Mama Mia


We lost our sweet Mama Mia last September. She had a tumor growing on her face that had closed her eye and was starting to impede her nose and down her throat.  We think she was about 16 years old, but it’s hard to say because we adopted her and her 2 daughters from Humane Society foster care system and that was their best guess. Her foster mom told me that she had been found behind a dumpster in Detroit, along with her 4 babies. We took Mama and 2 kitties, another was adopted my someone else, and 1 did not make it. I can’t imagine what her life was like on the street, but I do know she was a skinny little mama when we got her.027

She weighed in at 5 pounds and promptly ate her way up to a hefty 18! I think it’s safe to say she was pretty starved out there on the mean streets! I don’t know how long she was out on her own, but I do think she started out as a pet, and unfortunately the home was not as kind to her as one would hope. She had a lifelong fear of being picked up, having her tail touched and brooms.


I am a cat person by nature and my family would tell you that I am generally the preferred human, but I have never worked harder to gain a cats trust than I did with Mia. For a long time after we brought her home she would not stay on the bed, even if I put her there. She finally decided that she was welcome and settled in. She skittered out of the way, even if I was more than happy to go around her. She never would sit in my lap, but after many years she did occasionally sleep on me when I was napping, only if I was covered by a down throw.


We had many conversations where I assured her that she was safe, loved, and that she was my Best Girl.


She developed a weepy eye several years ago. The vet said it was unusual at her age, it usually presented much younger. I now wonder if that was the beginning of the tumor, and it curled her eyelid in on  itself causing the irritation. They said they could do surgery, but it didn’t always work. We decided against it because she was about 14 then and it would have been a lot for her to handle. She looked a little crusty sometimes, but all in all she was fine for two more years.

Then in the summer her cheek began to swell.The original vet thought she had an infected tooth. After an antibiotic shot did nothing to relief the situation, we took her to another vet.

She did not think it was an infected tooth. She had a bad feeling from the start. We knew we did not want to do extensive testing, we would not put her through treatment  for cancer. She said we would know when it was time when her quality of life declined.

IMG-9893 (1)

I don’t know if she was in pain, but she became uncomfortable. She shook her head and sneezed, trying to shake it loose. Her appetite dwindled. Her eye closed.

IMG-9891 (1)

I made the appointment to take her in when Honey would be able go with me. We have made this trip before and it is always grueling. Honey ended up having to work so Mousey came along.

IMG-9918 (1)

It was the first time she had been there when losing a beloved pet.

IMG-9920 (1)

Mia was so calm, such a good girl.

4AEF433B-D387-408F-97DD-41F2F29979AE (1)

We loved her up good.

IMG-0049 (1)

Kissed her sweet head.

IMG-0050 (1)

They gave her an injection that calmed her. We love cat paws, and will always remember her distinct markings.

IMG-9924 (1)

The vet was so kind and thoughtful, as far as things like this can go.

IMG-9922 (1)

We brought her home, and buried her in the backyard behind the playhouse. The Usher so thoughtfully helped out with this.

IMG-9774 (1)

We miss her. Her sweet presence, when her toenails sounded like high heels when she walked (click, click, click 🙂 ) the way she always crossed her paws so casually, her noble head.

IMG-9776 (1)

Oh that beautiful, noble head.

Goodbye Mia, our pretty blue eyed Mama. ❤


First and Last List in January


I went to my old blog, No Whining Allowed, this morning to look for something, as I sometimes do. It’s like a memory bank. If I can narrow down a year, try and guess a month or something else that happened around that time, I can usually track it down. It has been a useful tool 🙂

Anyway, I went to look for something that is escaping me now, and I stayed for a while and read about the goings on in a few months in 2015. I enjoyed it immensely! I really did! It all came flooding back.

I have a confession. I still have not mailed my Christmas cards out. I have written the letter, one paragraph still needs to be previewed by one child for accuracy and then can be printed,  have ordered the prints, which have not arrived yet but should any day. I have been this late on one other occasion, though February is not the preferred month to share Christmas cards. I have to hope that the people who actually care about us will be glad to get them whenever they come. So bring on the Valentine’s Day/New Year/ Christmas cards!!!

