Wednesday Hodgepodge


Hi guys, I’m joining you from sunny Florida today! The Mitten is expecting up to 20 inches of snow between today and tomorrow. Clearly happy to dodge that wintry bullet 😊 Thanks as always to Joyce for keeping us writing!

From this Side of the Pond

1. The Wednesday Hodgepodge landing on Groundhog’s Day sounds about right. Besides the Hodgepodge what else lands on your calendar just once a week? Is it as much fun as the Hodgepodge-ha!? 

At the moment, the only thing set in stone thing on my calendar is Thursday morning Zoom BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). At home I am on the administrative team, so that requires a Wednesday morning leaders meeting as well. When in The Sunshine State, I slide into my friend Rae Babe’s online discussion group. It is fun! I know a lot if the gals from our class over the years, and Rae Babe is a wonderful group leader! 💗

2. The Winter Olympics begin on Friday, surrounded by much controversy. Will you be watching? Why or why not? Have you ever been to China?

We lost both of our television sets down here in a power surge last summer, so up until last night, we were not seeing any advertising. Honey ordered the right part and got one up and running and I did see an ice skating commercial last evening. I had actually kind of forgotten about it! We might watch some if we are around, but since we don’t have a DVR here, it will just be what we happen to catch. I know there is a lot of controversy because of it being hosted in China, and I completely understand and would not question anyone who chose to boycott. I also have sympathy for the athletes, who train for 4 years to excel at their sport, and have zero input to where the event is hosted. All that to say that I have no firm opinion, and no, I have never been to China.

3. Something in your life lately that has felt a bit like an ‘olympic event’? 

We had known that we were heading south ”sometime in January”. I was basically ready, but you know you can just keep adding stuff to the pile until you are walking out the door! A friend posted online about an ice storm in her state of Georgia, on the very night that we would be driving through. Well, we wanted to avoid that at ALL costs, so we left a day early, a little rushed, and endlessly going over our mental notes to try and not forget anything! We did forget some things, or decided we would like to have them in any case, so my Dad went over this afternoon and picked up a few things to throw in his truck before he comes down. Sometimes getting out of your own house feels like an Olympic event!

4. Do you like fondue? Sweet or savory? Restaurant only or do you own your own fondue set?

We love fondue! We own a couple sets and probably have one 2+ times a year! We first experienced it in a restaurant, but when it closed we looked into buying our own electric ones. Since we celebrated traditional Thanksgiving early this year, before my aunt and uncle left for their winter home, the kids wanted to try something different and suggested a fondue. It was our grandchildren’s first time and they seemed to like it a lot! We like ALL fondue, but long ago learned that the three courses was too much for us, and because we love the dessert SO much, we skip the beginning cheese. That would be a fun course to do on it’s own sometime though! One of my favorite parts of fondue is there is a lot of time to visit while cooking, and I do like the visiting part 🥰

5. Give us five short (2-3 word) phrases to sum up your January. 

Going to Florida, icestorm in Georgia, leaving early!, Florida chilly 🥶, company coming! ❤️

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Mousey is coming for a visit this weekend, and then my Dad, and then my brother’s family! Also in the mix, Jip the Farmdog and her husband Jaw have rented a place nearby and we are hoping to visit with them as well! We are looking forward to a fun month! Glad it is warming up down here, I had to get my puffy coat out of the suitcase last weekend!!

Thanks for stopping by!

On Arrival


Honey and I had planned to head down to Florida last Saturday, but when my friend Becki posted on Facebook that they were expecting an ice storm in her state of Georgia, I mentioned that we might need to go early or wait. The storm was coming Saturday night and we would be driving smack dab into it! Honey concurred and we decided to leave on Friday and drive through Atlanta that night so there would be NO chance of a meeting. I was mostly ready, I kind of gather things in a corner of our bedroom all year, and had already packed those things and our clothes. Honey had to do a little more rushing, but I went to my previously scheduled haircut at 9:30, we went to breakfast with Mousey, and were on the road by noon. It was an uneventful day and we stopped in Perry, Ga., well on the other side of Atlanta, for the night. We arrived in our town around dinnertime on Saturday, happy to be in the sunshine and warmth!

We started in flannel and puffy coats. Ended with this!

It didn’t last long though. There were heavy winds and rains the next morning, and we found out when we went to lunch that there had been tornados in Ft Myers! Our area seemed unscathed, thank you Lord!

Our neighbor Tom looks after the house while we are gone. He told Honey that the crew that trims the trees in our community dropped a branch and broke a corner of the roof.

We would like to get this taken care of immediately, Honey has read more than a few stories about the potential of highly destructive palm rats. I don’t need to hear anything more in that sentence than palm rats to light a fire underneath me. Because you know what can give you nightmares? Thinking about palm rats.

