our world. I do feel better getting this all off my chest. I’m sorry to have to unload it onto yours.

Add to this the continuing saga of the virus and Michigan’s near total shutdown, a loved ones diagnosis of cancer, the postponement of Mousey and The Usher’s wedding, the loss of Mousey’s job, the drama of several in the household to try and connect with the ever elusive unemployment office, some dear friends lost loved ones, and then our beloved Capri P’s house burned to the ground. There have been a lot of prayers to the Lord asking Him to comfort His children. And to protect our frontline workers and give those who govern us wisdom.

In between the heartache there has been the stuff of everyday life, purging closets, reading, the working of puzzles, finishing my 20th year of BSF online with Zoom, the every day conversation of what do you want for dinner, my unfortunately regular trips to pick up Honey’s many prescriptions, weeding, talk, talk, talking 🙂 organizing our pictures by year, along with our heavy schedule of news and Love It Or List It. It’s been a full several months. And yet, we still wonder how we have been filling our days and marveling how time goes by so quickly. Things that happened in January, February and even early March seem like a lifetime ago. It’s a strange conundrum.

On the lighter side, I can’t tell you how much joy Facetime brings! We miss our little people SO MUCH!! ❤  Honey and I have been recording ourselves reading books to them, they seem to think it’s grand 🙂 The Little Dipper has been using his quarantine time to grow his hair and practice saying Grammy!!! Oh my ❤  Moonpie continues to amaze us with her expanding vocabulary 🙂 Miss smooching their sweet cheeks. And we miss their parents too 😉

Still think the memes have been hilarious, and we have needed some humor around here. I leave you with some of my faves. Hope to see you soon. Literally and blog-ally. I miss people and I miss blogging.

IMG_2339 (1)

IMG_2422 (1)

IMG_2483 (1)

IMG_2433 (1)

IMG-1228 (1)

IMG-1229 (1)

IMG-1231 (1) 

IMG-1230 (3)


Thoughts From First Week of Lockdown


We made it a week! Since my marathon shopping excursions a week ago Thursday and Friday, and a trip to the lab with Honey last Monday, we have not been anywhere. We are being very careful because Honey has been taking some medication that has him immune compromised at the moment. For the most part, we have been fine. I am so enormously grateful for the ability to shelter in place in peace and comfort, I know there are others who are facing uncertainty and even fear. We have food, a warm home, plenty to do and most thankfully, we have each other. The girls are with us to ward off isolation. And we are still good on the toilet paper front, although I am below my comfort zone in the butter department. 😦

On a lighter note, Guys, the memes have been on FIRE! 🙂 We need the funny right now, it makes things more bearable.

We are in full on comfort mode over here.

IMG-0958 (1)


IMG-0959 (1)

Oh dear!

IMG-0960 (2)

Now this is funny!

IMG-0961 (1)

Needed perspective.

IMG_2310 (1)

Mousey and I finished #2. Took a little longer than the first one, but we persevered.

IMG-0957 (1)

Found a bag that had a couple of my Mother’s photo albums while cleaning out a closet. I posted this on the Facebook page of the church I grew up in. This was a singing group called The Choralaires. My Mom is in the top row, 5th from the left, standing next to her good friend Nancy. I was glad I posted it, there was quite a bit of conversation generated from the folks who remembered this time. I have some more to post from a church Memorial Day picnic in 1952.

IMG-0940 (1)

I am feeling sorry for these 2 😦 Because of Honey’s health situation and the fact that The Usher has still been required to work, he has not been able to come into the house. It was his birthday on Sunday, so he came over to go on a walk with Miss Mouse, in the street and adhering to the 6 feet away rule of course. Afterward they sat on the patio and visited for the first time in a week.

IMG_2313 (1)

Socially distant dating is hard. Mousey made him chocolate chip bars for a birthday treat and he brought us a box of butter and a couple packages of English muffins. He’s so good to us ❤ Mousey sent him on his way with a pulled pork sandwich and salad on a paper plate with a plastic fork, to head home to his lonely basement apartment.

IMG_2314 (1)

I could do more purging, I could organize our pictures, I have more cupboards, drawers and closets that could stand to be organized and rearranged, we could all go through our books and donate the ones we will most likely never read again.

