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52 List Project


List the ways you love to have fun.

Having fun is one of my favorites! Laughter and amusement make life SO much better.

One of the things that drew me to Honey was his sense of humor, and it has been one of the most important ingredients in our marriage ever since. Sometimes laughing and having fun can help you navigate the tough times. I actually feel sorry for some who seem to be fun challenged, what a sad life that must be.

When I think about having fun, it almost always involves just spending time with family and friends. Visiting. Being. You can’t schedule hilarity, it usually saunters into the room when no one is looking and BOOM, fun happens!

I have decided that fun is portable. We have had a lot of fun in places and situations where that was not the intention, and that makes the joy even more delicious!

Here are some ways I love to have fun, in no particular order, because that would be too hard.

Lunch or dinner with friends. I find catching up, sharing what we are learning about the Lord, walking through life together, fun! I like thoughtful, clever, creative, interesting, funny people, and when you invest in each other over the years, there is a lot of fun occurring!

Games. I like to play cards, board games and even Heads Up on the iPhone! There has been a lot of laughing and visiting going on over the years at the table!

Bible study does not sound like it would be fun but, I have to say, it really is! Learning about God’s plans for this life and the next can be hard, but it is also stimulating and exciting. I have learned more in the last 18 years than in all the previous years of my life. And I have met some fun people to share life with!!! That God, He has a sense of humor!

I think blogging is fun! I love having this journal of our life. Occasionally I go back and read what I have written in years past and I am always so glad that I started writing in this space. It’s fun to read the little things I may have already forgotten, see the blog-tography that would never get developed, remember the way things were in that slice of time.

As I think about this, I am realizing that having fun is not so much tied to activities, it is tied to people. I don’t so much care about what we are doing. Some of the funnest times in my life have been in cars, around tables, on couches, and gathered around all the many beloved groups of people the Lord had given us to share this journey of life with.

Fun is my favorite.


The 52 Lists Project


List what you would like your life to look like in 10 years.

In 10 years I will be 64, just like The Beatle’s song, hopefully not losing my hair! I can hardly believe I am 54, let alone will be 64!!! I have enjoyed all the decades, some have definitely been more challenging, but all have had elements of sweetness and joy, and I hope the same for the 60s.

I am not sure where we will physically be, that seems to be a frequent topic of conversation these days. The discussion ranges from hither to yon and all points in between. We could be in another state, or have two homes; one in the north, one in the south. I think Honey needs to be retired for a bit before we make this decision.

There will be grandchildren!!!!!! We hope to be involved grandparents, building into the next generation of our family! I have benefitted from intentional grandparenting, our children have as well. I would like to have strong, loving relationships, where we can come alongside their parents in praying for, helping practically, loving generously and cherishing them. And lots and lots of reading and talking and laughing!!!!!

I would like our life to involve serving. God, our family, others, our church, the ministries that God places on our hearts. There is much help needed in our world. Honey and I have been discussing this a lot. He has so many abilities in demand. There are positions in church, BSF, mission trips, supporting ministries financially, teaching, helping with renovations locally. The list is endless where we can plug in. We will have to see where the Lord arranges for us to be.

I always want to be growing spiritually. I am reminded of a little saying hanging on my Grandma Hoover’s kitchen wall, “The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get.” I don’t want to get so involved with my life that I edge out studying God’s word, that would surely cause me to fall behind in the things that matter most to me. Constant, hectic activity is rarely a good thing. I want to be intentional in pursuing a relationship with the Lord.

In 10 years our children will be 38, 35 and 32. I CAN’T EVEN!!!!!!! It has always be our desire to have a close, tight knit family, welcoming new members as they come, sharing life together with laughter and fun, encouragement and grace as needed, practical help and guidance, joy and friendship, commitment and loyalty to each other, and a deep, strong love of God and what matters most to Him.

And it goes without saying that I would like us to have the good health to achieve it all 🙂  There is so much ill health and sadness in our world. Not all of it is self inflicted, but much is. At this stage in our life, Temple Maintenance becomes imperative. Our lovely next door neighbor Ray, who is a quadriplegic, is known for saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it!”. We need to move more to help keep ourselves in better condition. We also need to get a better handle on our diets. #worthygoals #justsaynotoovereating

There is a glimpse of how I would like our lives to look in 10 years.

