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Way Back When-sday Hodgepodge


Hi Guys, it’s been a while! If you would like to join us, click on the link below to head over to Joyce’s. Glad to back with you!

From this Side of the Pond

1. The Hodgepodge lands on June 14th this week, Flag Day in the US of A. Do you fly your country’s flag at home? Sometimes, often, or every single day? Have you ever visited the city of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia)? Did you make a point of seeing The Betsy Ross House? Have you ever made a trip to Baltimore? If so, was Fort McHenry on your itinerary? (where Francis Scott Key was inspired to write The Star Spangled Banner)

I have never been to any of those places but would be happy to go!

We have a flagpole but it is currently without a flag. We used to have a light shining on it so you could leave it up throughout the night, but electricity was severed when we had The Great Sewer Debacle and Honey has never gotten back around to restoring it. Next year perhaps when he is RETIRED!!!!

Flag Day was also notable as my Grandmother’s birthday. My Uncle Bob texted me last night to tell me she would have been 104 today, unbelievable!!! Even more unbelievable is she has been gone for almost 25 years.


One of my favorite people ever.

2. Red flag or white flag? Which have you encountered most recently? Explain.

A little of both. The red flags of health issues, the white flags of acceptance or resignation. This Temple Maintenance is a drag sometimes.
3. Are you a stay in the car listen to the end of a song kind of person? What kind of person is that?

I certainly used to be! I rarely listen to music in the car these days,

I sometimes listen to a Chris Tomlin or Matt Redmon cd while driving to BSF, and I sometimes finish the song in the parking lot before I head in. The odd thing is I always turn it off when I get back in the car after class! I guess I have too much stuff swirling around in my brain and it needs quiet!
4. What are some of the traits or qualities you think a good dad possesses? In other words, what makes a good dad? What’s an expression you associate with your father?

I think a good dad builds into his children, and there are a lot of ways to accomplish that. You can love your children a lot, but if it doesn’t manifest itself in any practical, emotional or spiritual way, I don’t think success was achieved.

I think Honey was an overachiever in this area. He has always worked a ton of hours, yet he has parented lovingly and intentionally. There have been many years when our family was the only thing extracurricular he had time for! He has fiercely loved, cared for, advocated for, made time for, and intentionally invested in their lives in creative, steady, and fun ways.

He is not a perfect man, but I think all of our children would agree that they knew his love was firm and unshakable, he was committed to helping them in all areas, he faithfully provided for their needs, was able to provide many opportunities that he was never able to experience, and he spent much time trying to instill in them a sense of fun and creativity, a strong work ethic, along with training them in the way that they should go, so that when they are old they will not depart from it. Well done Honey!!
5. What’s one rule you always disagreed with while growing up? Is that rule somehow still part of your adult life? Is that a good or bad thing?

The only thing I can think of at the moment was our Mom would not let us have a house key in our younger years. It probably had something to do with safety or not wanting to have a ton of kids in the house if she wasn’t home, but all I can remember is sitting on the front porch waiting for her to arrive, and having to go to the bathroom!!!!!!
6. Insert your own random thought here.

Here is the Way Back When-sday part of the post!

Speaking of good Dads, here is mine with his little Furlings!

Our kids had many happy visits out to my parents lake house, and swimming with this raft probably is one their favorite memories!! It is also one of my favorite pictures because I don’t know who had more fun on it, them or my Dad!!!! I love his face here and can hear his laughing!

I just showed it to him because he spent the night so I can take him to the airport this afternoon. He agreed that it was a fine memory in his museum of recollection!


All his grandkids on our side. They love him so!


And pictures of Honey and his kids! In front of The White House.


At Kalahari.


Playing Golf on one of our trips to Florida.


And the usual rumpus that precedes a photo shoot!





Happy Fathers Day to the Dads!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

The 22nd Year of The Memorial Day Extravaganza!!!!


Hi Guys!

I know, I have been a terrible blogger. I don’t really have a reason or even an excuse. I have just fallen off the word wagon and though the desire is still there, it may take some practice and determination to hoist the body back onto the broken down cart!

When I finally do get onto this computer, I have things to share, but then I think of things I should have shared a long time ago and I feel a little defeated and not sure where to start. So I am just JUMPING IN HERE! It might be a little herky jerky for a while, but please bear with me. Spellcheck is trying to tell me that herky is not a word. Go on with your bad self Spellcheck. Which is also not a word.