There is much praying to be done, for our family, our world, our president, our state and local leaders, our AWESOME healthcare workers, farmers, truckers, warehouse workers, and anyone else doing their part to keep things from descending into chaos, the sick, the lonely and scared, those who have heard even more unimaginable bad news regarding health and employment, and the list goes on and on.

I’m thankful for God’s Word and His promises.

IMG_2309 (1)

An ever-present help in trouble, that’s comforting. I am thankful for that.  Our best to all of you ❤

Social Distancing


Well, I guess can’t say I don’t have time to blog anymore. This is unprecedented, in my lifetime at least. The Chinese –Wuhan- Corona virus- Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020 has caused all of our lives to come to a screeching halt. Or as introverts would say, BEST MONTH EVER!!!!!

There were a lot of rumors swirling last week, The Ab-Cat said they were predicting closings at her elementary school. The college where The Usher works said they were going online. I began to think about food, as I do in all crises. On Thursday I went to Sam’s, along with a good percentage of our town. I had a list. I had heard that toilet paper was scarcer than hens teeth, but I wasn’t in the market for TP, Beeve gets us the jumbo pack from Costco because we like their brand better. I was however not expecting the meat cases to be nigh unto empty. No rice, hardly any bread, no tissues and no eggs, but I managed to get the rest of my necessities, such as half and half, butter, and tortilla chips, among other things. As I waited in line I chit chatted with the people around me, as you do, and we were wondering why people were buying so much bottled water? There was a limit of 2, are people expecting a breakdown in our water system? I could see sewer problems because if folks run out of toilet paper they are going to be flushing who knows what down!!

On Friday morning Honey called to tell me that a local grocery was having a really good meat sale that he felt I should participate in. I went up around 8:30 and bought steaks and baby back ribs to go with the ground beef and chicken I finally found before leaving Sam’s the day before. I decided to hit up the library because I had just finished my book and CMB had told me about a book she had just read that was one of the best she’d read in a looooong time. Found that and about 5 others before heading on down the road to grocery #2. That’s when things got a little surreal. Lots of empty shelves and people and really full carts making checkout an exercise in endurance. God used the time in line to show me the perspective of one young mom waiting along side me. She was talking to her little boy and said lovingly “what are we going to do with you?” I said he will have lots of fun playing and doing puzzles and she said she was a nurse and had to find childcare. Wow, that is a real problem! I thanked her for her service. The healthcare community are our heroes ❤

On a lighter note, I had an informative conversation with a little, older, accented English speaking woman ahead of me who was talking with everyone around her. Not sure how the topic came up, but she mentioned window cleaning, and cleaning our French door windows is a task I loathe, I asked her what she used and she said vinegar and water, I asked the ratio. You should have seen the look on her face, she said I don’t know, I just pour a little bit and it smells like vinegar. Very scientific. She also stressed the importance of using 100% cotton cloths to wipe. She mentioned that she also cleaned her floors AND her produce with vinegar and water. She even came back to the checkout to tell me that last little tidbit, I thanked her for her wisdom!

I was going to hit up one more grocery on my way home to get chicken breasts and some cheese we like, but after the marathon wait in the Meijer line, I opted against it and went home. I knew I would be going out again because Mousey was scheduled to have LASIK surgery on her eyeballs that afternoon. She said she needed to pick up some special eyedrops, so we then proceeded to hit up the Kroger. They had no chicken, but did have the cheese and lunchmeat. In all of my wanderings I saw nary an egg. I found out later that day the library shut its doors for a month.

Things went well on the LASIK front, although Mousey would tell you it hurt, A LOT. But even walking out and looking through her tears, she said she could see leaves on the trees!!! So fashionable 🙂

IMG-0880 (1)

IMG-0885 (1)

Her big ole eyeball. They let me watch behind the glass, a very interesting field trip!

IMG-0895 (1)

She is doing well and can see clearer every day!

First completed puzzle. Onto number 2.

IMG-0933 (1)

The memes have been SO funny. I posted these on social media. Told the kids we have been training for this their whole lives!!!

