Proud Moonpie and Little Dipper’s First Haircut!


These cutey-cute pictures were taken WAY back in February while we were in Florida! I had already made the post and stored it in the drafts folder since APRIL, because I am a total blog LOSER. I have been feeling sad about my lack of blogging, it had become a wonderful memory bank and I’m pretty sure I am going to regret my lapse in the future. So much has been going on and it’s easier in the short run to just not go into the den and record the times. Long run, I will be kicking myself in the behind! So let’s go back to February for a moment, shall we? because these are moments I want to remember ❤

! Moonpie modeled someones big old boots and was SOOOOOO proud!!

IMG-0461 (1)

Just busting at the seams at her accomplishment! Maybe she even walked in them!

 FullSizeRender (1)

And this little guy had a major milestone, a haircut! He has spent the first two years trying to grow his hairs and finally had enough to trim 🙂 This has always been strange to me since his Mama and his Pops both have enough hair for two or possibly THREE people on their own heads!!! But he has it now and he had a trim! He is shy.


I have done several of these types of haircuts on the Mom’s lap 🙂


Look at that darling little fella!


Sweetie Pie.


The first of a lifetime.

Bonita Beach


I mentioned that my friend CMB and her daughter visited us when we were in Florida. We tried for a sunset one evening and we got a pretty good one! We have always liked Bonita Beach and we certainly got lucky finding a parking place on the first try. One small upside of all of this Covid stuff, Florida was not SWAMPED with snowbirds and visitors.


We did some walking, some shelling, some picture taking.


It was a beautiful night.


The only time in 6 weeks Honey and I made it to the beach! We tried again when Mousey was down but were not as fortunate in the parking situation, so we settled for ice cream.

I like his face ❤


God is a wonderful Maker.


Little Dipper and the Cupcake


We are notoriously late for celebrating birthdays around here. Little Dipper turned two the end of December and for whatever reason we did not get to it until before we left for Florida in either the end of January or February. I think it’s fair to say that he did not mind the delay and thoroughly enjoyed his birthday cupcake, no matter the month! The Dane snapped these for us to always remember his delight 🙂 ❤


Was not 100% sure what to do.


Gave it a good shot and it worked!


Got his hands on it….


dove right in…


and it disappeared right quick!


Happy Birthday to Grammy’s Punkin’ Pie!


Back to the Sunshine State For a Bit


The last post from Florida had us doing a little home improvement. Here is the newly painted den, sporting its new color, Malabar. The whole time I was painting the white walls I was thinking, oh, it’s going to be toooooo dark. I have no idea what my problem was! I like it very much. Still no cutey-cute bedding, but it does have sheets and covers for now. Oh well, even Rome wasn’t built in a day. The room was ready to host CMB’s daughter Courtney, and that was a good thing ❤


We also switched the previous queen bed out for a king. After a flurry of texting with Capri P, Mousey and The Dane, who evidently have a form of foam mattress, we decided on this one from Sam’s Club.


There was a lot of packaging and it had all the air sucked right out of it!


Starting to floof.


Fully floofed! I have to be honest, it was a little lower than I expected, but I did sleep on it and it seemed quite comfortable. CMB said it was firm, and I can get on board with that assessment. She also liked the pillows we also purchased at the Sam’s Club, they were called Bellagio, which sounds faincy!


I found this set at Homegoods and I very much liked the color. I’m so glad we didn’t wait to purchase it until Mousey arrived because we never saw another like it!


Still need some art work and maybe a few more pillows, but it was also up and running to host CMB!


The last few times we rented, before purchasing our place in Estero, were spent renting in Cape Coral from VRBO. We rented from a very nice woman named Becky Burroughs and her equally nice husband, whose name I cannot recall. Honey mostly dealt with Becky through texting and I mailed her the checks, so her name was in my brain. Becky and her husband had been buying homes and redoing them to use as rentals, and she told us that we were usually the first renters in a new listing, it just worked out that way! There were many things I appreciated about renting from Becky, and a few were full soap dispensers in the bathrooms and kitchen, also dish washer pods, cleaning spray and toilet paper! You would think that would be a given, but you would be mistaken. I find it extremely annoying when you have to go to the store on your first day in a rental to buy toilet paper. VERY chintzy! She actually had a closet that held all sorts of things that people actually stock in their own homes, which was helpful. Because when we make a mess, I would like to have the wherewithal to clean up said mess.