I have been home from Virginia a week and I haven’t shown a picture! I was telling Mrs. Schmenkman that I always seem to take pictures of the same things whilst at Sassy Cat Hill, so as a result, I did not take many photos. Here we are at the beginning of the trip, and I am going to have to do a small smackeral of that back tracking I was mentioning above.

On May 20 we gathered with family to celebrate my Father on the second anniversary of his passing. Always a nice time of visiting and reconnecting with family.


While there I had a conversation with my SIL Karen about doughnuts. As you do. I was telling her about the truly awesome doughnuts that Honey brings home from Tasty Boy occasionally on his way home from work. Occasionally because they are dangerously good and WE DON’T NEED THAT KIND OF INTENTIONAL SIN IN OUR LIFE. So back to Karen. She said she would have to try them. I then said that perhaps Honey could bring home a 6 pack and I could bring her one.

Karen works for Delta airlines and she knows about my yearly trek to Virginia for the Hootenanny. Every time I am in the airport I look for her, but I have never seen her there. I told her I would bring her doughnut, text her when I arrived at the airport, and she could tell me which gate she was at that morning, it sounded so fun!

When I texted her she said you are not going to believe this, but I am working your gate to Washington Dulles!!!! So there she was! Looking good for 6 A.M.!

IMG_5089 (1)

She introduced me to the flight crew, asked them to take good care of me, may or may not have given me a seat with more leg room and the potential for better snacks, and then chatted for a while because there were only 23 people on the entire plane!!! All for a doughnut! It was such a treat to see her!

I was swimming in leg room! Which, when you are Shaq, is a pretty good deal!


And then Mrs. Schmenkman picked me and my carry on packed inside my checked bag up, and the shopping began! We always have some goals when we start, and then find other treasures along the way. We were both in the market for black sandals. I am always on the hunt for comfortable, cute shoes/sandals. I blame my problematic hooves. I had quite a bit of shoe luck and she found the most comfortable black sandals ever, like walking on clouds she said!

When we arrived at Sassy Cat Hill, Miss Poppet took up residence on my lap for the duration. She was not pleased with the iPad situation, or me making her sit on a pillow to prevent her from snagging my pants with her fingernails. We did give her a manicure and that was a big help. I love that little kitty witty booly wooly!


Schmenkie lives surrounded by nature. This was from the car, one of several we saw, and I’m not even car observant!


She is super observant because she is a certified wildlife rehabilitator, so that keeps her a bit busy. She is frequently getting calls about wild animals needing attention. She almost got a baby otter when I was there, but other arrangements were made. This trip she had 2 squirrels who were getting ready for release. They are in their outside transitioning cage.


And this little girl was still in the baby area in her basement. I think she is almost ready for the outside transition cage. Possums are a little creepy to me and Schmenkie and I agreed it was their tails. She said this little one was not bitey at all, which was my main concern after seeing all them teeth!

This picture amuses me a little. Schmenk always says she doesn’t have to get all beautified because the animals don’t care what she looks like, but here is her manicured hand holding a baby possum. Amusing.


Look at their feets!!! They look like monkey hands! Good for gripping and so, so soft!!! I did, I touched the feets!!!!


The shopping continued, as did the eating and the chatting. It’s such a treat to visit and catch up like this every year! She has such a different life than I do and I learn so much from her. She is a good steward of God’s creatures.

Schmenkie set a goal for herself last year to walk every day for a year and on June 23 she will reach it!!! We walked every day and it was so fun to see her greeting all of the people she has met on her usual path! It was like a community! She is so dedicated too! Not a fair weather walker like Keelyody and myself! She walked all winter in most weather and on the treadmill only when heinous outside, And of course, she brought peanuts for the squirrels and keeps her eyes open for all the other critters that might cross her path.

We did our hairs, and then tweaked multiple times. That’s hairdressers for you, forever tweaking.

We talked of many things, and marveled that we can’t shop all day, every day, like we used to! One day we never even left the house! Well, except to walk. We went out to dinner a couple times with her sweet husband Mr C, who is very gracious to let me hog her every Memorial Day! He actually invited me to come back and bring Honey so they could fish and do manly things.

Before we knew it we needed to take our traditional last day picture. We started in the house, which was awesome for her and made my glasses all squirrelly. Well, we can always crop the other out if we need a new Facebook profile picture!


to the back yard! I quite like this one. There is so much to consider when middle aged woman get to photographing themselves. Head angle, chin coverage, weird folds in the neck, best sides, chest wrinkles, eyes open!