The 52 Lists Project


List the soundtrack of your life right now.

This is a little tough because I don’t listen to music in the house and rarely in the car. BUT, I have been listening to this cd that Abby made me for Christmas. She compiled it from songs she had heard me singing along to, or ones she thought I might like. I quite like some of them and I love her thoughtfulness! Especially heart the Andy Williams song at the end, she knows I am fond of him!


I am aware that the question might be talking about particular songs that fit with my emotional or physical temperature at this time, but I have to say I don’t have any one thing that characterizes my life at the moment. Nothing glaring.

There you have it, the soundtrack of my life at the moment. Thanks Ab-Cat!

Happiest Moments 52 Lists Project


List the happiest moments of your life so far.

Oh, just let me peruse 50 some odd years of life here now!!! I told you I have problems with these sorts of questions. I have been pondering this question all week, you would think I would have some ready answers. What I am concluding is I am not a collector of happiest moments, as marked in rank of importance.

Of course I have happy moments, but they are not generally the BIG MOMENTS. I have very few personal recollections of typical BIG MOMENT occasions like school events, graduation, first car/first job stuff. Those memories seem dusty and unrecalled for decades. What I do recall are the comfort of friendships and laughing.

A good example would be our wedding day. One would think that would be the happiest of moments. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy that whole process. The showers, attention, schedules, all the choosing! I was not heavily invested with the planning, was very comfortable having my Mother arrange the day, we made the final decisions between a couple of choices, and my overall remembrance is of a stressful day that I was glad to have behind me. In hindsight, I’m glad my mom was able to do it. She planned the wedding she never had and saved me a lot of hassle and the possibility of my head exploding. We would have surely ended up eloping had I been in charge!!  I agree that the day IS important as the first day of our marriage, which I cherish and consider the second best decision of my life, but the day does not even rank in the top 100 of the happiest moments of life.

But my marriage has thousands and thousands of happy, fun, memorable moments! And we continue to add to them!

The days our children were born were hard, long days, but the joy their lives have brought have been my happiest moments ever. Reading books, talking, Saturday lunch, laughing, being together, in spite of what life dealt us, we persevered and created a good, happy family.

Some of my happiest moments have been spent laughing and doing life with friends! Throughout my years God has blessed me with exceptional friends! Friends I have LOVED and laughed with, cried with, learned from, served with, been knitted together with, and have loved me well and come along side when our hearts were broken and we did not know how we would ever be whole again. They have been some of the best moments of life.

It would appear that I am not a collector of happiest moments, but am more of a collector of meaningful moments, and I had one yesterday. My brother Beeve texted me at 7 in the morning with a chirpy “thankful for you!”. My reply was “whatever for??!!”. He went on to tell me that he was thankful that we could talk and that there was no drama, a friend of his was struggling with a loss and the family members were being less than supportive to each other. It made me happy that he stopped to tell me of his thoughts, affirm that we are connected by the bonds of family, love, and a genuine affection for each other. A happy moment in my life. That’s good enough for me.

52 Lists Project-Week 2


List your favorite characters from books, movies, ect.

Book characters seem different to me than movie characters, I’m not quite sure why. Maybe because in movies we see the actual scene acted out and real expressions, where as in books there is more to our own imaginations.

Some of my favorite book people are:

The Ingalls family from the Little House Books– No surprise there! I was always so impressed with their fondness and loyalty to each other. Their ingenuity was pretty impressive as well. I loved the glimpse into a time so different than my own. Ever since I could read on my own I have been a fan of Laura and her kin. My life is richer for “knowing” them.

Hadassah from A Voice in the Wind (Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers)- I want to be Hadassah when I grow up. Her faith, kindness, strength of character, dependence on the Holy Spirit and commitment to prayer was an inspiration when I first read it about 20 years ago, and continues to be today. #loftygoals

The characters from The Shiloh Legacy; Birch and Trudy, Jefferson Canfield and his mama Willa Mae (by Bodie Thoene)- Rae Babe got me hooked on this bunch a looooong time ago and I have read the whole series several times. These people lived through such trials, yet the Lord was with them throughout. Meanness, corruption, war, depression, prejudice, unfairness, and plain bad luck abound, but they place their faith in God to help them through.