IMG_2294 (1)

IMG_2298 (1)

IMG_2299 (1)

IMG_2300 (2)

IMG_2305 (1)

IMG_2302 (1)

So far I have cleaned out 2 closets, although my go to donation place, The Salvation Army, is closed, watched a couple movies, chemically straightened Abby’s hair, shaved Honey’s, made banana bread and peanut butter cookies. Have been on 2 walks, one with Keelyody and one with The Peanuts Champ. Have not been bored yet, thank you Lord! ❤

A Monday List


Y’All, it’s 63 degrees today in The Mitten! In March! I went out to bring in the trash and recycling cans and was ever so pleasantly surprised.

March is shaping up to be a super busy month. Lots of appointments, a couple procedures, some routine temple maintenance. We are doing some extra things because Honey could be retiring any minute, or in a couple months. Whatever, I don’t ask.

The Boy spoke about humbly approaching the throne of grace at his church on Sunday, we were ever so proud of him ❤

We were a little too far away to get a clear picture, or to show you his cute new boots 🙂

FullSizeRender (1)

IMG-0876 (1)

I’m a little out of order here, this was Friday. The Boy came to clean the basement carpet so we can put the furniture back where it belongs, since he and his family are no longer basement dwellers. The Girls and I took care of the little rascals while Dad cleaned and their Mom went down to Ohio to pick up some furniture.

They had a snack.

IMG-0863 (1)

My most favorite hippo ever!

IMG-0864 (1)

This one was telling us of her love for her shirt, it had POCKETS!!!

IMG-0860 (1)

Moonpie was napping in the crib when it became apparent Little Dipper needed it. I was happy to be his nap spot ❤

IMG-0867 (1)

IMG-0871 (1)

Honey has been gathering papers for the meeting with our tax guy on Wednesday. I kid you not, it seems like we were just sitting in his office about 2 months ago. How does time fly so fast?

Mousey is having Lasik on her eyeballs Friday! She is super excited to see!!!

We hope she can see a little the next day because there is a food tasting where she is having her wedding reception, and we have been waiting for this a while, so she might have to go like Mrs. Magoo. You don’t need eyesight to pick out what your guests will eat at your wedding reception!

Let’s all have a smooth week.

Fun With MoonPie


We have had Moonpie several weekends over the last few months! Because her Dad is the Youth Director at their church, and because The Dane likes to be involved as well, we have taken her when they have travelled for retreats, or had big doings going on, and once when they took a quick trip to Chicago to help one of the students who lived with them in Washington move into his new apartment. She is always a pleasure to have and she seems to like it over here too!

She likes to do certain things, like art with Papa.

IMG_4217 (1)

Make pancakes with Grammy.

IMG-0650 (1)

IMG-0655 (1)

This is a random picture of us at their church for a big Christmas party they had, she had just finished decorating a Christmas cookie and scarfing it down! We DID have her this weekend, so I guess it counts 🙂  I love her expression, this is what a bunch of jumping in a bouncy house, no nap and the afore mentioned sugar cookie looks like!

IMG_4220 (1)

She likes the phone and can get into things I can’t even get into when I want to, can lock you out and is forever wanting to “take a pitcher!!” Snapchat is a big old favorite too.

 IMG-0669 (1)

She loved decorating these Valentines cookies!! So intense, so patient, So.Much.Licking. I am especially digging her new-ish cheesy smile.

69DCF31F-4847-4010-A7BA-FF17769B92EB (1)

She also likes to head down to the basement with Papa to cook and very creatively play with animals. This was a tea party, they all had names. I believe this was Linda.

FullSizeRender (1)

Might be Karen here.

FullSizeRender (3)

We have gathered all of Mousey’s kitties, and there are many. She brought them all upstairs and they live among us now. They go for rides in the stroller, Target cart, and she brings a good many with her at nap time.

C4251F1B-6EA6-41A4-B4C3-1B35E9AD6243 (1)

We have trained her well in the love of feline. She sometimes tells me “Seymour is so cute!” She says this about her Papa too 🙂 ❤ My two Beebees <3<3

1D0BC1EB-FDE6-48BE-B948-766E0B1ED9B8 (1)

An armful of LOVE!