Mainly where am I supposed to be looking?? A common theme for me this photo shoot!






This could have been my favorite! ARGGGGG!


Loving this!


Checking out her Do!


It’s starting to get away from us…




…heck no.


Heart emoji!!!


The Schmenkmans!


I told her we were at a distinct disadvantage. This generation we have now spends a lot of time perfecting their selfie face in the mirror and on their cell phones, they are TOTALLY ready for their close ups! All we have are orange-y  far away, non edited pictures from the 70s in our past!

Poppet was on her princess pillow when I left, going to miss that wobbly little lady!


One last selfie, or us-y, showcasing her cutey cute new sun glasses! Love youuuuuuuuu! Thanks for having me Schmenkie, AGAIN!!!


Way Back When-sday Hodgepodge


Happy April! Click on the button below if you would like to link up. Here we go!

From this Side of the Pond

1. April is Lawn and Garden Month. On a scale of 1-10 what’s the current state of your lawn and/or garden. (10=a showpiece, 1=send in the professionals). Tell us about any lawn or garden plans you have for this month.

Well, it’s a little early to be working in the garden up here in The Mitten. The backyard is still closed up for winter, pots covered, debris to be cleared, furniture in the shed. Heck, Honey’s snow plowing sticks are still in the ground and their services could still be needed! I’m going to say a solid 5, we are no further ahead or behind than usual, just dormant.

We have had a few nice days that caused the day lillies to poke their heads up for a looksee, but that’s about it. Once it looks like spring has sprung, the first thing we usually do is get the chairs and patio pretties out of the shed and start cleaning up the beds, cutting stuff back and distributing the pots back to their homes.

I do need to get on the stick and get my hyacinth bean seeds planted in the house so they can be ready to plant in the ground. They need to have a good head start so they can climb the trellis and have a party at the top! That’s my big plans.
2. “Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there.”~Thomas Fuller What does this quote mean to you?This could be love, laughter, friendship and memories. Not sown in dirt the traditional way, but beautiful, lovingly cared for, and treasured all the same. All grown in the garden of life.
3. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about God?


I don’t understand how anyone could think that all the amazing, beautiful, intricate things in our world could have just evolved out of nothing. The human body, our universe and its delicate balance, a mind complicated enough to build a computer, watch, or rocket ship and solve intricate problems. There has to be a Creator.
4. If we were chatting in person, how would I know if you were nervous?

I don’t think you would know unless I told you, I have a pretty good poker face 🙂
5. Do you like the color yellow? Would I find any in your home or wardrobe? Daffodils, tulips, roses, sunflowers, day lily, black eyed susan…which yellow bloom on this list is your favorite?

I like the color yellow, just not on my person. None is represented in my wardrobe or our home, but I love, love, LOVE it in the garden! I have many yellow day lillies and black eyed Susan’s, and have a special place in my heart for the sunflower because it was our oldest daughter’s favorite for many years.

My favorites lately are the cheerfully reliable zinnias!


And happy million bells. They add so much.

6. Flip flops or bare feet?

Bare feet or sandals. My flip flop days are long gone, plus that slapping sound annoys me.
7. Tell us about any Easter plans, celebrations, or traditions you’ll carry out this month.

For so many years we were on vacation at Easter, it has only been the last couple of years that we have even been home. I find myself at loose ends and very out of practice! The only things set in stone are we will go to church and we will eat….something! Another tradition would be Easter baskets, I still do that for the girls.

We are studying John this year at BSF and we are almost to the crucifixion. I want to always remember what the Lord suffered so that I could have my sins forgiven and be made righteous. He sacrificed himself so that I could believe in Him and have my sins covered by His blood, and receive the blessing of His Holy Spirit to guide, teach, and refine me.

John 14:25-27

FullSizeRender (87)

His death and resurrection prove He has power over the grave and is fully capable of offering forgiveness, salvation, the Holy Spirit and the promise of eternal life with Him in heaven. That is something to celebrate!!!!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Here is some Way Back When-sday from 2000, SEVENTEEN years ago!!!!! We were in Florida for Easter break. This is when we used to take the kids out of school for an additional week to have a nice long vacation! We are at Islands of Adventure here.


Eleven year old Ab-Cat, nine year old Boy and six year old Mousey.


We spent quite a bit of time at Seuss Landing!