And some favorite movie folks:

Kathleen Kelly from You’ve Got Mail– Darling girl with an adorable apartment, kind, sweet and funny, lives a small but valuable life, thinks daisies are the friendliest flowers. Love her!

Guy Patterson from That Thing You Do– Funny, hardworking, loyal, talented and gentlemanly! He…is…Spartacus!

Jason Bourne– A one man army, I want to be on his side!

There are many, many more but that seems a good start. How about you guys? Can you all break your apparent vow of silence here and name some of your favorites?

Belated Mothers Day


Last May The Boy told me he had a Mothers Day present for me. He was going to mail it. Then he forgot to do it. He then forgot to bring it from Chicago the next couple times I saw him. Forgetting, it is our way.

Then he and The Dane packed up their belongings, stashed some here, and moved to Washington state. My present went along for the ride.

But look what they remembered when they came home at Thanksgiving!!!!!!!! My well travelled present!


Really loved the book, really loved the card!


They thought I could use it as a prompt for blog posts too, and I sort of already started that here, even though you all didn’t know it! You got a serving of goals, because I am not much of a dreamer.


Another goal will be to stick with this for 52 weeks, always a challenge. One thing I already find problematic is the penchant for using words like all and favorite, TOO MUCH PRESSURE!!!!!!! So just know up front that I will offer you a selection of some and favoriteS, so I don’t cause myself too much angst on this 52 week excursion. The fear of leaving someone OR something out might hinder me greatly!

A big THANK YOU to The Boy and The Dane for their thoughtful gift, I love it!!!!!!!

Some Thoughts For a New Year


It’s a new year and, if you are a human, that invites reflection. Here are some of my ponderings.

I have already been to the dentist and called for a new chiropractic referral, at my age Temple Maintenance is very important.

The natural path doctor has suggested I try the Whole30 diet for a month to see if that shows me anything about the inflammation and aches and pains my body seems to create in spades. It is a program surely conceived by joyless persons. Hardcore paleo low carbing, without preservatives, dairy or ANY sweetener of ANY kind, natural or unnatural. I keep telling myself I should be able to do this for a month. If I discover that any of the above are culprits, would I continue to live like this? I will never know if I don’t try.

My primary physician has recommended yoga. I have always wanted to try this and I bring it up every winter when our walking season is over. I have even gotten as far as finding a place to try, that is a first!

I want to limit time on the ipad this year. I have become a poor blogger and even worse reader of books. I love Words With Friends, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, but they can be a real time sucker. I guess I want to be more intentional. If I want to visit these places, that’s fine. But spending an hour or so surfing all over kingdom come because one thing led to another? Not so much. Have I learned anything worthwhile? Could I have used my time better? I guess I will find out.

We need to to work on our basement! We are holding things for our kids that could be stored better. There is a lot of stuff to go through, condense, purge, discover. I asked Honey to bring home some boxes from work so I can get started. There are some bookshelves in my craft/hair room that have a lot of Honey’s books from previous Bible studies. I’m sure there are many keepers in there but I am just as sure not everything is important to him. I want to bring in some other shelves we have (as soon as I pack up The Boy’s books from college!) so I can get a better handle on our photographs. The blog keeps me going through those boxes and they would serve me better if I wasn’t constantly moving boxes to get to the year I need.

I predict some painting in my future. It’s a little like that episode of The Brady Bunch when Mike and Carol decide to redo a room, which leads the next room to look shabby and then the next and so on ……I would like to take down the border in our kitchen, and since we did not paint under it, the kitchen will need to be repainted. There can be no touchups after 13-14 years! This leads me to believe that the connecting great room will need to be done and maybe it would be a good time to redo the foyer as well and there goes the winter!!!!!!!! I need help from my decorator, Capri Patt, in choosing a new color. I have loved the color we have had but feel ready for a change. We loved this house we saw in South Carolina last fall. Maybe something a little lighter, fresher.



I guess that is a good start. Any of you been pondering any changes?