23ECD5C2-6F49-4491-AC67-0F554771E239 (1)

There is always great quantities of reading as well. Sometimes she walks in the front door and says “BOOK!” We were reading about The Little White House, starring Tom, Betty, Susan, Flip and Frisky! That is the book I learned to read with. Anyone else?

2BB9457F-9B48-4A33-B7F4-91DF322BEB01 (1)

She was our Funny Valentine this year ❤

IMG-0736 (1)

Papa had a special treat when she was here last weekend, PAINT!!! And yes, she is a south paw.

IMG-0778 (1)

I had a Dum Dum sucker from the last time I picked up Lee’s Chicken carry out and she was a very neat sucker eater!

IMG-0783 (1)

IMG-0784 (1)

Was intrigued with her red tongue.

IMG-0781 (1)

Wanted me to “take a pitcher!!!”

IMG-0785 (1)

It has been so much fun having her around!

IMG-0787 (1)

The Usher sent me this after the last time she was here! LOL!

IMG-0804 (1)

Come again Moonpie, come again 🙂

Snow Day List


They predicted a weather event up here in The Mitten and last night the school closings began. The Ab-Cat was ecstatic. We have had a little, but certainly nothing to justify the mass cancellations. If we don’t get some MAJOR inches this afternoon there are going to be some cranky school superintendants. I have to say it’s nice when they make the call the night before. After the districts started to fall like dominoes, our BSF leaders meeting was cancelled, meaning all of us Admin leaders proceeded with calling our designated ladies from our phone tree fan out list. It was nice to have the decision made, phones called and alarms turned off, and the knowledge of the beauty of a snow day ahead!

IMG_2269 (1)

Currently reading. This is the third book in the series, following The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect. I have really enjoyed them all for many reasons, but I have particularly appreciated how he explains the thinking of the main character Don, who has Asperger’s, autism, or is autistic. The label itself is up for debate. Funny, sad and thought provoking.

IMG-0847 (1)

A text between Mousey and The Usher, contemplating their future cat.

IMG-0843 (1)

🙂 🙂 🙂

Maybe because I let them lay on me in this fashion and am patient when he gives me sassy tail every time I move.

IMG-0844 (1)

I don’t know about you, but I submit that finding the tiniest flake of eggshell in your pancake ( or whatever) to be one of the most off-putting things that can occur at breakfast. Just my opinion. And you can not eat confidently after finding it, because you never know how many more flakes might be there.

I don’t know about you, but I submit that donating 13 bags of unloved clothing to the BSF church, a bunch of boxes of unwanted household stuff to the Salvation Army, and returning around $80 worth of bottles and cans is very…..fulfilling.


It’s almost 1:30 and there is still no snow. I’m a little disappointed. Was hoping for a blizzard like one of the many my girl Laura Ingalls Wilder survived in The Long Winter. Of course they had little food and were running out of fuel to heat their house. We have heat and a gas fireplace, so it’s ok on that front. Plus I have a full fridge, many ingredients in the pantry, and well stocked in cream, butter and toilet paper. I say bring it ON!

Have a good Wednesday.

Here Comes the Bride


Mousey and The Usher are planning to marry in July, planning being the correct word! There has been much looking and choosing and what feels like a hundred decisions already made with more waiting in the wings. So far they have a date, church, venue, photographer, DJ, attendants, and Mousey has been spending time on the internet researching possibilities for their registry. In December she also crossed off one very important thing and put it in the done category; her dress!

We went looking with her two maids of honor on Thanksgiving weekend, because one of the gals lives out of state and was home for the holiday. We met at a place not too far away to have a little looksee. Mousey has long favored a more fitted look, a little mermaid-y.

On the way over I was recalling my own visit to the bridal shop to look at dresses. I was not one of those girls who had long dreamed of the perfect wedding. I had looked at exactly one Bride magazine, and really had no idea what I might like in a bridal style, I went with my Mom, we picked out several we thought were pretty and I was completely surprised!  I remember thinking that I looked really good in all of them!! Who knew?!