FullSizeRender (88)

Back at the pool, their happy place!


Thanks for stopping by, Happy Easter!

Tale End of Vacation-Part 3


The Boy and The Dane were supposed to leave on Saturday morning, but there was some kind of weather event going on out west and their flight kept getting delayed. While at breakfast The Dane alerted us that all the changes were going to cause them to miss their connecting flight, so the nice employee at Southwest said that spending the night in some airport was too much of a hardship and booked them on another flight the next morning. Thank you for flying Southwest!

FREE DAY!!!!!!!!!!

There was some Bothering at that same breakfast. He learned from The Master. his father.


That hair. I have no words.


They lovin’.


Love this picture of me and my girl baby!


The middle seat sharers.


The Boy had this idea that we should draw each other whilst not looking down. It is way harder than it sounds and produced some hilarious pictures! I think this was his drawing of Mousey. Never has our girl looked worse! He dyin’! This happened twice and produced many laughs!


Mousey offered a family portrait. I love this so bad! I think she was struggling with the humidity there.

FullSizeRender (85)

Sibling selfie. Or two-sy, them-my.. I never know what they are called.


The Ab-Cat wanted to try a Cubano, so Honey did some research and found a joint that was in the top 10 of Ft Myers. Cross another thing off her bucket list, she is on fire!!! I’m sorry but I can’t remember the name of the place. I think it was near-ish to the airport.


By the second Tuesday all of the offspring had returned to their place of origin and it was just me and my boyfriend. He continued the catching and releasing.


We also did a large amount of visiting model homes and met with a realtor one day to view some some existing homes in a community we have had our eye on. We are not sure exactly what we want, but we are expanding our list of what we don’t. So….progress.


We enjoyed eating, as we always do. I think we had ice cream pretty much every day. And twice one day because The Dane had a …..need.

We always love vacationing in Florida, loved spending some time with Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis, and were so happy all of the kids made it down at one time or another! A good trip!


And it got even better for Honey on the way home! It has always been his desire to get “bumped” from a flight! Unfortunately, the only times it was offered, there were reasons he could not accept. It was his lucky day!!!


His joy was almost made complete when there was talk of another “bump” at the Indianapolis airport! That one would involve them putting us up in a hotel overnight. I was a little apprehensive, but agreed. It didn’t actually happen and I would be lying if I didn’t confess I was a little relieved. I had no clothes, makeup or even a hairbrush! Honey could have cared less about all that, but I would have felt…. disheveled! In the future, I will be more mindful of my packing on the trip home!

There you have it, our 2017 Spring Vacation, it’s a wrap! Thanks for taking me Honey!!!

Doing Some Things-Vacation Part 2


The house we rented had several things to do, a pool table, warm swimming pool, dock for sunning and fitchin’, places to read and play games, close walking proximity to the beach and the Cape Coral Pier. We managed.

The Boy, The Dane and I played several games of Bananagrams. I totally cheated and worked this one!


With everyone coming and going, we only had one full day when everyone was there. We arranged to head across the state to visit with my Girl Cousin Lindsay and her husband Rob B.,also known as Team Levine! They added a new member to their team in November and everyone wanted to get their hands on the beebee!

Mousey with their new little one, another Girl Cousin! I think I am going to need to be around her again to be able to give her a blog name. She has her own name, but it’s probably not my business to put it out there for the whole wide internet! We will call her BeeBee for this post.


Ab-Cat and the little PINK princess! She already has several tutus.


Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis were there too, and they made a yummy lunch for us all!


Finally got my mitts on her!

FullSizeRender (83)

We passed her around like a football and she was an Angel Baby!


FullSizeRender (84)

Aunt Phyllis and her FIRST grandbaby!

IMG_4464 (1)

Girl Cousin Lindsay is so enjoying being a mama!


One can already sense that Rob B. is completely wrapped around her finger!


Welcome to the family Little One!


The new and expanded, Team Levine!


Vacation 2017 Part 1


It seems like we have been home from vacation longer than two weeks. but the calendar insists that is so. They had been having loverly warm temperatures in The Mitten pert near the whole time we were gone, but on the night we arrived home it was FREAKING SNOWING! Just a little, but I had on sandals, and I noticed.

I have to say that I was not very good about taking pictures. I seem to have a lot of certain things, where I was making an effort, and then none of other things where we were living in the moment. That is what has happened since I don’t carry the big camera around anymore. There are pros and cons to having a camera phone.

