Growing Like a Weed


Miss Baby was 7 lbs 4 oz at birth, just a little peanut, same size as her Mama.

She is now 4 months old and weighs a hefty 16 lbs and is a lanky 24 inches long.

You know they are going to grow, but you forget how quick it happens ❤

She and her Mom have had a rough couple of weeks, everyone was sick at their house and then the Little Miss plum forgot how to go to sleep! As soon as she is fully better they are going to work on some sleep training.

Pray for them 🙂




My Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis left for their winter home in Florida at the beginning of November, but needed to return to The Mitten for a doctor appointment. Instead of driving the hour to their house, we offered them our spare bedroom for a few days. We had a very nice couple of days visiting with them. I think sitting around talking is a highly under rated activity, as is playing cards. Throw in eating good food, and is there anything more enjoyable than doing it all with those you love?! ❤

Thanksgiving Night Thankfulness


We had a busy couple of weeks there! Thanksgiving fondue was a hit! Just our kids and their families and The Grandpa were in attendance, but it was a full table and there were full bellies 🙂

After dinner our Dear Friends the Hostler’s joined us for dessert, and we were finally able to meet their precious granddaughter, who was born in 2021 at 23 weeks!!!

The “kids table” ❤ There was a lot of licking going on over there! Chocolate fondue for the win!!

Let’s call Nurse Lauren and her husband William’s baby Ju-Beanie, because Rae-Babe said she was the size of a Beanie Baby at birth! The kids were very excited to finally meet the little girl they had been seeing in pictures and praying for all year!

Meeting The Ab-Cat ❤ She’s a little angel baby! Thank you Lord for sparing her precious life!

The two new mamas with their beebees 🙂 Grandmas doing their thang!

Dehostwaeler’s. together again! ❤ ❤ ❤



It’s been a busy week and it’s only Tuesday! Because of the holiday, we had an abbreviated leaders meeting AND class day yesterday, starting at 7:50. After class I had the pleasure of having Lunch with Capri P before her haircut. Honey and I also did a marathon grocery shop at 5 stores and I’m sad to say, we still didn’t find everything we need! Did something happen with the cauliflower harvest that I don’t know about??!! We also have not been able to locate a bottle of creme de menthe, which we use for our chocolate fondue. We have used the same bottle for probably 15 years and it would appear that it fell out of favor and off the grocery store shelves.

This little peanut is coming over today so her Mama can do some work in her previous bedroom.

There is cleaning, meal prep, cooking, washing and cutting to do before we sit down to our Thanksgiving meal, but we are looking forward to being together and enjoying the time. Happy Thanksgiving Friends ❤

A Saturday List


I am not a typical Saturday morning blogger, but in an effort to keep up my newfound blog mojo, here you go. In the handy dandy list format.

  1. I feel like I need to add a little clarification to my preparedness post of yesterday. I have much respect for those who live a life preparing for whatever may come. I admire their ingenuity, tenacity, organization and resourcefulness. Honey would be a good pioneer. Mrs Schmenkman would be as well. I, on the other hand, would most likely not be an optimum candidate. Honey has actually said as much. I believe his exact words were “you’re no pioneer”. I accept this critique and mostly agree with it. BUT, I could be a good helper to an actual pioneer 🙂 So, I guess I like the idea of being a pioneer, without really being one.
  2. Because I am a creature of comfort, I like to have what I need on hand. We have a nicely stocked pantry, some frozen meat for meals and extras of the toiletries we use. Oh, and toilet paper!! We will never run low on that ever again! And hand soap, which was also scarcer than hen teeth in these parts. Basically, I’m a prepper in my mind! 😉
  3. We can’t get enough of this little peanut, even when she is NOT happy about wearing her new kitty hat!

Oh, such hardship!!!

4. We already had traditional Thanksgiving last month before my Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis left for their winter home in Florida. I have been decidedly happy that we won’t have to make that big meal again next week! It’s a really good meal, but it’s a lot of work. We are having a fondue instead, which could be the start of a new tradition since we had one last Thanksgiving. Or it might not, and that’s ok too. The Grands really liked the experience! Any way you look at it, we will be thankful to have our family gather and eat good food :3

5 A picture from our Early Traditional Thanksgiving, everyone was present, for which we were thankful indeed ❤

Have a good weekend.

Preparedness as a Life Skill


We have a dusting of snow this morning, and it’s been cold up here in The Mitten! Add that to the fact that it has been dark by 5:30, it feels like I need to get out my copy of The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder to make me thankful for what we do have and not what they had. Or rather, didn’t have! Like food. or reliable warmth, or something to do other than working towards procuring the above mentioned two.

I have begun to follow a bunch of women on the Instagram who believe in preparing for a future where there could be disruptions in the supply chains, or far worse. They are interesting to me because they are thoughtful, organized, industrious, chock full of good ideas, and yet savvy enough to show you what they are up to on social media. They typically live on some property off the beaten path where they can grow some food and herbs for medicinal purposes, house chickens (they about ALL have the birds!) goats, cows, and some pigs and what have you. Most can food prolifically and buy in bulk and have ways to store things in ways that I have never thought through. They most all have green houses, barns, pole bards, or out buildings that would make Honey super jealous, because that has always been a dream of his. Not sure of all of his reasons, just wants the space to do what he wants with it. And I would support this dream, because it would house all of his tools, fishing and golf paraphernalia, and all of his bits and bobs that he saves “just in case” he needs them.

As the women have been recapping their incredibly busy falls and winding down for the somewhat slower season of winter, showing us their full pantries and preparations for a long winter, some of them in very cold climates, I had an epiphany.

It reminded me of when I was a little girl, reading about Laura and Mary, and their folks preparing for the coming winter, where if you didn’t have your food in the pantry or attic, your chances of survival were considerably lessened.

Pictures from Little House in the Big Woods.

The Instagrammers also speak of their love of family, God, cooking nourishing meals, self sufficiency and a desire to live naturally, which is seriously becoming a thing in our world these days.

Some have hobbies and skills that interest them for recreation and necessity, but all are trying to live a small footprint life of meaning, educating their children to be wise, engaged and self sustaining.

Just like Ma and Pa ❤

Snat Chat


I found this post in my drafts folder! All ready to go! Even though it was from a year ago November, I ❤ it so I will pass it on for posterity 🙂

Oh how these young’uns love the SNAT Chat!!! And oh how we laugh! There are sweet ones. ❤

Silly ones!

I I love these cartoon ones!

Even mine!

These are their favorites. The dog. It’s the tongue!

Thankful to hear their little giggles and belly laughs 🙂 ❤