I had a productive day yesterday! Went to BSF, and all that involves, stopped at Sam’s for a few things, low on half and half and that won’t do! Headed on down the road to return 2 things at Marshall’s, looked around and purchased 2 other things before travelling further down the road to T.J. Maxx, where I was happy to get a full bag of returns out of my house, including 2 pair of booties and various rejected tops and a pair of leopard print jeggings that I decided did not fit me in a flattering way. From there I went south to the library because I had finished 3 out of the 4 books I had checked out!! That is quite a feat for me! Only 1 dud too. I very much liked 2 of the authors and the third was a mercy finish because I wanted to see how it ended. Not a great writer.

These were the 2 I liked, the first had a small amount of salty language, enjoyed them both.

IMG-0713 (1)      IMG-0714 (1)

Speaking of BSF, starting next week our Wednesday leaders meeting will be very different. 2 1/2 years ago our class absorbed another class that was struggling after their teaching leader needed to step down because of a serious illness. Jip the Farm Dog was our teaching leader at the time and she and her staff graciously agreed to take their leaders on, to shepherd and train them alongside of our leaders. We became one class, in two locations. The lecture was live streamed to wherever the live lecturer was not. It was a big job for our teaching leaders, class administrator and children’s supervisor, but they all persevered, and added additional staff along the way. We grew to know and love each other, all 77 of us! The Area Team informed us earlier in the month that the time had arrived to become two separate classes once more. The Admin teams from each class gathered on Wednesday at Chip and Dip to celebrate a job well done!

IMG-0710 (1)

We will miss all of the Hilltop leaders on Wednesday’s because BSF knits hearts Y’All, but they will do fabulously well! Thank you Lord for the last 2 1/2 years. ❤

Here Comes the Bride


Mousey and The Usher are planning to marry in July, planning being the correct word! There has been much looking and choosing and what feels like a hundred decisions already made with more waiting in the wings. So far they have a date, church, venue, photographer, DJ, attendants, and Mousey has been spending time on the internet researching possibilities for their registry. In December she also crossed off one very important thing and put it in the done category; her dress!

We went looking with her two maids of honor on Thanksgiving weekend, because one of the gals lives out of state and was home for the holiday. We met at a place not too far away to have a little looksee. Mousey has long favored a more fitted look, a little mermaid-y.

On the way over I was recalling my own visit to the bridal shop to look at dresses. I was not one of those girls who had long dreamed of the perfect wedding. I had looked at exactly one Bride magazine, and really had no idea what I might like in a bridal style, I went with my Mom, we picked out several we thought were pretty and I was completely surprised!  I remember thinking that I looked really good in all of them!! Who knew?!

We arrived at our appointment and I have to say this was not Mousey’s favorite experience. The gal assigned to us did not really give her any time to look, and when She showed her dresses she liked in her profile, the gal picked a couple and then picked some that she thought might work, which did not work. She did not seem to be very in tune to what The Mouse wanted. She did not recommend a veil, a belt, any helpful hints and was not even around much to help her in or out of the gowns. We still had fun with her friends and guess what?? Mousey looks good in wedding dresses too!!!! And she made a surprising discovery, she did not like the more fitted dresses that she had envisioned as well as she thought she would. There were so many details to consider; beads, lace, fabric, simple, along with the more practical things; too heavy, too itchy, can’t sit in it, and too….revealing!

IMG-0373 (1)

Her friend Katie went and snagged this off the wall because as another future bride, she felt like you got a different picture with a veil on, she was right ❤

IMG-0405 (1)

Such a fun night with these dear friends of our Girl! Chip on the left and Katie on the right.

IMG-0426 (1)

I was happy to be included 🙂

IMG-0431 (1)

Then shortly before Christmas Mousey wanted to take a trek out to a place that had very good reviews. It was an hour and a half one way, but a WAY different experience for her. As in BETTER, and more helpful. We looked through everything she wanted and chose these to try.

IMG-0512 (1)

Once again, she looked beautiful in them all, even ones we would never choose!

IMG-0579 (1)

She narrowed them down and came up with her favorite, texted Honey the price and then we went next door for a bite to eat while she made her final decision. She really loved it and said YES to the dress!!!