I’m going back to the beginning because something fun happened at Detroit Metro Airport, right after we cleared security! Honey and I had an early flight and since he requires we be at the airport extra early when travelling, we usually eat in the terminal to save time at home and fill time there. The last few years we have just gone and had a super classy McDonald’s breakfast, which does the job until we arrive in Ft Myers and go for lunch.

We were waiting in line to order when Honey turned around to say something to me and heard “I thought that was you!!” We were so surprised and happy to see an old friend from two churches we attended together! It was so surreal! She introduced us to her husband and we dined together, then chatted at the gate until boarding. What a pleasure to catch up on lives and kids and her many grandchildren! We have probably not seen each other in 17 years!

Hi Deb!!! Such a kiss on the cheek from God!

FullSizeRender (81)

After arriving in Ft Myers, Honey and I secured the rental car (MANY snafus there) ate lunch, went to Winn Dixie to get snacks and beverages, and then arrived at our rental house in Cape Coral.

At dark thirty on Sunday morning we went back to the airport to pick up The Boy and The Dane from Washington state! After breakfast we headed back to the house where all had a nap. They wanted to go to the flea market and that was the only day available, so off we went. At some point we dined at Reuben’s Smokehouse, yummy! Ribs, pot roast and the guys had smoked turkey and mashed potatoes. Honey said he would gladly eat there again!


We visited Thomas Edison and Henry Ford’s summer homes one day. This is a blog post I found on the internet that tells you a little bit about the property and has pictures. Everybody was impressed with this tree!




The Dane is growing nicely! And everyone is happy that she is feeling MUCH better. Her morning sickness was brutal for the first few months.



We took an unguided tour and had to listen through these devices as we were told a little about these two families. We had been before several years ago with Mousey. A couple things I recall from this trip;

Mina Edison was a prolific letter writer to many people. She wrote to some every day! This was particularly interesting to me and The Boy, as we are embarking on correspondence ourselves!

I also loved the story of the Edison cook. I took a picture of her name and looked her up online but I must have deleted the picture and now I can not find hide nor hair of her. It named a couple of the specialties she was known for, one being a cake, and mentioned how the Edison’s loved her and her cooking and convinced her to join them in their home in New Jersey until she became ill. They then helped her to get back to Ft Myers to be with her family until she passed away.

I also liked how Mina Edison asked people to bring friendship stepping stones to make a path in her garden. Such a nice remembrance of loved ones. Some of the words have worn off but they are still there.

Listening to the facts.


He kept saying “Hey! I’m on the phone!” Our first cell phone was bigger than that!


On Tuesday it was back to the airport to pick up Mousey!


We didn’t cook much down there, mostly breakfast and BLTs, that left us open for dinner out! We met up with Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Bob in Naples at Bricktops, we always enjoy it there! It was Mousey’s graduation from college dinner, per her request. Nothing says Happy Graduation like ribs, fries and mac and cheese!

This was one of my favorite pictures of the whole trip!

FullSizeRender (82)

I liked these two as well. I couldn’t decide which one was my favorite, so you got both! My blog!!!



Then on Thursday it was back to the airport to pick up The Ab-Cat! She crossed something off her bucket list by flying down ALONE!!!


I think I will stop here, to be continued.

South Carolina Y’All!


Hi Guys, long time, no blog! Honey and I took a quick trip down to South Carolina to have a little look-see. Just checking out potential areas in case we decide to relocate after retirement. We really don’t know what we will do, but it’s fun to look around!

 IMG_3881 (1)

We flew into Greenville but drove over an hour to Westminster on Lake Hartwell. There are a lot of beautiful trees down there!


We limited our search to three lakes; Greenwood, Hartwell and Keowee. We saw many beautiful homes! I think the biggest surprise was how rural it was in between all those small towns. We still need to do more praying about what our retirement will look like, where we will live and serve, and how we can best be used by the Lord, no matter where we land.

We really liked several of the houses but I am going to show you my very favorite! We actually stayed right near it and we both LOVED it. It was move in ready and I can’t think of a thing I would change! I would LOVE to plunk it down where ever we decide to land!

Sorry, the sun was being a pain..


Loved the stonework and our realtor was such a sweetheart.


Purty windows as you walked in. Looking out onto a great covered porch and Lake Hartwell beyond.


My favorite kitchen BY FAR!

