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Catching Up


Hope you all had a fine holiday! We did not do much, but Honey did have several days off and that is always most welcome!

I believe I have mentioned that Honey is Canadian by birth, and one of his favorite things from the Mother Land is fries with gravy, also known as poutine. Honey and The Girls had been having a hankering to check this place out for some time, so we headed over to Ann Arbor to give it a whirl. Unfortunately for Mousey, poutine is not legal on her keto diet at the moment, so she opted out of a big basket of temptation. Sad face emoji 😦

They had many, many different toppings for the basic fries.


I had my fries with gravy and cheese curds with pulled pork, Honey and The Ab-Cat were purists, strictly fries, gravy and cheese. While I enjoyed it, I don’t feel like a meal of fries contributes to my best self. It was pretty heavy and would have been a better side dish. Was a fun experience though!

Honey spent a good chunk of his time tweaking with the pool while I maintained the grass and weeds until this happened.


SHEESH!! I was standing in our raised bed, WITH NO SHOES ON, reached out and down to grab a handful of weeds and looked between the greenery and saw a black black snake a couple feet away. If I am not mistaken (or shall I say missnakin’!) this snake, or a relative, has lived in our back garden for some time. We have met before and have both slowly and respectfully gone about our business when both parties discovered one another, and that is what happened here.

The other snake startled me, and when I looked over the retaining wall to get a better look it raised straight up out of the bed at me!! The nerve of that little light colored hussy!!!!! Honey said maybe it was protecting babies. NOT HELPING HONEY!!! So there you have it, why I can never garden in our snake infested garden again.

Since they made fireworks legal several years ago in The Mitten, The Fourth has been a very colorful, very loud night. They are now sold in parking lots all across the state, no Meijer’s or O’Reilly’s left behind is their motto. Our next door neighbors have always had a display for their friends and family, even before they were so readily available. In years past we have learned to roll up our solar pool cover to prevent the burning embers from melting holes, and sure enough, at about 10:05, I asked Mousey to lend a hand with the rolling. After the rolling had commenced, the Girls and I stood on the deck and watched and listened to all the festivities going on all around us in various subdivisions. Mousey stated that this is what a war zone must sound like!

Meanwhile, in the house we had our Fearless Defender.


He wishes you a Happy Independence Day. Weenie. The elder felines were all holed up in our bedroom, as they always are. They make no claims to being tough guys though, and therein lies the difference.

Honey had this past weekend off as well and we worked like rented mules. He trimmed the miles long hedge in the back and I raked, scooped and bagged the clippings. The next day we tackled the front yard, which I am sad to say we could not even remember how long it had been since it had seen the blade of a clipper. The burning bushes have a big comeback to make. They were taller than the windows, and are now sticks with sparse vegetation. If there is anything we learned from The Polar Vortex fiasco a few years back, is if you cut bushes WAY BACK, they will rebound. They should anyway. Well, fingers crossed.

The Boy and The Dane have been very good to send regular pictures of the new grandbaby! It helps immensely since we will not meet her until August. She is settling in very nicely! I think they are in love!


Lots of snuggling going on.


in most of the pictures she was sweetly sleeping. As all newborns do. Not.


There she is! All bright eyed and bushy tailed!!!


Precious little Moon Pie!

Have a good Monday.

Thoughts For The Week


How has a week gone by and I have not posted a thing??? I guess I am rustier than I thought. I don’t intentionally drop the ball. It’s like the old Steve Miller song, time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin, into the future.

Well, here I am with some random thoughts.

Hey!!! It’s already February! Sheesh, January flew by. The 28th would have been my Father’s 82nd birthday. I was strolling through photos, looking for shots of him with the kids to put on the Facebook, when I came across this sparkling beauty. Here he is sampling Honey’s homemade dill pickles. This picture is a perfect little snapshot of my Father and one of his primary interests; good food! If he were still alive this could be a throwaway shot, but I am keeping it now as an insight of what he enjoyed! And I think he majorly enjoyed everything he ate over here! Just look at him, totally engrossed in his pickle tasting!