IMG_2094 (1)

I can’t wait for everyone to see her in it ❤ She looks beautimous! So she crossed that off one list and added onto another list to be altered, so kind of still on a list of things to do. 🙂

IMG_2095 (1)

Congratulations Mousey ❤

2019 in Review


Man, that was a fast year!!! I had big plans to blog and capture all the doings and then we and a full house and life just kept on going at breakneck speed! Here are 19 of the highlights, and I seriously could have done 2019 highlights ❤

We welcomed The Little Dipper last year! He is now on the move and getting very personable!

 IMG-8569 (1)

Spent time with The Capri’s in February on North Captiva Island, always a pleasure to be with treasured, old Friends. Old as in we have known each other a long time, because they say 60 is the new 40, right??!!

IMG-8694 (1)

I am Grammy of two!

IMG-0213 (2) 

Always love to see my people laughing, it’s my favorite ❤

IMG-0203 (1)

Oldest to youngest, the extreme ends of the generations!

IMG_1468 (1)

Me and my Honey, all gussied up for a wedding. I still like that guy.

IMG-8947 (1)

The Boy GRADUATED in May from Moody Bible Institute!!!!!!! That’s 7 exclamation points because 7 is God’s number!!

IMG_1524 (1)

These two, the fun never ends ❤

IMG-8884 (1)

Heard The Boy give a Good Word for the first time!

IMG-9088 (3)

Thankful for my brother Beeve. I like his face.

 IMG-0433 (1)


2A8422A1-94E6-4793-8585-7B91B40701FD (1)

So glad to have this family nearby. It’s still an hour drive, but WAY better than the other side of the country in Washington State!

IMG_1650 (1)

Happy to welcome The Usher to the family, he’s a keeper and we love him ❤

IMG_1861 (1)

Love this bunch a BUNCH!

IMG-9215 (1)

Have loved having Moonpie stay for some weekends! We took her to our Dear Friend Awesome Autumn’s costume birthday party!

IMG-0138 (1)

Love being able to babysit as needed, especially now that this guy is allowing his Mama out of his sight!

IMG-0288 (1)

Little Dipper celebrated his first birthday last week in Denmark, land of his Mama’s People!

IMG_1858 (1)

Our annual Christmas celebration with our Dear Friend’s The Hostlers!

IMG_2135 (1)

And Happy New Year from Ab-Cat and Awesome Autumn from their Roaring 20s party!

IMG-0619 (1)

Here’s to 2020, may it be the best year yet!

Thanksgiving 2019


We are in the thick of all things Christmas over here, but wanted to get the Thanksgiving memories committed to the blob!

Our Thanksgiving did not go quite as planned. We were expecting 13 in the morning and by noon 7 were out. Sick kids and other plans were the causes, but we made do and had plenty of food!

Honey and I bought this dining room set when we moved into our house, some 21 years ago. It was highly recommended that we purchase the protective pads, which we were happy to do because we are usually the sort to try and protect investments. I do remember the salesgirl using the scare tactic that if we didn’t, a drop of water could ruin the finish. I must have been skeptical at the time because who would buy such a poorly finished table that people actually eat and drink on? As I recall, we had some other problems with this salesgirl and when we voiced concern, we found out that she was someone’s girlfriend and they would not do anything about our concerns, so now I call bull on her sales skillz. I basically think she lied to sell us the pads that we would have bought anyway. But Honey never forgot the one drop of water scenario and therefore the table has never been naked in its entire life. Protective pads forever was his motto.

It was my goal to have everyone at the same table for the holiday. Partly because we are always so close to needing two that it is more fun to squish together than it is to have 3 or 4 in the kitchen. Plus, I am feeling a little attached to our dining room. Since we could possibly move in a couple of years, or at any freaking time, it has occurred to me that each time we use it could be our last. A hard thing for a sentimental gal. This brought up the need to add in an extra leaf that we have never used before for some reason. And for another some reason, that leaf has NO protective pad! Good grief, how did that happen? Honey wanted to go and mosey around Home Depot until something inspired him. If you know Honey, he enjoys a challenge because he is a Fixer and a DOER. He found this, some kind of smooth particle board that was the exact thickness. We put some felt pads on the bottom, slid it in, and it worked like a charm 🙂  Too bad we didn’t need it for our 6 guests.

IMG-0461 (1)

IMG-0337 (1)

The bird was good.

IMG-0334 (1)

As was the pig, and all the other sides.

IMG-0336 (1)

It was a quiet, well fed kind of day.