The kitchen is very important to us. We spend a lot of time there and it’s where our people congregate. When looking through listings, I found that I liked many of the homes, but the kitchens, not so much. I asked Honey what he would be willing to change and he was not willing to completely redo the kitchen. It made it easier to discard a listing based on that information. I would keep it if it only required new countertops to make it work.

This island was my favorite! Large and all one level, I even liked the granite! I also liked the wood floors in this home. The color was a nice change from the honey oak we have throughout our current home.


The kitchen was open to the eating area and a covered patio on the left. I could picture our table and china cabinet in there!


Pretty view out that window of a canal on Lake Hartwell.


Back to my Precious. Lots of cabinet and counter space. Did I mention that I LOVE the island? Cause I can certainly say it again. The cupboards were not white, sort of a greige color? I even liked the paint color on the walls.

Speaking of paint color, I have been thinking of painting our current house, what do you think of something like this Capri Patt?


The powder room off the kitchen. Not one problem with anything there.


Loved the laundry.


This was one of my favorite spots. Tucked back by the door to the garage, near the laundry room, I would claim this as my own space! Honey uses our den, the only thing I use in there is the computer. I could move it in here, along with our bills and other necessities that help a home to function. Cupboards and drawers for my junk!  My own blogging/office, I.Would.LOVE.That!!!!!!! Deep, sincere, want.


Standing in the kitchen looking onto the great room and den, front door would be on the left of the hallway by the light. That is also the stairway to the basement.


Great room with built ins. That has become my interest lately, built ins. I adore functionality. And storage. And hiding all the junk. I never thought I would like the television over the fireplace but I find I do here. Plus, there is no other logical place for the tv in this space. This is causing me to rethink the space over our fireplace. Our layout is with the fireplace in one corner, and the tv in the other. Naturally, this affects the layout of our furniture, as we are dual focused. Having them both in one corner would allow for one focal point. Something to ponder.

To the right of the great room was a lovely covered porch, again, the sun was not allowing a picture that you could actually see.


I took no pictures in the daylight basement but it was great as well. Two large bedrooms on the left with a small kitchen and family room in the middle, with a HUGE bedroom with 3 sets of bunk beds and other furniture! There was also an exercise room and a large storage area. We should have just called this house The Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way!!!! You might be wondering if we need all of those rooms. All I can say is you never know. Better to have them than to need them is one way to look at it. They might come in handy when we have company or future grandchildren 🙂

Y’All, it was a little warm down there.


I did something that I have never done before, I met a blog friend!!!!! I knew that Joyce, who blogs at From This Side Of The Pond and our fearless leader from the Wednesday Hodgepodge, was living in Greenville while building a home on Lake Keowee. I emailed her and mentioned that we were going to be in her neck of the woods and was she available for lunch? She was!

We had originally planned to meet in Greenville, but when she found out where we were staying she offered to meet us out our way, which was closer to where they were building. I said that option offered the possibility of us getting a tour of her new home!!!! She graciously met us at her home build and gave us a tour of the beautiful new home they are hoping to move into next month.

We then had lunch at a place near there, The Lighthouse, where we talked for many hours and didn’t even realize that the place was empty! It’s surprising how much you learn about others when you have read their blog for a long time. Also surprising was Joyce had a southern accent! This was unexpected because I knew she was from New Jersey! She said she had moved to Tennessee for college and it just never left her.

IMG_3901 (1)

I have been a part of her Wednesday Hodgepodge since February 16, 2011! I am thankful that Joyce makes the time to host that weekly get together, it’s a day when when a whole bunch of us answer the same questions and you are welcome to join in!! It was such fun to actually “meet”!

Speaking of meeting, Honey and I ate dinner one evening in Seneca, one of the little towns down there. When we were almost finished I mentioned to Honey that the gal at the table across the way looked like a friend who used to attend BSF, and also lives in the subdivision connected to ours. As I watched her I was struck that even her mannerisms reminded me of that gal. I told Honey I was going to walk past her on my way to the restroom so I could get a closer look. IT WAS HER!!!!! It turns out she was down there with her husband having a look-see too! We had a nice chat, introduced the guys and marveled at our small world!

We are home now and getting back into the swing of things here. Honey and Ab-Cat went out for their weekly Monday night dinner then started BSF this evening. Our class starts this week as well. The pool guy is coming tomorrow to close the pool. It has been blessedly cooler the last couple days and I am ready to welcome the fall.

Have a good week.