This is what I believe. WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME PLANE PEOPLE!

FullSizeRender (75)

This amuses me endlessly!!!

FullSizeRender (77)

Oh Seymour, it’s the little moments such as this that cause us love you so! The stalking, creepy, naughty moments? Not so much.

FullSizeRender (78)

I can’t remember if I mentioned that The Boy suggested that we become pen pals. He found a box in the basement this summer that contained a lot of my correspondence from 35-40 years ago. You may be wondering why I still have all that, and I would say I am sentimental about letters and notes, they would land in the top 5 category of meaningful things I save. Little did I know that one of my children would find them interesting decades later!

The box contained concert ticket stubs, Beatle’s books, my high school sports letters, other memorabilia and letters from my Grandma Georgia and Grandma Hoover, random other folks, then a whole slew from my friend Dawn! I have taken that box to my room to read at my leisure about the things we thought important enough to talk about between classes in 11th and 12th grade! Also amusing to me were a whole bunch of inter office communication from when Dawn, our friend Suzanne Suzanna Danna, and I worked at Michigan National Bank!!! Those letters where we pretended we were married to our favorite celebrity at the time! Good grief, if any bank official ever opened those gems! I read The Boy a few and he thought they were hilarious!

So he decided we should write letters, kick it old school, record our conversations so maybe his children will find them decades later, in a box in his basement. I got my first letter this week.


We have begun to give our imaginary public what they want! It’s the least we can do.

A Bunch of Pictures From November and December Because I am Super With It!


I’m not sure why I did not post these pictures from when The Boy and The Dane were in town at Thanksgiving, but I want to install them here because this has become my memory bank.

The Boy, trying to pass down the skill of Bothering to Goomba, as taught to him by his Uncle Beeve. It’s the Circle of Life my friends.


That’s a good looking group of guys right there!


Now to add some womenfolk.


The Grandpa has taught some skills as well! Mostly love and kindness!


Mousey Snapchat-ted this sparkling beauty! I am thankful for her color application ALL YEAR LONG!


Here are 3 Weekly Sy’s for you, because he IS the world famous Internet/Instagram/Snapchat star of OUR universe!!!!!

IMG_4052 (1)

How can we resist chronicling his every nap and waking moment?

IMG_4076 (2)

We love his furry self!

IMG_4214 (1)

We had Goomba over to decorate cookies, some were Wookie cookies!!! There were also some pretzels dipped in chocolate and a couple games of Skip-Bo going on. Come again Friend!


Did I mention that Honey gave me some chai??!! I decided to have a little contraband Splenda in my life. Not daily, but occasionally. Ironically, the natural path doctor mentioned that I should go on the Whole 30 challenge later in January.


Have you heard of it? Some new fresh hell they have concocted. No dairy, grains, sweetener (natural or unnatural) of any kind, no preservatives. Just eggs, meat, nuts and seeds, vegetables and fruit. It is supposed to detoxify your toxic self, so when you slowly reintroduce things back into your diet you should know if one of the above was causing you trouble. She suggested it because I seem to produce inflammation and aches and pains. I am pondering it. I should be able to do it for a month. The no sweetener thing makes me want to cry though, which leads me to believe that I should probably give it a whirl. I have always just replaced sugar with Splenda or Truvia. Maybe it is ALL of the devil! Hoping this is not the case!

FullSizeRender (71)

I will never know if I do not try. We shall see, still pondering.

As we prepare to wrap up 2016 and usher in 2017, I have to say that I have missed blogging regularly and having this journal of our lives. Many things have not been recorded and it seems weird to realize that I will not be able to look back and figure out timelines and see recorded evidence of happenings.I think what happened was I felt short of time and resorted to quick posts or lists, I felt like I wasn’t making time to do better, and instead of doing better, I stayed away. What I have realized is I am more grateful to have a little nonsense as opposed to none. My New Years resolution is to return to my previous mindset, continue documenting our life for myself, our family and friends. And all you anonymous lurkers 😉  It will be a challenge, I have gotten lazy, my mind has fallen away from thinking blog-ally, but i am going to try. Thanks for reading along. Here’s to bringing back the nonsense! It sounds like the name of a tour!