One of the things our family really liked about Becky’s houses were the SNACK BASKETS! In all of their houses, they had a basket full of yummy snacks and there was never much left when we left to go home! So when we were expecting our first guests at our new place, who happened to be Mrs Schmenkman and Mr C, Honey said we HAD to make a snack basket!! I present our Becky Burrough’s Snack Basket! I think they liked it 🙂


I also wanted to have a little somethn’ somethin’ to snack on, but our oven was having an emotional breakdown of sorts. Honey bought several parts to right it, but it resisted being helped. The cook top worked, but no oven. One day I saw our sweet neighbor Jean, who has a delightful British accent, and was telling her of our oven dilemma and she suggested I could use hers. I totally took her up on that! She said she never uses it anymore and she seemed thrilled to help me out, we are now bonded for life 🙂 I paid her with a couple slices of Mrs Davis’ pound cake, our family cake, and she now tells me that she feels like we have been friends forever ❤


In the new acrylic cake holder that The Ab-Cat and Mousey gave me for Christmas! I love it!

Back to The Mitten


We have been home from Florida a little over a week now and The Mitten has been fairly hospitable, weather wise anyway! Sunny and 50s, 60s and 70s, the trees are considering popping out leaves and I have seen proof of life photos from friends on Facebook and Instagram of their spring flowers ❤

Other things that have been popping up have been Covid-19 cases. Our last couple weeks in Florida I was texting quite a bit with my brother, Beeve and his wife Stacey, because they, along with Medium Goomba had succumbed after an entire year of carefull-ness! Goomba recovered quickly, but his folks had a much harder time of it and are still not 100%. We are praying that they do not have long term fallout from their health struggles.

Driving home I got a text from Keelyody, my walking buddy, saying that her husband and 2 sisters were down with it as well. They are on the mend now. She has since tested positive but other than a loss of taste and smell, and a runny nose, does not have symptoms.

And finally,on  Monday The Usher, who resides in OUR BASEMENT, came home from work after being tested. They called a few hours later with his positive diagnosis. He had a fever, headache, runny nose and was extremely tired and not hungry, so you know he was sick. But by today, Thursday, his fever had been gone for 24 hours and he has popped back up like a daisy. This morning Mousey texted that she now has a fever. I guess we are about to find out if Honey and I really had The ‘Rona during Christmas of 2019 like we thought. To be honest, unless we have it seriously bad, I will be relieved to have it over and done with. We should know within a few days, because for the 2 days before The Usher’s diagnosis, I had sat on the couch with Mousey binge watching Stranger Things. That is 8 hours of non social distancing and should have done it.

The last we spoke, we were tackling some home improvements at our winter home in Estero,. We were there for about 6 weeks, and we think that is the longest we’ve ever been there! We met a LOT of neighbors and had good conversations and we are hopeful we will actually remember some names when we go back! We had company twice, my friend CMB and her daughter came for a weekend and then Mousey popped down for about 5 days. Always love company!!

While Mousey was down she helped us make use of the fitness center down by our clubhouse. I am proud to say we kept it up after she left, and incorporated it into our heavy schedule of hanging out at the pools, walking and eating dinners out 🙂

I read a GREAT book! Highly recommend it. I bought it at The Goodwill the last time we were there and left it on the nightstand. I planned to get a card at the local library on arrival, so I came down with sparse reading material. When I saw it lying there I had forgotten all about it, BOY, was it good. It was her first book, based on a true story about her grandfather’s family. I am hoping that she gathered enough research information to have another book in her.