Our community has some rules about changing things on the outside of the homes. When we were down last year they announced that if anyone planned on painting the outside of their homes, there was a new color scheme that had to be followed. They had these charts down outside the clubhouse, (inside was closed, Covid) and you had to find the chart that went with your roof color and make your decision from there. These are our choices.

From my thumb up are the ones we are considering. The ones below are more gray, and we are firmly in the more greige camp. The woman at the clubhouse told us our current colors are Rice walls and Bison Beige trim. We would like to do darker walls and lighter trim. We need to make a decision soon so it can be approved and we can get cracking on painting.

We discovered that some things had quit us since our last visit. A toilet needed some parts, the disposal was rusted shut, our indoor/outdoor thermometer wouldn’t work and neither tv would turn on. After talking to our next door neighbor, who also lost a tv in a storm last August, we figured that is what happened over here. Honey fixed everything and is going to have a go at one of the tvs this week. If he cant get it running, we have already scoped out some new ones at Sam’s. It’s a good thing it’s been so chilly, it has given him plenty of time for repairing things!

All in all, we are glad to be at our much loved little place! 🥰

One for the Week


I have several snippets in the handy dandy list format.

We have been keeping our grandchildren this week so their mom, The Dane, could get caught up on work. They seem to really enjoy their “Sleepovers”, and we are very thankful they seem happy to be here and eat and sleep well! They sleep in their dad’s old bedroom and when I went to take their suitcase back, Moonpie came along. When I opened the door she yelled, “Hi room!!” ❤ I love that they have their favorite books and stuffed animals here and feel so comfortable. Little Dipper’s favorite babies right now are a trio of stuffed cats that he calls Chocolate, Ganache and Butterscouch. At some point during the week he realized the name was Butterscotch, but I will always call it Butterscouch. Forever and ever, amen ❤

When Moonpie lived here with us, after her folks relocated from Washington State, Abby and I frequently took her to our local library. It’s a good one and she LOVED it! We have been telling Little Dipper about it, and because we had their car seats, he finally got to go! They liked visiting the fish, and playing the educational games on the ipad. We left with 10 new books to read.

They built some forts! Oh! There’s Butterscouch on the couch!

Lots of fun playing with Papa and Abby, doing art, playing in the basement, READING, and we had a movie night every evening! Sometimes with popcorn!

We also had some cupcakes to celebrate Little Dipper’s 3rd birthday!

We had a good 4 days and they are coming back for a couple more this week!

I had planned to participate with Joyce on the Wednesday Hodgepodge, but BSF started back up this week and the above mentioned children had me a little busy. This was the only question I completed. I will share it here, cause I don’t think you will judge me for being an incompleter 🙂

2. Let’s be reasonable with our expectations going into this new year, k? What is one thing you’d like to accomplish/improve/complete/do in 2022?

We have a big move coming this year. After many years of looking, much prayer and trying to figure out what was the best plan, we decided to build a much smaller ranch in our current town. So that means there will be many things to accomplish before the transition actually happens. We need to make decisions about what will make the move and how we will get rid of all the things that will not. We currently have 3500 square feet of belongings and we will only be taking 1800 square feet of them along! I have been going through stuff, rehoming, purging and throwing out for the last several years to try and make this less gruesome. Any way you slice it there will be a lot of work and many decisions, and making a lot of decisions has the potential of causing my head to ache. We will also put our house on the market in the spring, which I’m sure will have its own challenges. Once that is complete, we are on our way!

Speaking of the new house, people were asking us if the builders had started. The last time we had been by they had started digging the basement and there was some plumbing stuff, but no concrete. I decided to go by on my way home from BSF.

We have a basement! And those two neighbor houses have gone up in the last month! It was a hive of activity over there on the street in front of us!

We were supposed to have a small group get together last Saturday, but The Ab-Cat has a fever on Thursday, and some other cold symptoms, so we postponed for tonight. I cancelled again yesterday because I have a sniffy nose that is turning into my usual cough. In LBC (Life Before Covid) I would probably not have cancelled either evening, but I would have felt awful if we had passed anything along.

I guess that is all I have for this week. It’s been freezing cold this week in The Mitten, so hopefully you all will stay warm and well.

Welcome 2022!


Happy New Year! We had a quiet New Years Eve, Just Honey, Abby and I, we dined early on take out Lee’s Chicken, Honey and I continued watching season 2 of Blue Bloods that the Ab-Cat gets us from the library, and I think I called it a night around 10. We are firecrackers around here!

We were supposed to have a gathering with our small group here today but Abby was not feeling well for a couple of days, so out of an abundance of caution, we postponed until next Saturday.