Happy New Year. Welcome 2017!

Thankful For The Weekly Sy


I am usually thankful for my Grandcat Seymour.

Even though he can be a major pain in the behind, he can be the cuddliest, sweetest, softest, most personable cat in our home. There is no match for his cuteness when asleep. It goes a long way to offset his truly heinous stalking of the elder felines.


A very long way.

IMG_4076 (1)

While time has helped and reduced his trips to the woodshed to several times a week, down from several times a day.                                           


The Old Ladies usually tolerate him in wary acceptance and hiss unattractively when he wanders too close to them. He still sometimes gets squirted until he is a damp, spikey, repentant cattan, at least he then has to expend his abundant energy cleaning himself. Then he naps, and we have sweet peace. This actually just happened, no joke.


But there is still the chance that he will pounce unexpectedly and they will have to fight for their dignity. He does now sport a scar on his ear, and I give them kudos for that small victory.


For the most part I am thankful though. He can be quite charming, until he’s not.

The Week


Y’All!!! Abby started her new JOB! Oh yes she did! She went in to her orientation on Monday and then HR sent her right on over to her elementary school to get cracking!


She has helped out a second grade teacher every morning this week and she has already made some friends! And nothing says I love you better in 2nd grade than ART! I was loving the wheelchairs.


I am going to tell Mrs. Abby for the rest of her life that she is “spechil”! We even ran into one of her little students at Meijer yesterday! And Ab had just been telling me how naughty that same little girl had been that day! TRUE STORY!!!!!


Some priceless Snapchats. Honey’s impersonation our poor little Katie, RIP. He has it perfect, I have to give him credit.


I just had to post this of my Aunt Phyllis, I heart it SO bad! BUT DON’T TELL HER!!!!!!! She thought it was so funny!


This is the second batch of nuts I have roasted lately. Honey and I snack on nuts a lot and there is always concern that the nuts you buy have undesirable ingredients in there. The first were good, just a salty roasted combo. These are sweet and spicy.


Pretty good, but could be sweeter AND spicier. Will see what Honey thinks. I did put an extra squirt of liquid Stevia and it could have been a double squirt IMHO.


Mousey and I have discovered that Aldi has purty good chocolate! Someone was hormonal on our last trip.My faves are dark orange almond and dark chili. The dark 85% is alright, but I guess 85% is not my favorite cocoa/sugar ratio.Good prices at Aldi, I must say!!!


The Weekly Sy here. Our cuddle bunny is LOVING the cooler temperatures! He spent the entire evening inside my fleece last night. Here he is modeling his pretty tummy. It’s almost impossible not to bother him in this pose. Sweet stripes and giant bunny foot=bothering.


Have a fine weekend!

Stuff and The Weekly Sy


I have a list today, little schnibbles of info for documentation. You know how it is. This here blob is my memory bank.

We are in the throes of fall up here in The Mitten. It was glorious yesterday, even if it did rain all the live long day.

When I was coming home from buying supplements at the natural path doctor last month, I saw 2 new stores in an Ann Arbor strip mall. Homegoods, which is exciting for them but we have one of those in our town, and Steinmart! The only Steinmart I have ever seen in our neck of the woods was several hours away, near Kalamazoo. Or Battle Creek. Or somewhere off of I-94 on our way home from South Haven last summer!

I texted my friend Marilyn, who actually lives in Ann Arbor, and asked her if she was aware of this new development, because I have heard her say she likes to frequent this establishment when she travels down south. She was not aware! But she is NOW! She said it opened last week and she has now been 3 times! I heard a rumor that the manager already recognizes her! 

After our conversation last week, this was in the mail when I got home that day! Well, you don’t have to twist my tail too hard to get me to visit! I mentioned it to Jip yesterday at BSF and she said she had received the same coo-pin! I pointed out that we had to get on over there because it expired on the 23rd and it was already the 20th. We decided to go right after class, as we are not ones to take for granted a good coo-pin!