We arrived at our appointment and I have to say this was not Mousey’s favorite experience. The gal assigned to us did not really give her any time to look, and when She showed her dresses she liked in her profile, the gal picked a couple and then picked some that she thought might work, which did not work. She did not seem to be very in tune to what The Mouse wanted. She did not recommend a veil, a belt, any helpful hints and was not even around much to help her in or out of the gowns. We still had fun with her friends and guess what?? Mousey looks good in wedding dresses too!!!! And she made a surprising discovery, she did not like the more fitted dresses that she had envisioned as well as she thought she would. There were so many details to consider; beads, lace, fabric, simple, along with the more practical things; too heavy, too itchy, can’t sit in it, and too….revealing!

IMG-0373 (1)

Her friend Katie went and snagged this off the wall because as another future bride, she felt like you got a different picture with a veil on, she was right ❤

IMG-0405 (1)

Such a fun night with these dear friends of our Girl! Chip on the left and Katie on the right.

IMG-0426 (1)

I was happy to be included 🙂

IMG-0431 (1)

Then shortly before Christmas Mousey wanted to take a trek out to a place that had very good reviews. It was an hour and a half one way, but a WAY different experience for her. As in BETTER, and more helpful. We looked through everything she wanted and chose these to try.

IMG-0512 (1)

Once again, she looked beautiful in them all, even ones we would never choose!

IMG-0579 (1)

She narrowed them down and came up with her favorite, texted Honey the price and then we went next door for a bite to eat while she made her final decision. She really loved it and said YES to the dress!!!

IMG_2094 (1)

I can’t wait for everyone to see her in it ❤ She looks beautimous! So she crossed that off one list and added onto another list to be altered, so kind of still on a list of things to do. 🙂

IMG_2095 (1)

Congratulations Mousey ❤

2019 in Review


Man, that was a fast year!!! I had big plans to blog and capture all the doings and then we and a full house and life just kept on going at breakneck speed! Here are 19 of the highlights, and I seriously could have done 2019 highlights ❤

We welcomed The Little Dipper last year! He is now on the move and getting very personable!

 IMG-8569 (1)

Spent time with The Capri’s in February on North Captiva Island, always a pleasure to be with treasured, old Friends. Old as in we have known each other a long time, because they say 60 is the new 40, right??!!

IMG-8694 (1)

I am Grammy of two!

IMG-0213 (2) 

Always love to see my people laughing, it’s my favorite ❤

IMG-0203 (1)

Oldest to youngest, the extreme ends of the generations!

IMG_1468 (1)

Me and my Honey, all gussied up for a wedding. I still like that guy.

IMG-8947 (1)

The Boy GRADUATED in May from Moody Bible Institute!!!!!!! That’s 7 exclamation points because 7 is God’s number!!

IMG_1524 (1)

These two, the fun never ends ❤

IMG-8884 (1)

Heard The Boy give a Good Word for the first time!

IMG-9088 (3)

Thankful for my brother Beeve. I like his face.

 IMG-0433 (1)


2A8422A1-94E6-4793-8585-7B91B40701FD (1)

So glad to have this family nearby. It’s still an hour drive, but WAY better than the other side of the country in Washington State!

IMG_1650 (1)

Happy to welcome The Usher to the family, he’s a keeper and we love him ❤

IMG_1861 (1)

Love this bunch a BUNCH!

IMG-9215 (1)

Have loved having Moonpie stay for some weekends! We took her to our Dear Friend Awesome Autumn’s costume birthday party!

IMG-0138 (1)

Love being able to babysit as needed, especially now that this guy is allowing his Mama out of his sight!

IMG-0288 (1)

Little Dipper celebrated his first birthday last week in Denmark, land of his Mama’s People!

IMG_1858 (1)

Our annual Christmas celebration with our Dear Friend’s The Hostlers!

IMG_2135 (1)

And Happy New Year from Ab-Cat and Awesome Autumn from their Roaring 20s party!

IMG-0619 (1)

Here’s to 2020, may it be the best year yet!

30 Days of Thankful-13


IMG-0153 (3)

Another thing we had to do on The Day it Snowed ALL Day was keep an appointment with the venue where Mousey and The Usher want to have their wedding reception. We had nailed down the church, the photographer, and had to sign on the dotted line and leave a deposit to commit to the venue. We did it Y’All, July 18, 2020, save the date! ❤ ❤ ❤

Whew, thankful to have that decided!

