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30 Days of Thankful 15,16,17,18


15. After many years of being devoted to DaVinci chai tea, I was asked by our natural path dr several years ago to forgo it because it was a concentrate made with Splenda  I agreed to try because I was paying her the big bucks to help me solve some health problems, and it seemed reasonable to actually take her advice. Her preferred type of sweetener was Stevia and she allowed Truvia. Honey and I both made the change, because we are married and do everything together. I also switched over to what I considered ‘the lowly tea bag”, sweetened with the afore mentioned Truvia and half and half. I have to say that it will never be as scrumtrulescent as a hot cup of chai, but I have come to appreciate that the lowly tea bag has its own charms. And I am thankful for it.

IMG-0279 (1)

16. Even though it is technically still fall, we appeared to have tumbled headlong into winter. But this being The Mitten, we could be in the 50s next week. Pure Michigan. I scrounged up our couch throw blankets, which were inexplicably downstairs, the washing machine removed the basement smell, and we have been huddled under them ever since. Cold weather means our kettle gets a workout, extra cups of tea and hot chocolate! This is what we have been loving lately.

IMG-0277 (1)

Thankful for reduced calorie cocoa with a little extra sweetener and cream to make it even tastier!

17. You may have noticed the above Skinny Syrup and may know that it contains Splenda. While I primarily use Truvia, I am not a purist. I know that the aspartame in Diet Coke is not good for me, but I have it on occasion because I love it so. I have come to the same conclusion about Splenda. I also watched a documentary on Netflix about sugar, which we also know is not particularly good for us, and I am not convinced that the sugar lobby does not smear ALL sugar substitutes in protection of their own powerful industry. I remember the campaign to get saccharine off the shelves when I was young, and if it was as bad as they said, I doubt it would still be sold some 50 years later. All that to say that I am making an informed choice when I choose to have a little Splenda, and I still treat myself to the occasional DaVinci chai tea and Diet Coke. Thankful for options.

18. Oh.My.Goodness. Have you tried this from Sam’s? I was first introduced to it when The Boy made his homemade for Mousey and me in Washington! He made it again for us last summer and The Ab-Cat loved it too. But there is very little difference in flavor between the 2 and its a lot easier to throw this in the cart at Sam’s than making it from scratch. SO DELICIOUS!!! We have been going through two a week! Thankful for a yummy snack and it makes all Mexican themed meals even better!

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