We had our first walk of 2022! It was breezy and nippy but I’m glad we went because we are apparently having some weather tonight. Possible 4 inches by tomorrow morning, and I guarantee Honey will ask me why are we still here?!

Today is Honey’s OFFICIAL retirement day, so the deal is done!

I took down the Christmas decorations and that always makes me feel better. The Girls want to go through our many boxes of decorations that I don’t even bring up to use anymore. Whatever they don’t want, and barring any forgotten gems, I will box up for the garage sale we are planning to have at Mousey’s house in the spring. I can’t remember if I mentioned that we had one here last fall and we were ASTOUNDED at how much money we made from things we no longer wanted! And the majority of goods seemed to be priced in the .10, .25, .50, and dollar categories! Mousey’s neighborhood gets a lot more traffic, so we are setting our sights over there, even Abby is getting in on it! Purging sound like a good New Year resolution!

Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one- Brad Paisley

Back to the Wedding


We really liked the photographer! We had gotten a preview of her work at the second wedding the previous summer, so we knew she would do a lovely job for wedding number 3 🙂

Still love this so much.

Her dashing Usher.

A very nice looking group of young people. Mousey had been friends with her girls since junior high. The Usher’s best man was a life long friend and the other gentleman was a friend from his years in Ohio.

Love these three ❤

Considering the unusual circumstances of the 2020/2021 state of our world, it was a beautiful, joyous occasion.

The cast of the second wedding in their third wedding finery!

The Dane did a beautiful job with the flowers, and other decorating. She is so creative and made everything so special!

My entrance with The Boy, who was also officiating the ceremony. Honey had a big moment coming that required him to be less emotional than he was probably feeling.

Stacey and Goomba provided the music and sang I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You. It was perfect ❤

Here came our Moonpie! She did such a good job sprinkling her petals!

These two did great!

It was this one who was emotional!

And because one of the glitches I have found with typing on WordPress is not being able to delete or rearrange a picture, here we are back to enjoying Moonpie executing her flower girl duties exquisitely for a moment!

Third time is the charm for these newlyweds!

In one of my favorite impromptu moments, the Grands decided to leave with us!

I really thought Little Dipper was going to fall asleep on my lap during the ceremony, but he held on until the reception. Here he was hanging with Uncle Beeve.

We went outside for some photos. Love, love, love this ❤

The Dane built this, wrote this and flowered it 🙂 She has skills.

And he’s down for the count.

Not this one, flitting the entire evening!

Our wedding was the first one the venue had hosted since the shutdown 17 months before. They could not have been nicer or more accommodating. We didn’t know if they would be stiff with the Covid regulations, but they never said one word. So many guests commented how much fun it was to do something normal. It was a beautiful celebration and we are so thankful it went well and is over! 😉

I’m thankful to have gotten these wedding posts on the blog in the year that they happened! It has been a pleasure to be attempting to blog more regularly, here’s to 2022 being even better!

Happy New Years Eve Friends!

Third Time is the Charm


Mousey and The Usher finally had their BIG wedding in June! They had previously married at the courthouse for health insurance purposes, then had an intimate, immediate family, Covid wedding on their original wedding date of July18, 2020. After their third go-round, we are going to call them good and married! Mousey and I have discussed this and we have come to the conclusion that going into this day with low expectations was the very best way to go. We were so pleased with how almost EVERYTHING turned out! These were the unofficial photos.

Our beautiful bride ❤

Her Dad’s first look, one of my favorites!

The Usher’s first look, also a good one! They were both unsure if they would be emotional, after all they had been married for almost a year. It was sweet to see them have a few tears of joy.

This was a rough day for Little Dipper, he crashed for a good hour on Aunt Abby after arriving at the reception. She was happy to accommodate him ❤

It was a lot of fun dancing and talking to the guests.

I thought we cleaned up nicely.

There he is, all refreshed from his nap!

Moonpie had a wonderful time dancing and visiting!

There is one more wedding post, with official pictures, but I really do love these too ❤

Christmas 2021


We had a fine Christmas over here ❤

Lots of family, good food, laughs, all the things I love. We had these Little Furlings around for several days and they were, as you can imagine, very excited about some presents. Honey asked them what they smelled like, which produced some funny answers, and kept them occupied 🙂

Uncle Beeve did his part to amuse them.

And Goomba bench pressed them!

The Grandpa sat in the center of all the activity.

Honey and Moonpie told the Christmas story based on one of our old books about the Baby Jesus.

This gift was a HUGE hit!!! All of the super hero masks!

As were the fireman and healthcare worker outfits! Moonpie received a medical bag from The Ab-Cat for her birthday last summer, so she has been curing us all of “The Bloodery” since then! Now she can dress the part. Little Dipper is a fan of most any siren!