30 Days of Thankful-7,8,9,10,11,12


IMG-0153 (1)

This was not how I planned to do this, but I am rolling with the flow! Still trying to think blog-ally, but after lying dormant so long, it’s proving difficult! Mousey gave me a couple ideas for posts to come, so there is that! 🙂

7. Keelyody, my walking buddy and I decided that last Friday was our last walking day of the season. When we set out that morning the temps were in the 20s, but we did not count on the arctic breeze that was causing our faces to hurt. We cut it short after one side of her subdivision. Some years we have walked into December, and once even walked a few times after Christmas! I am thankful for a walking buddy who agrees that it is a good thing for us to do, and is ready to go at 7:30, 3 mornings a week! The world is now going to have to go solo, because we will not be there solving all the problems 🙂

I am also thankful to walk with my pal Jip the Farm Dog on Wednesday and Thursday mornings from the time BSF lets out in May until we go back in September!  Once again, what will the world do without us?!

8.  After many years of similarity, our holidays have undergone a change. First was my Mother’s passing, then my cousins married and moved from the area, sometime after, The Boy followed suit. Our latest change has been the early departure of Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis to their Florida home. They have had good reasons, like the births of grandchildren, and the desire to help their daughter, Girl Cousin Lindsay, with the preparation of our traditional holiday meal for her extended family. It’s all good, but we miss their presence ❤

They are heading down this week and we wanted to get together before they left, so we all looked at our calendars and the 8th was the date that accommodated the most. Everyone but Mousey and The Usher were in attendance, they had travelled down to Ohio for his family celebration of Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my Aunt and Uncle and the years of memories we share. The Lord has put us in each others lives for His good purposes, and I am grateful to Him for them.

9. I was hoping for a nice relaxing Saturday after the family gathering the night before, but Honey had other ideas. He thought it would be a perfect day to do a leaf raking and final mowing and edging of the lawn. In hind sight, it was a perfect day, because we got a ton done before the snow moved in. Here is our frozen tundra now. Leaves are still falling, but I’m thankful we got rid of a lot!

IMG-0168 (1)

10. I believe I may have mentioned that we are going to be celebrating a wedding in 2020! There are many i’s to dot and t’s to cross before that occurs, but we took a giant step closer in the planning on Sunday! We had looked at 3 venues for the wedding reception last month, each nice in their own way, but Mousey was fairly certain she was going in the direction that a friend had recommended to her. She had been in conversation with the representative of the venue and they had both of her dates available. She then was in discussion with a photographer, who also had both dates open. Honey had spoken to our pastor a while back in passing and told him of the upcoming event and asked a little about pre-marital counseling, he said no problem, just give him a call. I realized Sunday morning while driving to church that we had not actually asked if the church was available!

I prayed to see the two ladies I thought might be able to help me ascertain that information, because Mousey’s venue choosing appointment was the next day and the church office is closed that day. Sure enough the Lord had one of the sweet gals right in the lobby as we walked in. She said she would go check and have the answer for me after church.

All that to say; the church is available!!!

11. I am thankful for our veterans. They have sacrificed and put their lives on hold in service to our country and its citizens.

IMG-0166 (1)

I am grateful to these men in my immediate family who answered the call and were willing to go where their country needed them. My Dad/ The Grandpa- United States Air Force, Uncle Bob-United States Marine Corp, my Father-United States Army, and Beeve-United States Marine Corp. Thank you Gentlemen for your service ❤

IMG-0167 (1)

12. You may have heard that The Mitten had a little snow yesterday. Normally I do not go out when we have treacherous driving conditions, except when they happen to fall on Wednesday and Thursday BSF mornings. It started snowing in the wee hours yesterday morning, which made The Usher very happy, because at his job, snow means plowing, and that equals OVERTIME! Unfortunately, it snowed all doggone day and that did not bode well for Honey and I and our long awaited, 2:30 dental appointment. We braved the weather and s l o w l y went. Thankful for safety when we saw many cars in the ditch!