We had a lovely trip and have certainly came back to reality with a thud, but ahhhhh, this is a beautiful thing to gaze at.


Recent Activity


Time is a funny thing down here. You have to be intentional, or else you can fritter it away. The only thing set in stone is my Wednesday morning BSF leaders meeting, everything else is wide open. We try to walk most days, spend a little time at the pool, sunning, swimming and socializing, and there are always little projects to accomplish.

Honey purchased a tv for the guest room when we were down here last fall, it sat on the dresser for a while, but Honey didn’t like that. I liked the idea of a wall mount so Honey found one when we were at the Costco with Uncle Bob. His first wall mount tv installation! In this post I am just showing the works in progress, the finished results will be in another post 😊

We originally used this room as a den, as the previous owners had. It had two chairs in it, an end table and a desk in an alcove. We planned to get a pull out sofa, Murphy bed, or twin bed feature to add to our guest sleeping options. When we made the decision to swap out a king for the queen in the bigger guest room, we either needed to get rid of the queen, or use it. We chose the latter because it was a nice looking white bed. But a white bed was not going to look very special with these walls. My friend Sarah helped me choose a color for our Michigan house that minimized our honey oak wood tones and worked with our kitchen granite and gold-ish /tannish carpet hues. It was called Antler Velvet. I thought the space was too small for the darker color so we went with its younger brother, Malabar, to try and minimize the gold-ish carpet in here. We would like to keep the chair if possible, because I think it’s cute 😊 The table will have to be rehomed, either in or out of our home.
The desk will remain since it is the perfect spot and not in the way. And we do use that. When moving it out of its little spot we found a postcard, a picture, a card from a hole in one from the previous owners and this poor fellow, perfectly mummified! You don’t see that when painting in The Mitten! 🦎
We are having some company next weekend, CMB and her daughter will be down on vacation, and we are happy to spend a few days with them! Always good to have incentive to get things going! Everyone will have a bed and sheets and covers, but I plan to wait until Mousey arrives in March to choose a color scheme and look for new pretty bedding, that whole can’t make an independent decision thing again 😉

No Snow Here!


Hi Guys! Honey and I are where it is NOT snowing! Apparently The Mitten is experiencing a winter weather event, along with much of the country, but we have been in FLORIDA a full week now and it’s all blue skies and sunshine here 😊

We do not have a respectable internet yet, so we are just using the hotspot on our phones. I have got to tell you that it’s getting old, sooooo, sooooo pokey. I have not blogged on the iPad in, oh, years, so I am going to try and remember how to post a picture. If memory serves me correctly, it’s a bear, because I never really figured out how to place a picture within text. Maybe I can just place all the pictures and then blog around them? There has to be a way.

Since we arrived we have been spending some time walking, pooling, going out to eat (that has only recently been re-allowed in Michigan at 25% capacity, so it’s a little nice), and gathering info on getting a king bed for the guest room. We have ordered the bed, should be here tomorrow, and purchased the Tuft and Needle foam mattress that we have heard great things about! We are moving the current queen bed to the unused den in an effort to expand our sleeping options for guests. Because the queen bed frame is white, and the den walls are also white, I want to paint in there before we do the switch-a-roo. I will try and get a before and after picture if I can figure out the aforementioned picture placement issue. I will probably not have pretty bedding until Mousey gets here next month to help, because I can’t seem to make independent decisions anymore.

Today we are meeting my Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis at the Costco in Naples. We belong to Sam’s Club, so I need to be a guest of a member to enjoy what Costco has to offer. I finally have a new prescription for new glasses, and there was not enough time to get them with my brother Beeve before we left home. Choosing new frames is hard, and you wear them, so you need to get it right! Pray for THAT decision, always high up on the list of decisions I don’t like to make. Along with purchasing a new mattress by the way. Two hard decisions in the same week! Killing it over here!