She also liked the Wonder Woman mask!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!



I believe I mentioned that Honey was called back to work. He had been saying for the last year or so that he wasn’t going back. Well, he would go back, and then retire. But if you have been around the blog any length of time, he has been talking about retirement for quite some time. It’s even been somewhat of an ongoing joke among some friends and family. So I just told myself that he would retire when he retired, and I wasn’t going to think/worry about it. And I didn’t. I prayed that he would know when the right time would be, and that he wouldn’t have any regrets. The right time was December 22, 2021! It’s actually January 1, 2022, but he had his last official day last week! He went in for the last time and was back home by 9 a.m.!

His good buddy Bob also retired, they went out together!

We had met Bob and his wife for lunch last fall, and she said he wasn’t going back either. It took them both less than a week to put their papers in after the callback 🙂

Honey’s last time leaving Ford Motor Company as an employee! ❤ We are so happy for him and I am thrilled he will be able to do all of the things he would like to do after basically working two lifetimes!!!

We went out for breakfast after he returned home that morning, me and that retired guy I’m married too 🙂 I am so thankful the day has come, the Lord made it clear, and he has no regrets.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.

Thankful for the Lord’s direction. Enjoy retirement Honey!

Wednesday Hodgepodge


Hi Guys, thanks for stopping by! A special hug and Merry Christmas to Joyce for all she does to keep this gig up and running!

From this Side of the Pond

1. How young is young? In the past, according to various organizations who decide these things, age 60 was the ‘border age’ to old. The World Health Organization has done new research recently and divided up the categories as-0-17 (underage), 18-65 (youth or young people), 66-79 (middle-aged), 80-99 (elderly senior), 100+ (long-lived elderly). Your thoughts on this particular breakdown, and also your thoughts as to where you land?

Hmmmm, this advice seems suspicious to me, along with other recent advice from the WHO this year! The underage one seems fine, but I am leery of any research that would lump me in the same category with 18 year olds! It’s too broad! And while I don’t consider myself elderly, my body certainly knows I don’t belong in any sort of young grouping! That’s just wishful thinking! Who are they trying to kid??!! I would say a more fair assessment would be to change 40-60+or 70s (depending on your spryness 😉 ) to middle age, and beyond that as senior/ elderly. Do we really have that big a percentage of seniors living past 100 anyway?

2. TIME magazine has declared Elon Musk person of the year in 2021. What say you? If you want to know more about how they choose you’ll find that info in the link here. If you were choosing, who would be your person of the year? 

I am not really that familiar with Elon Musk beyond some of the curious news bits I have read. Like his son’s weird name, he launched a car into space, he is very wealthy. I’m guessing he was chosen for reasons other than that. As for who I would choose? Well, there seem to be a lot I could choose from the standpoint of they are in control and doing a supernaturally poor job of it, but I would like to pick someone more positive. I don’t know, Mike Rowe? He seems to have his finger on the pulse of people who actually like America. And who doesn’t like Mike Rowe?!

3. I read here ten habits of extremely likable people which include-they greet the world with a smile on their face, they ask questions, they’re consistent, they put the phone away, they remember names and use them, they keep an open mind and don’t pass judgement, they’re authentic, they’re kind and generous, accountable for their mistakes, and they send thank you notes.  

So, are you likable-lol? Which one of these habits could use some further developing in your own life? What is one habit/quality you’d add to the list? 

Mostly likable! I am not always good about remembering names, and I always joke I have talked to some people for YEARS and don’t know their names! It’s a memory thing and it’s getting worse, but I do try. I think I would add to remember what you have talked about. It can make people feel seen and heard when you ask about something they have previously mentioned.

4. One non-holiday related task/job/goal/dream on your to-do list that you hope/plan to make happen before the new year rolls in? 

The only thing coming to mind is getting my permanent crown. This temporary is rough and I can’t keep my tongue off it. It’s annoying me greatly and I can’t chew gum. Also do a fasting bloodwork. Nothing exciting.

5. Share with us some of your holiday plans. 

We are getting together with our Dear Friends The Hostler’s this weekend for our annual get together that normally happens on Christmas Eve. They will be traveling to Minnesota this year over the holidays to spend it with their daughter and son-in-law AND their precious new grandbaby, who was born last August at 23 weeks, 1 pound-10 ounces, and will be coming home for Christmas!!! We are rejoicing with them for this little life that the Lord has caused to flourish!

Thank you Lord for this precious girl ❤

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I am having a quiet day at home, waiting on people to come and fix our water heater and the crack in our basement wall. Doing a little blogging, a little Bible reading, maybe a little wrapping. It’s like the calm before the storm of the holidays. Merry Christmas, hope to see you in the New Year!