They had lots of pretty things but I ended up buying what I thought I would; another pair of my favorite pants by Bandolino. I bought a pair last year in Florida and wore the H.E.C.K. out of them. Hence the need for a new pair.


Jip bought a super cute long flowy vest and a cute new jacket. We were satisfied customers.

Honey sends me multiple Snapchats a night. I always wonder what his coworkers think he is doing? Cause you know he is giggling whilst making the weird faces!


Speaking of the Snapchat, Mousey sent me this amusing one. No delicate flowers at our house.


Our week started in the 70-80s and is finishing in the 50s. Pure Michigan.

The Boy and The Dane are coming for Thanksgiving!!!! From Washington state!

The Ab-Cat is still waiting to start her job. She has been fingerprinted and is now awaiting a call from HR. I hear that department can be problematic. She is chomping at the bit over here, ready to START!!!!

As bad as Abby wants to start, Mousey wants to be DONE with school! She is a weary girl. December cannot come soon enough.

I leave you with The Weekly Sy. Our pal is always pretty cuddly, but even more so when the temperatures cool off a little. Then he wants to nap on you for hours.


Crashed on his Grandma. Perfectly loverly when he is asleep!


Have a pretty fall weekend!

The Weekly Sy, a List and Some Thoughts


Hi Guys. Why do weeks keep passing so quickly? Every time I turn around another week has flown by and I barely got in here to blob! In my defense, I did write my ENTIRE Wednesday Hodgepodge post, complete with Way Back When-sday portion, AND IT DISAPPEARED when the computer did a bit of untimely maintenance!!!!! Poof, completely gone. This is not the first time this has happened either. I am going to have to save to draft each and every time I walk away from the computer or I may have to go to prison for doing something unseemly.

BSF started last week!!! It is always so doggone good to see the leaders and the class members! We are studying John this year. It is my third time in this study and I was not particularly looking forward to it for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, third time doing the John study, so there’s that.

Secondly, we were doing John the very first time I went to BSF in 1995. I didn’t get very far because I had a bad car accident in October and had to drop out. I don’t even count that time. We were also in John the year my Mom died. Two very difficult years.

I have repeated the classes enough to know that God finds you in a different place each time you do a study, so I know I can learn something new, and I should have a different perspective after studying Revelation last year.

In the Ladies Bible Study at our church we are studying the life of Peter. That should be interesting, haven’t done that before.

I mentioned earlier in the summer that our church offered a Priscilla Shirer study called Armor of God.

IMG_3358 (1)

I went with Jip the Farm Dog and a couple of other gals from BSF and MAN, did we all LOVE it!!! Here was one questions from the lost Hodgepodge:

3. Besides The Bible, what’s a book that has positively changed your life, relationships, career, or perspective? How so? 

I’m going to say that book was pretty life changing. I talked about it and kept telling Honey he needed to read it so much that I convinced him that we should do it for our small group this fall! I think EVERYONE can benefit from this study. It has changed the way I look at and deal with trouble. I might need to read it over and remind myself again every single year, but it was that good and helpful! The enemy is real Friends and he is going down and is looking to distract, divide and destroy as much as he can. He specializes in chaos and LIES. Read the book!!

I haven’t done a Weekly Sy in a while, not sure why because The Ab-Cat sends me lots of adorable Snapchats every week! He may be many unpleasant things, but he remains adorable. And sweet. Sometimes. As always, he is most attractive when asleep and not causing trouble with the elder felines.


We love his paws. Cat paws are everything.


Abby sent me this sparkling beauty of us watching tv. He loves his grandma, I have the makings of a comfy bed.


However I did notice this on closer inspection. What the heck is that on my neck? A goiter? I have never seen that on my neck before!!!


Let’s zero in on this, MUCH cuter!!!!


Here was the Way Back When-sday part of last weeks post. Little Mousey sporting her armor of God. She was rocking that shield of faith, and the Batman cowl, along with the log weapon. As you do.


Have a good Monday!