Enjoy your Tuesday, no matter what your weather 😊❄️☀️🌴

Living the Grandparent Life


I believe I mentioned that we have been keeping the Grands while The Dane was working. She has now secured a new job that allows her to mostly work from home, so our three days a week have ended 😦  We made good use of our time together, making pancakes, READING, playing with our vast collection of Beanie Babies and other toys leftover from our kids childhood, some reading, a little something we refer to as Art With Papa, breakfasting, lunching and sometimes dinnering, oh and also a little bit of reading stacks and STACKS of books!


This one is all about rubbing noses, with grandparents, felines, whomever 🙂


Seymour does not always know what to make of these little humans, he has so far been mostly cordial. The elder ladies just try and make themselves very small or invisible!


We lost a chair in the family room and brought this old rocker up. It used to be in the baby room that all of our kids went through at our old house. The last time it was used was when Little Goomba used to spend time over here. He was a fan of the rocking too 🙂  It’s a full lap and we love it! Having an apple snick snack and a rock, good times!


Missing them already.



Well, our country has had quite a week. I am once again having a hard time blogging about my usual nonsense when our world is in such disarray. My only solutions have been to pray and try and educate myself on the current events. I have found there is always more than meets the eye, or the ear, or what the media tells. I don’t think I am being dramatic to suggest our country is at a crossroad. I will continue to acknowledge that God is in control of all things, and remember that He works all things together for my good, no matter what that looks like in the day to day. His will be done, and I ask that He helps me to finish strong, no matter what is going on in these certainly not United States of America..

Would you now care to observe some non controversial nonsense with me?

The Ab-Cat gave me a new 11×14 aluminum cookie sheet for Christmas, I needed one to use when I make two chicken pot pies. My previous sheets could not support the burden of two glass pie dishes, size wise. Since receiving it, I can see that it will be a useful engine to make cookies, or Sinful Saltines, or most anything else I desire. I like options. But I have heard of the dangers of baking directly on aluminum, something about causing Alzheimer’s. Abby had previously given me some other sizes of aluminum cookie pans along with silicone sheets. I decided I needed an 11X14 silicone sheet as well. so I ordered from Amazon. More on Amazon in a minute.

It arrived last week in this largish box stuffed with brown paper.


WOW. someone is not a volume control expert.

Pretty sure it could have been in a bubble envelope!


We have been watching these Little Furlings several days a week lately. This week was all about getting safely to the “ship” for a trip to Boston, or Denmark, or Mexico! The “ship” has been the foyer rug, (bigger, more passengers 🙂 ) and also this smaller boat ❤  We were trying to figure our where the ship/Boston idea originated until Honey remembered they had read a story about Dumbo and the other circus animals trying to secure passage after their circus train broke down. And they were trying to get to Boston! Love those little monkeys!


They had great fun fishing off the boat with dangly cat toys and staying warm when the freezing waves crashed over the side, plus spent a LOT of time industriously “packing” for their trip. Oh. the things they packed!

About that Amazon.I read that 2020 was a banner year year for them, continuing a probably stellar decade in their favor. They have become one of the most successful companies in our country, based on the very American service of supply and demand. Good on them.  Pandemics can cause people to really want to shop from home, and I can certainly understand that. It was a blessing to many folks in our country to not have to risk their health to purchase what they needed. But Amazon has shown their hand on what they think of a large percentage of their customers. Their interference in the affairs of our country and their uncheritableness to those they disagree with politically emanates mean spiritedness. And my children will tell you that I not like that quality. In people, or at businesses where I spend money..

Honey and I do not have an account but have occasionally benefitted from using Mousey’s, in ordering and also watching Amazon Prime. If I had one, I would cancel it in protest for the shenanigans they have recently pulled. I don’t feel that they should be put out of business, but it seems like the only way we can effectively show our disapproval of a company’s actions has been to take our business elsewhere. I lived a great many years without having things delivered to my doorstep in a timely fashion, and I am quite sure I can do it again. I wont’ be shopping there anymore, or watching their streaming. I’m positive they will not be concerned about my personal decision, but I know of others who have made the same choice for themselves. Free speech Y’All, it’s the American way.

Enjoy your Tuesday.